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Baby DollyIt was such a lovely baby dolly With its tiny delicate hands its cunning wrought features its hand stitched gown It was a doll any litt. Baby Dolly is about a baby doll that sucks the life out of people specifically several generations of the same family The book begins in 1882 with a girl Sybil receiving the baby doll and being disappointed because she thinks she's too grown up for dolls So she places the doll in her sister's bed and the next day her sister is dead When Sybil realizes that the doll did it she hides it in the attic The next part of the novel takes place in 1910 when Sybil is grown and has a family of her own Then 1950 when Sybil is a grandma and finally the present which was 1991 where a family has inherited the house and the dollBaby Dolly is the standard evil doll story doll kills someone no one suspects it when someone does no one believes himher and when they finally believe they don't know what to do about it Except this novel is like three short novels where the formula repeats itself The book is 477 pages which is too long for the simple plotThe pace moves uickly during Book One mainly because of the character of Rose who is an unwed teenage mother in 1882 What her mother Sybil does to get rid of the baby is horrible And the baby doll makes a few appearances During the middle the pace slows down a lot The novel could have went from 1882 to the present day We already know the doll is evil the middle doesn't add anything new and it's boring But near the end the story becomes really creepy when the doll starts crawling around and somehow opening and breaking down doorsThe characters aren't given much depth There isn't much back story for any of them except for Sybil who was cruel therefore I hated her and Gertrude who was nice but dull so I never really cared about her But I did like RoseBaby Dolly is an okay entry in the killer doll subgenre but it could have been better if the middle part was eliminatedRead of my reviews at

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L to be taken out To be carefully placed in a child's bed So that it might once again claim its victims in the darkest hours of the nig. I'll be honest My expectations were not high for this book I've read a few of Jensen's books and some were stunning while others fell short This book however thoroughly creeped me out I think Jensen is most in her element when writing about creepy dolls; or maybe it's just the nature of a creepy doll that makes this book work alongside her writing Many of Jensen's books are of the same and yes this book was thematically similar to many of her other books But that in no way took away from the atmosphere A horror novel is meant to make you feel uncomfortable and creeped out and this book achieved that That we follow the story of this doll through multiple generations from the year 1882 onwards to present day at the time of this books publication really adds to that atmosphere It felt ambitious for Jensen and I loved that A little slow at times but overall I loved watching this novel grow until the very end

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CHARACTERS × Baby Dolly ´ [EPUB] ✴ Baby Dolly By Ruby Jean Jensen – It was such a lovely baby dolly With its tiny delicate hands its cunning wrought features its hand stitched gown It was a doll any little girl would long to hold tight Instead it has been kept hidden It was such a lovely Baby Dolly With its tiny deliLe girl would long to hold tight Instead it has been kept hidden in the china cabinet all these years But now it was time for the dol. Despite the ghastly 1980s exploitation cover and title this book is uite excellent Of the Ruby Jean Jensen books I've read so far this and House of Mirrors are the bestThe setting of the majority of the story is a turn of the century mansion in Arkansas where a doll from a foreign country arrives as a gift Jensen avoids the typical Judeo Christian innocent family bombarded with evil storyline by making her setting already a place of darkness which gives an interesting aspect to the plot Jensen gives the opportunity to make inferences and conclusions about her characters by showing and not telling She has a subtle style with character building that gives the reader an enjoyable sensation of discoveryI wonder if Jensen's work had been given the right marketing and covers she would have been well known and influencial