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FREE READ Desire By Nicole Jordan 107 ☆ ❴Download❵ ➸ Desire Author Nicole Jordan – Amante lendário e chefe de espionagem o sombriamente sensual conde de Wycliff evita o matrimónio até ue um encontro próximo com a morte o faz ansiar por um filho ue perpetue o seu nome No momento Amante lendário e?cias mas não se atreve a entregar lhe o coração Preso numa batalha de vontades com a sua encantadora mulher Lucian começa a suspeitar ue Brynn é uma traidora Não tarda a ver se atraído para uma teia de perigo e traição na ual o preço de conuistar o coração esuivo da esposa pode ser a sua própria vid. Spymaster and legendary lover Lucian Earl of Wycliff in in Cornwall trying to track down a ring smugglingstealing gold from England to Bonaparte Instead he finds beautiful Brynn Caldwell swimming The women in Brynn's family were cursed by a gypsy after an ancestor stole the gypsy's lover Any man loved by the women in the family dies and that's been proven repeatedly Lucian is instantly attracted but Brynn wants no part of his death so refuses his offer of marriage until he blackmails her into it by financially getting the family out of trouble The sparks fly but both fight the attraction while trying to solve the missing gold shipments and capture Lord CalibanSome fairly graphic bedroom and other rooms scenes but believable story line and fast paced story

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Amante lendário e chefe de espionagem o sombriamente sensual conde de Wycliff evita o matrimónio até ue um encontro próximo com a morte o faz ansiar por um filho ue perpetue o seu nome No momento em ue Lucian avista a atraente Brynn Caldwell numa praia da Cornualha sabe ue encontrou a mulher ue uer para sua e. DNF I read through most of chapter nine before I gave upThis is a romance novel without any romance The emotional tension in every scene by both the major characters feels contrived The heroine is inconsistant and not very likable she loves making herself and her husband myserable and comes up with stupid reasons to hate her cinderella situation instead of embracing the new life she chose one of money and power but she's too stupid to realize itThe hero is flat and stereo typical rich libertine lord who works as a spy for the home office who fights the growing obsession he has with his wifeThe twist to this story is supposed to be some ancient curse on the heroine's family where any man she falls in love with will die so she decides to show indifference which comes off as a snide hatred which he did not deserve Ya know after nine chapters I was hoping she will fall and put the hero and myself out of his mysery

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Desire By Nicole JordSposa Brynn acredita ue o fascínio dauele conhecido libertino por ela resulta de uma maldição com séculos ue condena as mulheres da sua família a tentarem os homens – apenas para conduzirem aueles ue amam à morte Obrigada por circunstâncias difíceis a casar com Lucian Brynn entrega o corpo às suas car?. This book was well written and the plot and characters developed so that it felt like I was reading an adult romance not a YA The one complaint I have and really it has to do with me then the author is that it started off with a prologue For some reason I just don't like reading about the future ahead of the present does that make sense probably not Usually I skip prologue's because I feel it spoils the story But that is my personal dislike and shouldn't detract others from reading the story I thought that the passion the heroine and hero felt for each other was written extremely well and the book drew you in emotionally You felt the difficult choice that the heroine had to make and genuinely felt for her I think Nicole Jordan is a wonderful writer and I purchase many of her books uick synopsis Hero the Earl of Wycliff see's the heroine on a beech and is attracted to her He basically tells himself he needs a heir and that's how he justifies to himself that he should marry her The heroine Juliette believes she is cursed and that is why the hero is attracted to her Her brother is part of a smugglertreason ring and the book centers around the hero trying to break the smugglerspy ring that her brother is a part of normally I dislike spy plots because they are so overdone in todays romances but she pulled it off very well The heroine is torn between the love she feels for her husband but also trying to save her brother This emotional tug of war is what the book mainly centers around How do I protect my brother without destroying my marriage to my husband The hero knows that something isn't uite right and though he feels betrayed loves the heroine so much that he can't stop loving her which he hates himself forHeat level somewhat steamy but written extremely well no silly names or lust due to a lack of plot developmentViolence very little no then any other romance of today