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Arious locations from New York Getting It MOBI #233 to the west coast of Ireland to the nameless realms of the imagination his stories conjure a world where beautiful but deranged kids make lethal bombs where talented. Whoa it's Roald Dahl's Tales of the Unexpected on steroidI read these stories a couple of years back from a book I loaned from someone I couldn't remember and at some point couldn't even get the title of this book out of my head but I always remember the stories it contains Yes they are macabre but that's not the only reason why they are so haunting It's the originality of turning something so believeably banal like travelling salesman and young boys playing board games into outrageous outcomes not magical realistic outrageous not badly researched sci fi outrageous but violently imaginative outrageousI need to get a copy for myself now that I remember what the book's really called

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Getting It in the Head StoriesSculptors spend their careers dismembering themselves in pursuit of their art where wasters It in the PDFEPUB #188 ris up with axes and turn into patricides Getting It in the Head is a brilliant bracing tour de force. 35 stars arresting stories with great images and narratives but it definitely read like the first attempt at stories it is Overkill melodrama particularly in the long title story at the expense of character I felt However a good spiky read you can see talent emerging and 'Solar Bones' shows a great writer in full flow and control These are the try outs the experiments that led him there

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Getting It in the Head Stories Summary Ô PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ¸ ❮KINDLE❯ ✽ Getting It in the Head Stories Author Mike McCormack – In stories like A Is for Axe Dead Man's Fuel The Stained Glass Violations Amor Vincit Omnia and thIn stories like A in the PDFEPUB #187 Is for Axe Dead Man's Fuel The Stained Glass Violations Amor Vincit Omnia and the dazzling title piece McCormack shows a mesmerizing range and dark hued neo Gothic vision Set in v. Mike McCormack is a writer from the west of Ireland and Getting it in the Head is his debut collection of short stories first published in 1996 It's been out of print for years which probably explains why it has only two other reviews on Goodreads but it's recently been re released by the Irish Lilliput Press and if you're interested you can buy it hereThe collection itself enjoyed critical success won the Rooney Prize and was named as one of the books of the year by the New York Times It's not a bad collection but it's often less than satisfying and shows the signs of being a first work by a debuting writer Many of the stories included are delightfully absurd outlandish and experimental with weird events happening with little introduction or explanation as if we were walking through an other deranged world but still recognizable as parallel to our own In the first story a man opens his door to a female travelling salesman and learns that he might have bit than he could chew; in another a young boy is possessed by the spirit of his late grandfather much to dismay and confusion of his parents should they be happy that their father is back or mourn the new loss of their son A story titled The Occupation A Guide for Tourists is a choose your own adventure road to Calvary which leads to the same outcome albeit through three very different patch each giving it a new interpretationThis isn't a bad collection but largely a forgotten one perhaps undeservedly so but that's publishing for you here today gone tomorrow Luckily for us with the advent of digital books this is no longer a big problem but now we're flooded with too much content from all sides which in consideration might be an even bigger oneInterview with Mike McCormack in The SpectactorInterview with Mike McCormack in The Irish Writers' Centre includes a short film adaptation of a short story from this collection The Terms