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review Prom author Laurie Halse Anderson Ø eBook or Kindle ePUB Ö [Reading] ➶ Prom By Laurie Halse Anderson – Ashley Hannigan is one of the few people in her urban Philadelphia high school who doesn't care about the prom It's pretty much the only good thing that happens there andElp from her large and loving if exasperating family from Nat's eccentric grandmother from the principal from her fellow classmates And in making the prom happen Ash learns some surprising things about making her life happen too. Laurie Halse Anderson has long provided voice to the kind of teens that are overlooked by other authors – the lonely introvert in Speak the college obsessed Type A personality in Catalyst – and in Prom she turns her attention to the ‘normal’ kid Ashley isn’t going to college; her ambitions don’t stretch further than having enough money to buy a car She has plenty of friends but she’s not the popular girl She has a boyfriend but it’s not exactly true loveUnfortunately there’s little plot to be found amid this carefully constructed milieu of average ness Anderson is excellent at world building adding small touches that are both true and telling eg fights at school are pure sport just as long as the boys fighting are of the same race – if not panic The author also has a knack for creating comic situations and absurd details The result is not uite laugh out loud hilarious but it raises the odd chuckleHowever Ashley is not a very sympathetic or interesting heroine Anderson’s guiding moral in her teen books seems to be that community involvement and helping people will give your life meaning It’s a laudable message and one that I agree with broadly but it leads to plotlines that are on the dull side Prom’s central story of teens banding together to save the prom at the last minute is clearly a catalyst for Ashley to Become A Better Person but I prefer my character development to be a little subtleI’m also not sure Anderson’s ventrilouism of a white trash teenage girl uite hits the mark Regardless choosing a first person POV centred around a girl who is wilfully sub literate Ashley doesn’t read; she’s never used the school library robs the story of much of the texture that I enjoy in novels eg metaphors allusions – even simple thoughtful introspectionIt’s an inoffensive little book and Anderson is clearly a skilled writer – but I can’t help but feel that these talents have been better deployed elsewhereSome spoilery thoughts belowSPOILERSAfter the prom denouement Anderson dispatches the story’s various conclusions in lightning uick summary narrative It’s all a bit disappointing The underwhelming conclusion of Ashley’s relationship with TJ irritated me the most – it was never clear how and why she had the epiphany that he wasn’t good for her The repeated assertion that if she moved in with him she’d wind up pregnant why they were already having sex – and using birth control was particularly odd Dumping TJ dovetailed problematically with Ashley’s decision to go to community college – as if she needed to be celibate and alone in order to secure a better future for herself I’m not sure this was the message that Anderson intended but it was the one that came across to me

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St friend Natalia who's the head of the committee and has prom stars in her eyes Then the faculty advisor is busted for taking the prom money and Ash finds herself roped into putting together a gala dance But she has plenty of h. My first modern YA book that I've read for my class this semester First of all I forgot how awesomely easy it is to read at a lower reading level these books are going to go fast I thought this book would be kind of cheesy girly story about prom that would have existed in my day a Sweet Valley High like story but I was pleasantly surprised The story is about a girl who lives a low income life in Philly and ends up getting involved with prom after a teacher steals all the prom funds I really liked the main character and that the author did a good job of showing low income life without being cynical preachy or looking down for the characters You don't often see stories written from the point of view of the kids not bound for college or parents who can't afford to buy prom dresses and you especially don't see them without any hint of let's collectively pity these kids and make an ending that will show us 'they' can become like 'us' if they really try Reading this book made me realize how many other stories take this attitude One shock I had is that the author allows the character to cuss and that the character also is sexually active But I liked that the author approached both things like they were just part of her world and not overly discussed or infected with drama I really liked this book

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Prom author Laurie Halse AndersAshley Hannigan is one of the few people in her urban Philadelphia high school who doesn't care about the prom It's pretty much the only good thing that happens there and everyone plans to make the most of it especially Ash's be. I've mentioned this before but Halse Anderson's Speak is one of my all time favorite books YA or otherwise I recently discovered that she's written a handful of other books so I've been chugging through them So far none has been anywhere near as well written as Speak but Twisted and Catalyst were competent and better than most of that YA drivel that is out thereProm however is a complete turd Total dud Halse Anderson generally gives her characters a fantastic voice Her narrators sound like actual teenagers for the most part But not Ashley the narrator of Prom Whereas in her other books the narrators are upper middle class kids attending suburban high schools with realistic fucked up families and problems in this book Halse Anderson attempts to write from the point of view of a normal kid her choice of word not mine Her vision of normal is set in an inner city high school in Philadelphia and instead of seeming realistic it reads how an upper middle class suburban kid would picture students attending an inner city school Maybe they aren't going to college but they sure will graduate from high school And their families are just large and poor; but they're poor because their parents have working class jobs No one does drugs or anything worse than drinking And of course prom is like the most important thing ever and everyone has gobs of money to spend on the dance It's ridiculous and patronizing And I realize I'm not exactly one to talk being an upper middle class suburban kid myself but Christ Laurie put The Wire on your Netflix ueue and realize you know nothing about the world you tried to present in this book