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FREE PDF ´ BOOK La Recherche de L'Absolu ä [Read] ➮ La Recherche de L'Absolu By Honoré de Balzac – In Balzac's classic study of obsession a chance meeting changes Balthazar Claes' life as it introduces him to alchemy and initiates his uest of the absolute Throughout our sympathy is eually divided b InTe Was first published in France in 1834 and appears in a new edition from Dedalus translated by Ellen Marriage and with an afterword and chronology by Christopher Smit The plot consists of a man's uest for the creation of precious stones by scientific alchemical? methods His obsession has disastrous conseuences for his family It is a novel of destructive obsession which certainly has modern parallels It is not the best of Balzac but it contains many fine passages and holds one's attention

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In Balzac's classic study of obsession a chance meeting changes Balthazar Claes' life as it introduces him to alchemy and initiates his uest of the absolute Throughout “La Recherche de l’Absolu is as has been said a novel in itself Taking minor points only it is a masterpiece” So said George Saintsbury in his introduction to the Complete La Comédie Humaine After reading this short but powerful novel it is not hard to agree – contained in this story is the essence of Balzac the purest of his writing some of his most powerful I had heard La Recherche de l’Absolu called his finest novel and it indeed maybe which makes it all the surprising that there is no definitive edition out there – Penguin Wordsworth Classics none of them has seen fit to release this work The copy I have read is from the out of copyright Ellen Marriage translation from 1901La Recherche de l’Absolu forms part of the Études Philosophiues Balzac’s subversion of the roman noirs a popular literary movement in France in the first uarter of the nineteenth century as the English Gothic works were being translated and released there it seemed imitation was the sincerest form of flattery Balzac is an intuitive writer and it would be beneath him to simply create his own roman noir Instead he uses the form to explore the fragility of human emotion and the lengths to which a ‘genius’ must be allowed to go to achieve their aimLa Recherche de l’Absolu’s plot is simple Balthazar Claes is a chemist married to a beautiful woman Josephine and they live in the Mansion Claes with their children Balthazar Claes is seeking the philosophers stone and because of his genius he is supported emotionally and financially by his family but as the years pass and no Absolute seems to have been found and their money is dwindling Josephine falls ills and dies and the mantle of supporting Balthazar passes to his daughter Marguerite The family’s wealth is suandered in this uest and Mansion Claes is gutted of its treasures“A woman’s power is limited by nature; how can she engage in a struggle with an Idea with the infinite delights of thought and charms that are always renewed? What could she attempt in the face of the couetries of ideas which take new forms and grow fairer amid difficulties which beckon to the seeker and lure him on so far from the world that he grows forgetful of all things else and human love and human ties are as nothing to him?”The obsessions becomes overwhelming and it drives a wedge between the Claes family and the rest of the world When Josephine dies her death is barely mourned“On the evening of the day when Mme Claes died her friends discussed her over their whist dropped flowers on her tomb in a pause while the cards were dealing and paid their tribute to her noble character while sorting hearts and spades”Nobody but those invested in the uest can understand it but a uestion must be asked How much money and time can be dedicated to a cause until time should be called on it?Balzac’s novels have sometimes been attacked for their unnecessary descriptions and longuers designed to increase the word count and therefore his payment for he was often paid by the word and La Recherche de l’Absolu does have a little of that but in this case almost every word is necessary and it contains some of Balzac’s finest and most taut writing The emotional argument at the heart of this novel is heartbreaking and wonderfully realised His portrait of Josephine and Marguerite reveal some of his finest writing about women and their livesThis story can be found in Volume 1 of the Complete La Comédie Humaine at the Internet Archive beginning on page 443 It is worth your time

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La Recherche de L'AbsoluOur sympathy is eually divided between Balthazar's single minded determination to push back the frontiers of knowledge and the ruin of his family The uest Of The Absolu Brilliant Balzac as always This story in a modern reading feels much like the experiences of a family being ripped apart not by a scientist immersed in his genius but by an addict laying waste for his high