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READER Ð Bonds of Need Wicked Play #2 ´ Lynda Aicher When Kendra Morgan attends a party at an exclusive sex club she's not driven by mere curiosity Hoping to prove she's put the past behind her Kendra must instead face up to needs she's denied for too long Despite her lingering fears she can't resist the temptation to playDeklan Winters A step at a timeAnd if I fall?I'll be there to pick you up he said meaning every word Or let you go Whichever you need Warning menstrual talk incoming 35 stars Lynda Aicher writes the heck out of some sensitive doms I still think there's some sort of housewife fantasy thing going on here because these guys almost seem too good to be true Put these men in a commercial during daytime tv in which they're sweating and doing construction work while women embarrass themselves by drooling over them from their office windows while drinking a diet brand removed colaI'm not sure in which universe you'd find three loving caring unattached and smoking' hot men who decide to run a BDSM club together Oh and hey they all just happen to be at a stage in their lives at the same time where they are ready and receptive to find their perfect mate OH BUT WAIT there's still of COURSE each of the 3 women that they're interested in just so happen to also be friends with each other I'm waiting for the scene where these men all get their periods at the same time because apparently that's how they rollThe I think about the absurdity of the situation the I'm giggling to myself about how ridiculous it is Joking aside I liked Bonds of Need There were some definite improvements from the first installment While book 1 had nothing wrong with it I was not a fan of how the BDSM fantasy felt like it was catering to a bored housewife who was disenchanted with a husband who didn't bend over backwards to constantly please her in the bedroom There wasn't much of the BDSM lifestyle showcased especially given the club setting Instead it was all about a woman who was getting lots and lots of instant gratification and not really learning much about the Ds life aka the man was pretty much there to be her orgasm bitch Therefore I am pleased to report that book 2 utilized the club setting much better than book 1 did The main characters had a compelling back story as well which made for a less boring read At least this time around there were issues to deal with other than a woman whining because her ex husband never touched her a story I hope to never have to read again that's why he's your ex lady Move the heck onDeklan and Kendra had some great scenes together I understood why Kendra was hesitant to trust Deklan I couldn't fully understand why Deklan was so taken with Kendra but everything started to make sense in time after we learned Deklan's historyEven though the base of the story stemmed from Kendra's past abuse from a previous Dom there shouldn't be any big trigger issues For the most part the BDSM elements stayed strictly within the realm of flogging and the like The style of play seems to be relaxed in this series The women are often giving an extreme amount of feedback read dictating the direction which is a no no in some books and aren't using titles such as mastersir I'm not sure if this was done out of the author's personal preference or if this was for the point of making the books 'mainstream friendly' Book 1 of the series was very much a BDSM lite book blink and you'll miss it whereas book

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PDF Ó BOOK Bonds of Need Wicked Play #2 å JOHNSCYCLINGDIARY Û ★ [PDF / Epub] ☄ Bonds of Need Wicked Play #2 By Lynda Aicher ✪ – Johns-cycling-diary.co.uk When Kendra Morgan attends a party at an exclusive sex club she's not driven by mere curiosity Hoping to prove she's put the past behi Has had his eye on his attractive neighbor for months but only senses Kendra is no stranger to the BDSM scene when she walks into his club And he can tell that's not her only secret What surprises him is his own overwhelming desire to give her what she craves and to show her a side t 35 Spank Me then Save Me StarsDeklan is one of the three owners of The Den we met him in Bonds of Trust – he’s your typical closed off ex military time that has a hero complex But he’s also a Dom and sexy as hell with a huge throbbing heart what did you think I was going to say?Kendra is our hot mess heroine; she was understanding of Cali when she found out about her desires to be dominated but that wasn’t just being friendly and nonjudgmental that was because Kendra knows what it’s like to hide a desire to be dominated But her need isn’t to be overpowered it’s for the bite of the whip During an open night at The Den Cali brings Allison and Kendra along to see what the club is all about Kendra knows she should not tempt herself by going She left that life behind But when she watches as the scenes play out there is a need to experience so much Deklan notices immediate the instinctual submission displayed by Kendra when she walks into the club He also notices the eyes of all the others who see the same thing Unable to stay away he finds her in the dungeon bent over a spanking bench But her excitement and arousal has been replaced with fear Stepping in Deklan is able to give her what she needs in that moment and bring her back into the here now Kendra doesn’t look at her sexual desires as liberating these are things that she should be ashamed of behaviors that lead to abuse But Deklan wants to show her that her relationship with her ex was abuse not sexual play He knows he has to gain her trust and in order to do that she must be in control of everythingAs these two develop a rhythm of visits to the club he can’t seem to stop wanting from her but Kendra still doesn’t believe that the relationship that they have in the club can exist outside of those walls Giving a man that much trust and control will always lead to him abusing it in the club it’s controlled – it’s in view It’s in a safe place where someone could hear her criesDeklan’s a man that can’t stop himself from saving someone When he sees what is really going on with Kendra he knows he can save her he won’t fail her But the only problem is getting her to let him in enough to save her I enjoyed the second story in this series but just not as much as the first one I loved Deklan’s character and that this was much of a BDSM type read with far actual sexual acts occurring; but there was just something in Kendra’s story that never stuck with me enoughShe was only a little involved in the lifestyle so I understand that she may not have seen signs early enough But she was portrayed as being far experienced than was really explained All of that and she still could not separate the abuse at the hands of her ex who exploited her need of pain – and what a safe consensual relationship could be Although the physical act of sex did not happen until way later the scenes were still highly erotic mostly due to the Deklan’s voice that is offered throughout the story His desires were screaming to be heardOverall the second book dipped just a bit lower than I wanted it too it was still

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Bonds of Need Wicked Play #2O the Domsub relationship she's never knownWith Deklan's guidance Kendra begins to accept her forbidden needs and to recognize the fine line between pleasure and pain But when her former Master returns to reclaim her it will take all her courage and all of Deklan's love to defy her pa BONDS OF NEED About More than its Erotic ContentOriginal Post at Fangs Wands and Fairy DusthttpfangswandsandfairydustblogspoBonds of NeedBook two of Wicked PlayLynda AicherCarina PressMarch 4 2013ISBN9781426895142Ebook 212 pagesE Galley provided by Publisher via NetGALLEYcom for review purposes No remuneration was received and all opinions expressed herein are my ownMY TAKE It's a rare piece of erotica that can be erotic and have thematic and emotive depth With BONDS OF NEED Aicher accomplishes that feat The character of Kendra is complex and conflicted and her journey from shame and abuse to self actualization and empowerment is moving And of course The men Jake Deklan and Seth are the doms but they aren't like any male doms I have read yet They are not perfect they get mad at each other and came from the wrong side of the tracks But they aren't always certain about what to do and help each other handle issues that ariseAnd the erotic content is well written and tantalizing tooKendra is in a world of hurt emotional and physical She's already ashamed of her needs and her abuser didn't help That shame has shut her down She needs to build trust with someone to feel okay about herself again But the fragility of the trust and recovery are easily shattered until she can shift her thinking To become who she wants to be she has to face the people she feels have always disapproved of her I really enjoyed this book and thought it was pretty well written It provided me with a better understanding of the BDSM lifestyle and helped define differences between sado masochism and abuse There is a world of difference between the two BDSM is everywhere since Fifty Shades and it's hard to know the copy cats from the work that matters when you're looking for This story is not a copycat of Fifty Shades It explores the differences in the BDSM world and like Joey W Hill's work helped humanize people in the lifestyle I was impressed by its honesty Whether you're looking to understand BDSM to satisfy your erotic or intellectual curiosity or because you have a personal interest I highly recommend BONDS OF NEED