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Read & Download Heroic AUTHOR Phil Earle 104 ð ❮Download❯ ➻ Heroic ➿ Author Phil Earle – 'For the past five weeks I'd prayed that I'd never see my brother's name spelt out in poppies In the weeks that followed I often wished I had'Jammy and Sonny McGann are brothers but that's where the R is angry one has a plan while the other lives purely in the moment When Jammy returns from Afghanistan a very different man to the one who left it's Sonny who is left to hold things together But just how far will he go to save the brother. This review was originally published at Fluttering ButterfliesI really loved Heroic by Phil Earle Like the author's two previous books Being Billy and Saving Daisy I found Heroic to be a hugely emotional experience as I really fell in love with the characters and their relationships with each other I love the strong ties of brotherhood throughout the book from men fighting in a war between friends and the relationship between actual brothers Sonny and JammyHeroic focuses on these two brothers Sonny and Jammy during the months that Jamm is serving in Afghanistan We get to see both perspectives of Jammy at war struggling with the heat and missing home We witness him trying to keep an eye out for Tommo his childhood friend who joined up at the same time as him and we see him trying to make a connection with one of locals This part of the story was both interesting and sad seeing how Jammy thought of home but didn't uite know what to say to them either so that they wouldn't worry His experiences in Afghanistan involved some really difficult stuff but I was super glad that nothing about what Jamm or his family goes through ever felt over dramatisedBack at home we have Sonny and his mom waiting it out and what it's like for Sonny and everyone else back at home doing their best not to worry to remain upbeat when talking to Jammy even if they're worried sick Wondering if that'll be the last time they speak together It's heartbreaking both situationsSonny and Jammy are part of this group of boys living on this estate that have each other's back and I loved the banter and the loyalty between them all They're definitely no angels as the book starts off with them all robbing a van of cigarettes and alcohol to sell on for profit but I just loved the lot of them Especially Sonny He's the younger brother always sort of in the shadow of responsible and level headed Jammy And Sonny isn't much like Jammy He does dumb things and gets caught out for them all the time but his heart is in the right place He tries his best to hold things together while Jammy's away and then also when Jamm does come home and Jamm comes back a very different personThey are some uite obvious acts of bravery that occur in Heroic involving Jamm in the war and it brought tears to my eyes when we finally do learn of what Jamm goes through just before coming home But what I really noticed while reading this book were the other smaller and mundane acts of courage that take place all the time There's the courage of facing the grind day after day in being the ones left behind or picking up the pieces There's heroism in sacrifice and in asking for help in working hard to make things better for those we love in dreaming for in lifeI thought Heroic was a really beautiful book I was surprised by how much I felt for both Sonny and Jamm and their family and friends while reading I knew that it was unlikely that everything could end happily but I wanted that for all of them The last hundred pages or so really had me on edge as everything comes to this dramatic head and things hang in the balance It is tense stuff and it only works because of how wonderfully these characters are presented and because of how tangible their feelings are and how strong their relationships with each other areThis is a book that really sucked me in right from the start and put my heart through the wringer I really very highly recommend it

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Who always put him firstInspired by SE Hinton's The Outsiders and by the battles facing young soldiers all over the world this is a devastating novel about brotherhood and sacrifice from the award winning author of Being Billy and Saving Dai. Sonny and Jammy younger and older brothers living in a high rise hell The Ghost where broken families crime violence and drugs are the way of life These boys and several of their friends are not part of the stereotype however and now to raise a family income Jammy and friend Tommo is away fighting in Afghanistan while Sonny is left to fight for himself and the family on home turf with the support of Cam Tommo's sister Both scenarios are tough and uncompromising with the boys living on the edge with little time to think before acting Both with a team or gang dependent on their choices This was a GRIM read and I felt myself hurrying to get it over with The Afghanistan scenes reminded me of The Hurt Locker and then when the boys were being tracked down by the police in Ghost that claustrophobic feeling returned The shock of very young boys fighting for our country and what is right never goes away whichever war we are in think Rupert Brooke's Siegfried Sassoon Private Peaceful What raises you above this is that like the soldiers before them they have very human feelings and love for their fellow humans They are striving for the great and good in desperate times and circumstances As an adult you know immediately what is up with the newly returned heroic Jammy most teens might not and so would be devouring the last 13 of the novel told mainly through Jammy to find a conclusion I felt the ending and therefore the reason behind his behaviour was rushed the rehab behind closed door not prison bars However it did end on a positive note with both boys' fighting spirit intact and some sort of future within their grasp I think this is the book to move boys might struggle with the girls onto after they have had their fill of stories glorifying war Powerful and thought provoking stuff

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Heroic AUTHOR Phil Ear'For the past five weeks I'd prayed that I'd never see my brother's name spelt out in poppies In the weeks that followed I often wished I had'Jammy and Sonny McGann are brothers but that's where the similarities end One is calm when the othe. This is one amazing powerful emotional story I will write a longer review later but strongly recommend this book to every reader out there LOVED IT