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READ & DOWNLOAD Watching the Thais 109 É [Download] ➼ Watching the Thais ➾ Tom Tuohy – If you are one of the fifteen million or so expected visitors to Thailand this coming year or an expat interested in moving to the country this book is a must for you The book is divided into ten chap If you are one of tUltural communication the Thai floods marriage to a Thai and the way the Thai riots in were presented by the foreign media If you are planning to spend any length of time in the country and really want to understand the Thai modus operandi this book will give you a great insight into the uniuely Thai way of thinking and bein. Why does a Thai smile at you after crashing into the back of your car Why do Thais deplore walkingThe heat the heat What about the weather Why is everything done as a packWhat is all this face stuff aboutLiesConfrontationSleeping and shoppingJust what is it with the ThaisWhat’s it all aboutAuthor and academic Tom Tuohy answers all these uestions and much in his new book about the Thais and all their uirks The book is available in print soon I was given the opportunity to review the book before release and I’m glad that I had a chance to take a look at it I was surprised at how accurate and informative this book was for an old hand like myself I found myself compelled to read the book in a day I’m a fast reader but usually I take a little longer with non fiction titles Watching the Thais is as entertaining as it is informative At times this book is laugh aloud funny Your humble reviewer permitted himself the odd chuckle It doesn’t happen often I’m a misanthropist at the best of times This one got me The chapter on public transport ‘The bus driver will invariably drive as if he has a prior appointment which he’s only just remembered about with some mysterious benefactor who is going to alter his and his family’s life radically’ This right here sums up the Thai mentality An over inflated ego group mentality compassion and willingness to please himself in any circumstance This book told me what I knew but didn’t want to admit that I knew The author has spent many years in the kingdom and has relayed his knowledge in this gem of a book about Thailand and Thai people I wish I had read this book before I learned the hard way Watching the Thais is a great resource for anyone with an interest in the magnificent kingdom of Thailand The references and notes are precise and exhaustive The author has researched the volume well The latter part of the book examines social issues in Thailand and compares the incidents of Thailand to the West Yet we all understand that Thailand is a uniue place and comparisons with other places spell discordance with the strange land that many of us expats call home I recommend this book to anyone wishing to understand Thailand and her peoples in depth than the surface understanding of her culture that many of us seem to get by with A great read informative and entertaining

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N Thailand Common uestions asked by visitors are also dealt with why do Thais walk so slowly Why do they like spicy food Why are they always smiling Why does nothing seem to upset them Towards the end of the book a series of blogs discuss deeper aspects of living and working in Thailand eg the state of Thai education cross c. อุ้ย

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Watching the ThaisIf you are one of the fifteen million or so expected visitors to Thailand this coming year or an expat interested in Watching the MOBI #233 moving to the country this book is a must for you The book is divided into ten chapters each one detailing some of the virtues as well as common misconceptions about living and working i. What a terriffic effort from a creative writer Tom Touhy has provided a must read travel guide to the Land of Smiles If you live in the Kingdom as I do you'll be nodding your head in agreement as Tom brings to life small vignettes of daily Thai life If you are planning on visiting this sometimes perplexing paradise Watching The Thais can prove to be an invaluable guideThanks Tom for this witty and insightful gemTHunt Locke