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mobi ↠ doc Happenstance A Second Chance #1 Õ M.J. Abraham Õ [Read] ➻ Happenstance A Second Chance #1 ➸ M.J. Abraham – Victoria Rivera never expected to be a divorcee by the age of 25 She was supposed to spend the rest of her life with Eric the handsome successfulVictoria Rivera never expected to be a divorcee by the age of 25 She was supposed to spend the rest of her life with Eric the handsome successful lawyer who promised her the world When the unthinkable happens Victoria swears to herself that she will not be so easily duped again THIS REVIEW WAS POSTED AT ANGIE'S DREAMY READS 4 SWEET AND STEAMY STARS Happenstance is a light fun read about how life can bring you an unexpected chance at love It’s got a little bit of drama and a lot of sizzle Fun characters that are heartwarming sexy and leave a smile on your face I thought it was a good debut by MJ Abraham I’m definitely looking forward to books by this author in the futureVictoria’s life took a turn that she never saw coming She’s 25 divorced moving to a new place away from family and starting a new job She wants a fresh start and a new life One that doesn’t include a cheating ex husband On her way out and about one day an unfortunate situation occurs which lands her at the veterinarian's office While there she meets a very sexy doctor named Jared Owens yummy When she see’s Jared there is definitely lust at first sight on both accounts his and hers They go on a couple dates and their relationship starts to heat up Victoria wants to keep things light with Jared though because she’s not ready to put herself back into a serious relationship and take the chance of being hurt again So her friend sets her up with another guy named Steven This creates a lot of drama and a love triangle that has shocking results Victoria learns that Jared just might be the man of her dreams Can she allow herself to open up and take a chance at love again? You’ll have to read to find out ;Overall I thought this was a very good light read There is a bit of a traumatic experience in it that I thought the author handled well Jared seemed sensitive and supportive to Victoria but still had a witty and alpha male personality I thought his cute sense of humor was very sexy LOVED the t shirts he wore all the time I found Victoria a bit annoying at times but totally understood her attitude towards Jared When you’ve been hurt you tend to put up a wall and a barrier to protect yourself Victoria goes through a lot in this book Not only does she have to deal with the after effects of her divorce but has to deal with two HUGE life events I thought her strength and the way she pulled herself together were admirable and I kinda loved her I do not suffer from whiny chick syndromelol For some reason chicks that most consider annoying do not bother me Jared and her were absolutely adorable together Their chemistry was hot and the sex scenes were yummy I love a sizzling story and really enjoyed that part of this bookI would recommend Happenstance if you are looking for something uick and easy to read Something light after a heavy or angsty book This story is one that leaves you feeling good and I loved it Sidenote I also have to say that I’ve seen a lot of book covers but this is one of my favorites It fits the story perfectly It’s sexy and cute and makes me smile MY CASTING Jared Victoria

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Heartbroken and lost she decides that she needs a fresh start in a new city far away from everything and everyone from her old life After getting burned the first time the last thing on Victoria’s mind is love But happenstance leads her to a chance encounter with Jared a sex This story that has everything you want in a book HOT sex humor drama loveThe MC Victoria has a hard time letting her guard down I get it She doesn't want to get hurt I get it She pushes away the hot swoon worthy guy she meets that would do anything for her I get it lol I found myself shaking my head at a lot of the things she didsaid but my heart hurt for her because of the things that she had to go through I loved Jared with his funny T shirts huge heart and charming personality Overall it's a very cute light read One of those books that you pick up when you don't want your mind fd

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Happenstance A Second Chance #1Y kind hearted veterinarian who is determined to get under her skin and in the way of her plans Can she learn to open herself up again and give love a second chance? Or will her past get in the way of any future with Jared?Sometimes what you are not looking for finds you anyway Let me explainEvery time I give a book less than 3stars it hurts I feel like I'm literally filling a pillowcase with dead batteries and hitting the author in the facerepeatedly I know the work that goes into writing a book and I respect anyone with the courage to put their work out there but Happenstance just wasn't for meMy feelings about this book are neither black or white In fact Happenstance lives somewhere in the median It wasn't good it wasn't bad I didn't love it but I didn't hate it I never uite found the pulse There was just something missingNow Jared I loved but Victoria made me want to take that battery filled pillowcase and hit myself in the face She bathed herself in every female stereotype that drives me insane Everything just seemed so cliché The plot read like pieces of a puzzle that just didn't fit I saw aspects from several other books pulled together to form one plot and it lost fluency I also expected to come from the Steven situation It created a dramatic twist that could have helped enrich the plot but the resolution of that entire situation just fell flat I feel like the story had a lot of potential that wasn't developed so it never really peaked With so many books out there reading can get monotonous Good books get overshadowed because they don't bring anything new to the table They bring a formula we see time and time again I think MJ Abraham has potential because this book was not badly written but her story just wasn't for meREAD ONCheck out reviews at