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Free read Candyfloss ã PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ☆ ❰PDF❯ ✅ Candyfloss Author Jacqueline Wilson – CHOOSING BETWEEN PARENTS AND FRIENDS Candyfloss is the perfect introduction to jacueline Wilson When Floss's mother and stepfather announce they are moving to Australia for sCHOOSING BETWEEN PARENTS AND FRIENDS Candyfloss is the perfect introduction to jacueline Wilson When Floss's mother and stepfather announce they are moving to Australia for six months Floss has to decide whether to go with them or. I always enjoy a Jacueline Wilson book and this one is no exception Floss is such a lovely character She chooses to stay in England with her dad while her mum moves to Australia with her new partner Steve and their young son for six months It's a difficult situation in many ways and Jacueline Wilson handles it as skillfully as everMy one gripe which doesn't affect my rating is that my copy of this was published in America and they have changed MUM to MOM My sister has a UK published one so I know it is supposed to be Mum and it just bothered me so much every time I saw it Especially when Floss is annoyed by her classmates putting on faux American accents followed almost immediately with her using 'Mom' I feel like publishers are underestimating an American kid by making the change that serves no purpose especially since it's such a British story I hope American kids do get to enjoy Jacueline Wilson's work but I honestly think that they could handle the word Mum Sorry for the little rant😅

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Ersals it's about friendship family and growing up in a complicated world Like all Wilson's novels it has an honesty and cheerful integrity that offers a real alternative to the materialistic values of so much fiction aimed at gir. Floss a young British girl is torn between her divorced parents She lives with her mother stepdad and baby half brother Tiger and visits her dad who owns a greasy spoon cafe on the weekends When her mother tells her they are moving to Australia for 6 months Floss is torn She doesn't want to leave her dad all alone Floss was a very sweet and sympathetic character She was also very guileless as well as sensitive to everyone's feelings She chooses to stay with her dad even though he is not the best at looking after himself much less his daughter Her dad is very playful and gregarious despite his practical short comings Her mother doesn't understand why Floss would want to stay with her dad in his smelly money losing cafe rather than go to Australia and live with them Each chapter started out with a set of drawings presumably made by Floss that provided a bit of visual foreshadowing on the chapter to comeOn the negative side I found it difficult to figure out what grade Floss was in and thus how old she is She seemed to intelligent that it took me a while to figure out she probably was only in 2nd or at most 2rd grade I also felt the ending was a bit too abrupt and not completely resolved Still kids will enjoy this book especially those who have suffered through divorce Floss's glossary of British terms at the end of the book was helpful I couldn't otherwise figure out for the life of me what a Chip Butty was

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CandyflossStay home with Dad inept but loving and always lots of fun And how will her choice affect her friendship with her popular but not so loyal best friend Rhiannon About girls everywhere for girls everywhere Candyfloss speaks in univ. Definitely Going to my favorites shelfFloss is a girl who is kind playful loving caring and she has soo many good ualities that I can't even name Her age wasn't exactly mentioned but I assume she's 1011 y o She gives us no effort to fall in love with her She also loves her parents like anything 🤩But the problem is her parents split up Her father owns a cafe that used to be popular for its 'Chip Butties' But now there are only three regular customers He is the sweetest fictional father Her father now doesn't earn well which is why her mother divorced him and married Steve Steve is handsome and he earns well too Though he pretends that he does he doesn't like Floss Floss lives with her mother and Steve for 5 days in a week then for 2 days she lives with her dad Tiger is mum's and Steve's baby 😤Now for Floss's school life Floss is Rhiannon's best friend who is the most popular and the prettiest girl in the class Rhiannon loves teasing people especially the new girl Susan Potts as 'Swotty Potty' just because she is brainy Floss likes to be Rhiannon's best friend because of her popularity and she feels special because many people want to be Rhiannon's friend including Margot but she only hopes that Rhiannon wouldn't tease people She really likes Susan and wants to be her friendThis topic focuses on how it feels to be a sidekick Floss has to be on Rhiannon's side otherwise Rhiannon would start teasing her too I really like how smoothly and swiftly Wilson has explored this topicNow for the plot Steve gets a 6 month transfer to Australia and her mum breaks this news to her on her Birthday She can't go without her father and will miss him so she decides that she won't go and will stay with her father instead Her mum is sad and angry but she can't do anything to change her mindHer dad is not perfect and she has trouble waking up on time and going to school with proper attire People in her school think that her mother walked out on herNow believe me even though I know that her mother didn't walk out on her it was totally not considerate of her to go and marry Steve without thinking of Floss She may have asked her how she feels but poor Floss would have said it's okay Her mother should have tried to be in Floss's shoes at least😣In between Floss changes her life and friends on the way The ending was really really nice though I want to know what happens to Floss and her mother If I depend on my imaginations it won't work out Wilson tell me OVERALL I LOVE THIS BOOK IT'S THE BEST LIKE THE BEST Edition ReviewIf you have read my reviews I don't usually do edition reviews but this time I HAD TO IT WAS SO GOODSo there was a whole page full of little illustrations before the starting of each chapter It gave glimpses of what is going to happen in the chapter and made me anticipate it It was a contributing factor to my rating Loved it