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FREE READER Ü DOC Once is Never Enough ¶ ❰PDF / Epub❯ ★ Once is Never Enough Author Mira Lyn Kelly – She's going to do this She's really going to do thisNichole Daniels has had her share of heartbreak Two broken engagements and a single bed are proof of that But when a blue eyed stranger offShe's going to do this She's really going to do thisNichole Daniels has had her share of heartbreak Two broken engagements and a single bed are proof of that But when a blue eyed stranger offers her a taste Best friend's brother has never been my favorite trope so I started this with an open mind And I'm so glad I did“I’m starting to wonder if the real uestion isn’t how you got past her but how she got past you”Nichole has been in love and proposed to twice and both times she was left alone and feeling like she wasn't worth it As if it were her fault and she had wanted too much too soon So she's not willing to give it another go even if her best friend's all but throwing her in for some casual fun without the wedding bellsGarrett is the hot as hell casual relationship guy and the one who doesn't want any strings attached Granted he's had a lot on his plate from having to raise his sisters including Nichole's bestie So casual is what he does and all he allows himself to wish forThey don't know each other One sunset later everything changes And then it changes again when they realize who they are what it may mean and how wrong this can turn out But they forget to consider how perfectly right it can actually beThis book pulls you in I swear I was smiling most of the time It's sexy the characters are perfect the writing style is totally Mira Lyn Kelly's and writing is really what she was born to do It's hard not to fall in love with Nikki and Garrett while reading this book

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On your life Nichole has no intention of getting involved with a man known to be able to whisper almost any woman into bed But something tells her that when it comes to Garrett one night will never be enou When Harleuin launched its new KISS series earlier this year it started off by offering Waking Up Married by Mira Lyn Kelly for free I adored this story — it was sweet hot and a little bit messed up Naturally when I saw this one coming out from the same author I was curiousNichole’s been burned twice in love so she’s stayed far away for the past three years Her best friend Maeve has had enough of it and wants her to get back out there She has the perfect solution too Nichole should take some tips from Maeve’s brother Garrett aka “The Panty Whisperer” Garrett’s perfected the no strings no guilt one night stand something Nichole could useAt a party Nichole finds herself drawn to a guy for the first time in ages and taking Maeve’s advice about living a little in mind she takes him home Then she has a fine ol’ time And then he tells her his name Yup you guessed it Only the best could whisper her panties offComplications and arrangements ensue Chemistry abounds There is much growling in the bedroom and out Gotta love the growling Why do I love the growling so? And of course Nichole finds herself falling harder than she intended She’s a strong girl though She can handle it But can Garrett?I wanted to love this book I thought Nichole Maeve and Garrett were all great characters The problem was in the writing The book was full of incomplete sentences Which is not a problem in moderation That will be the only incomplete sentence in this review I promise But Kelly does not do it in moderation and the result is a choppy reading experience I find I have the same problem with some books by Charlotte Stein I respect her as an author and I’m intrigued by her storylines but so many incomplete sentences just isn’t comfortable I kind of get it; it’s the way we talk so it’s definitely a true to life style but it’s a bit jarring to read I glanced back at Kelly’s Waking Up Married since I thought I would have noticed it there but it wasn’t a problem in that book Hmm I haven’t read the other books she’s written for Harleuin nor have I read her erotica written as Moira McTark Check them all out at wwwmiralynkellycomAlso the story was dead predictable That’s not such a bad thing; I kind of enjoyed where it went in some cases even when I could see it coming a mile away but it would have been nice to have a surprise or two Easier said than done thoughBottom line I didn’t like this as much as Waking Up Married but I did like it for the same reasons I liked that one — sweet hot and a little bit messed up

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Once is Never EnoughOf her every nighttime fantasy she's considering putting an end to her dry spellGarrett Carter's reputation as a ladies' man? Absolutely right A danger to her mental health? Definitely The man for her? Not The writing was okay but some twists at the end made me mad view spoilerGarrett gives some very good reasons for not wanting kids and she wants kids She breaks off the relationship for this reason valid but doesn't say it in so many words iffy Then when Garrett overhears that someone is pregnant he thinks it's Nichole and he goes all baby yea Why do people who say they want to be childfree always get 'proven wrong'? It pisses me off hide spoiler