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FREE READ Another Marvelous Thing õ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ð ❰KINDLE❯ ✾ Another Marvelous Thing Author Laurie Colwin – Another Marvelous Thing is perfect for anyone who knows firsthand that opposites actually do attract These spare and unsentimental stories displayRe and unsentimental stories display how two very different people a tough minded and tenderhearted woman and. Reading Laurie Colwin is like being a Peeping Tom into someone else's fabulous and very fortuitous life The characters don't need outside advice or even reader judgement and in this case in this book both main characters are living marvelously despite their situation Or because of itEvery adult knows that facts must be faced In adult life it often seems that's all there is writes Colwin astutely Francis and Josephine or intimately Frank and Billy are interesting individuals and are both married happily to eually as interesting spouses A novel focusing on an affair between two such people holds a predicted promise of banal and trivial content but with Colwin's skill of prose this one does not Told from beginning to end within eight short stories the affair is a charming and fleeting dalliance that somehow adds flourish to the lives of both characters and has no real conseuence with the exception of later nostalgia Colwin describes the dialogue in Billy's head as she and Frank walk through a park This pleasant afternoon might be temporarily forgotten but with the merest effort it could be called back in almost perfect detail Frank is a sentimental gentlemen and Billie a good foil for him is deadpan straight talking and messy She is the kind of character that would be divisive among readers but Colwin makes her likeable I liked her immensely and I loved this book

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Another Marvelous Thing is perfect for anyone who knows firsthand that opposites actually do attract These spa. Laurie Colwin should be exponentially famous than she is

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Another Marvelous ThingAn urbane old fashioned older man fall in love despite their differences get married and give birth to a child. Laurie Colwin’s books are my ultimate comfort read Her prose is uniuely her own and she has a gift for writing about relationships that I have yet to experience from another author Her descriptions are sparse yet filled with emotion Her characters are idiosyncratic yet lovable And don’t get me started on the way she talks about food These interconnected short stories about Billy and Francis and their extramarital affair span the course of a few years and allow you to see all the angst love passion and guilt that infect their relationship I was especially drawn into the stories told from Billy’s point of view especially the title story which describes the final days of her pregnancy and the birth of her child As a mother myself my re read of this particular story felt poignant this time aroundColwin may not be everyone’s cup of tea but she is one of if not my most favorite authors and her books will always hold a special place in my heart