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FREE READ Õ Selected Poems Ó [Read] ➫ Selected Poems Author Sharon Olds – Michael Ondaatje has called Sharon Olds's poetry 'pure fire in the hands' and cheered the 'roughness and humour and brag and tenderness and completion in her work as she carries the reader through roo Michael Ondaatje has called Sharon Olds's Ng penetrates ever deeply enriched by new perceptions and conceitsA powerful distillation of the best work from one of America's most gifted and widely read poets drawn from her seven published volumes this is a testament to a remarkable writer's depth range and continuing developmen. Searing honest lyrical and shocking Olds is a deserving winner of the TS Eliot prize; looking forward to reading Stag's Leap Highly recommend this selection as an introduction to her work


Es in poem after poem reflecting over an exciting experimentation with rhythm and language and a movement toward an embrace beyond the personal Subjects are revisited the pain of childhood adolescent sexual stirrings the fulfilment of marriage the wonder of children but each re casti. Sharon Olds eschews formal poetic forms and writes primarily about her own life She seems to me to follow in the tradition of Robert Lowell I find her poems very powerful and readable but surprisingly unuotable I liked this greatest hits less than the magnificent Stag's Leap for which she won the Pullitzer prize and the T S Eliot Prize That book told the story of her divorce and I find her most powerful when she tells a story in a seuence of poems I'm now reading The Dead and the Living which has coherence than the selected poems

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Selected PoemsMichael Ondaatje has called Sharon Olds's poetry 'pure fire in the hands' and cheered the 'roughness and humour and brag and tenderness and completion in her work as she carries the reader through rooms of passion and loss' This rich selection made by the author exhibits those ualiti. “I want to live I take them up like the male and female paper dolls and bang them together at the hips like chips of flint as if to strike sparks from them I sayDo what you are going to do and I will tell about it”Kate Clanchy is uoted on the back of this book saying 'Olds remains too little known in the UKreaders new to her will be astounded' Well this UK citizen couldn't agree From 'Indictment Of Senior Officers' I was instantly dazzled and in awe of Olds hold on words Exuisitely perfected each word sizzles and sparks with delight akin to that of my initial feeling discovering this truly gifted poet It's clear how much Olds personal experiences have made a lasting impact on her poems especially the death of her Father which make her pieces all the haunting Each line is woven with passion and fire as well as a delicacy that I'm fueled to write page after page trying to achieve Her poems are lovely like fine ribbons; little stories she can choose to make either delightful and pleasant or brutal and unforgiving but always undoubtedly moving and memorable Her choice of words in each are carefully selected so that each line reverberates page after page Sensational An incredibly underrated poet Anyone who feels slightly uninspired should go read this lady now “I wonder now only when it will happenwhen the young mother will hear the noise like somebody's pressure cooker down the block going off She'll go out on the yardholding her small daughter in her armsand there above the end of the street in the air above the line of the tressshe will see it rising lifting upover the horizon the upper rim of thegold ball large as a giantplanet starting to lift up over oursShe will stand there in the yard holding her daughterlooking at it rise and grow and blossom and riseand the child will open her arms to itit will look so beautiful”Read for poetry book club June 2013