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The Unknown Mother reader Ç Paperback È [PDF / Epub] ★ The Unknown Mother Author Dielle Ciesco – It isn t every day that one meets a goddess let alone a Matrika or being that presides over the sounds of language It is said such deities can bring us complete liberation Will that prove true for a s It iIt isn t every day that one meets a goddess let alone a Matrika or being that presides over the sounds of language It is said such deities can bring us complete liberation Will that prove true for a struggling vocalist named Wr The Unknown Mother A Magical Walk with the Goddess of Sound is a timely contribution to the growing library of magical books that are being published at the moment It is written as a novel and it is an easy read that keeps your attention from beginning to end The Goddess is called Matrika and She is described as being the deity that presides over the sounds of language She suddenly appears – literally – into the life of a struggling vocalist named Wrenne The experience transforms her lifeThe story reminds us that words have power The naming of a thing was thought to give you power over it and the study of language and sound has always been a key aspect of esoteric study but many of the existing tomes on the esoteric nature of sound are hard to read and difficult to understand Nor do they naturally appeal to a large audienceWhat Dielle Ciesco has achieved with this book is to successfully and gently explain why sound is a key esoteric practice and study through a story that will appeal to a broader audience She makes you think and challenges your lack of attention on your language – the words you chose to use and what they really convey More than that she goes into the use of sound in meditation and other practices and its relationship to the body’s energy centers or chakrasI particularly liked the analogy of each of us being the vibration that stirs sand on a plate forming patterns “You are the energy that forms the peaks and points and geometric patterns” says Matrina at one point in the story In a nutshell sound is a vibration and that vibration is a creator of reality The pitch that you vibrate at so to speak is part of how you co create the world around you Gaining some degree of control then is key to creating something positive and worthwhile This analogy also echoed back to me the emerging parallels of uantum physics and esotericism in which the observer dictates whether matter behaves as vibration or particle More attention on the sounds we make in all aspects of our life will make our world a better place“In the beginning was the Word” Indeed in many stories of creation it is sound that brings creation to reality Read this book to begin to gain a better appreciation for the subtleties of sound language and vibrations It will change the way you think It will start you on the path to a different world Highly recommended

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S and profound wisdom about the power of letters words and our very own voice to transform the world around us This isn t standard knowledge; this is a gift for our times taking the reader into the very heart of sonic revelatio This book was fascinating I had no idea there was so much to know and glean from sound Dielle takes us on a journey guided by the all knowing Matrina a journey to heal and to understand At first it's an introduction to sounds voice and words During the beginning of the book I found myself thinking back to the birth of my second son I remember leaning against my bedroom wall and swaying through a contraction and making a deep low moan My midwife said That is a very helpful healing sound After reading The Unknown Mother I have a much better comprehension of what she meantMatrina's teaching goes deeper as the book progresses and the point becomes to open up to a way of being in the world that uses our gifts help us awakenThe format is fun a guidebook told in novel form with clever banter woven in with life changing lessonsI very much enjoyed this window into Dielle's experience and wisdom

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The Unknown Mother Enne when a mysterious woman appears and offers to help her find her True Voice? This beguiling and eccentric teacher guides us all on a deep and powerful journey through 10 mystical gates of sound sharing great insights secret The majesty of the mystery of wordsWords are wonderful things So simple Yet when we start to look at what words mean and how they achieve meaning they slip into a mystery In The Unknown Mother we learn of the mystery of words Wrenne a woman in the midst of life has lost her faith As she seeks for a deeper meaning Matrina steps into her life from a reality just some way awayMatrina is a wonderful name So simple Yet the name is resonant of matrix mater matter marine and much For our heroine has met one of the Unknown Mothers who rule in the World of Sound Using this device Dielle Ciesco weaves a novel that enthrals instructs and entices all at once Wrenne starts a journey into the mysteries of consonants vowels sounds and words She learns to breathe and she learns to listen; to listen so deeply she can hear the meaning within and behind the words being used Such a device could be irksome but in Ciesco’s hands it isn’t and I even caught myself wondering at various points if she had actually experienced a strange woman arriving out of the blue into her life and this was merely autobiography Suspension of disbelief indeed and worthy of the great Castaneda himself We travel the same journey with Wrenne through her lively dialogues with Matrina Plato used this method to give his philosophy to the world crediting the great sage Socrates Ciesco may not prove to be mother of the mystery of sound in 2500 years but she certainly will influence all who are lucky enough to read her book about the profundity hidden in plain view in the very words we speak and how we speak them Murray Morison author of Time Sphere