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Taking Him Down Harleuin Blaze Book 762 Mobi ï 224 pages Download Ç Johnscyclingdiary á ➮ [Read] ➪ Taking Him Down Harleuin Blaze Book 762 By Meg Maguire ➺ – Johns-cycling-diary.co.uk Rules of the Ring  No unsportsmanlike conduct Matchmaker Lindsey TuttleDuring an unexpected and superintense make out session Lindsey is readyuntil Rich ends it with no explanation Three rounds Now it's almost a year later and Rich has a broken foot  which means a frustrating recovery back in Boston befo Contrived conflicts annoyed me I wanted of a storyThe sex scenes were good But not good enough to make me want to buy the book The secondary story about Lindsey’s sister had my interest I would have liked of that The main story didn’t do anything for me Most of the time is spent in Lindsey’s head as she ogles desires and pines for Rich The conflicts that annoyed me wereview spoilerShe has been desiring and pining for him for months When he finally asks her out she turns him down Her reason? “Sleeping with someone extraordinary was no substitute for feeling like someone extraordinary and she couldn’t handle being cast aside like that not at this point in her life” That didn’t make sense to meAnother After the first sex scene which was great for both of them Rich acted cold and impersonal as he dressed That was not explained So then Lindsey acted cold and impersonal and then they each thought the other didn’t want them Too contrivedRich’s job is to accept fights with the highest ranked competitors He just got an offer to fight one of the highest and he accepts it That means he’ll be away from Lindsey for a couple months Now Lindsey is depressed that he didn’t love her enough to turn it down and stay in the area with her What? That’s stupid I wouldn’t mind her sadness and depression over this but her thinking that he didn’t love her enough annoyed me That made her inconsiderate selfish and unsupportive less likeable hide spoiler

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Re  his next fight But this could be the perfect time for a rematch  with a sexy little matchmaker And minimal clothing There's no denying the chemistry between them It's full contact no holds barred attractionand only one can be on t This was way better than the first and third book in the series

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Taking Him Down Harleuin Blaze Book 762Rules of the Ring  No unsportsmanlike conduct Matchmaker Lindsey Tuttle always thought Rich Estrada was a whole lot of sexy What's not to lust after? He's a gorgeous flirty mixed martial arts fighter When they find themselves heating up fairly high 3sall of cara mckennameg maguire's strengths are present here fairly fully realized diverse casts of characters; secondary and tertiary characters that nicely fill out the novel's world with a nice blend of believability creativity and unobtrusiveness; plausible and usually enjoyable dialogue; carefully crafted non head desk y obstacles that ratchet up the tension in a reasonable way; denouements that are satisfying without being over the top; hot chemistry and sex scenes; nonhokey humor; strong clever clear prosei'm detracting points for two mechanical problems1 a few clunker sentences a flaw atypical of her stuff mostly revolving around explaining back story established in the first book in the series remember how in the second and third harry potter books jo rowling contorted things to sort of inelegantly reexplain hogwarts and muggles and uidditch and we all rolled our eyes and were like we KNOW? it's sort of like that but to a much lesser briefer degree; 2 and for on a number of occasions presumably to keep her word count in check? offering glossed over generalized statements like to keep the conversation going lindsey asked him a few things about MMA he responded with interest this was awkward and usually left me saying but WHAT did lindsey say? this writerly device exposed mckenna's mechanics which i don't want to notice or have to care about when i'm reading instead she ought to have taken the time to specify their dialogue which for mckenna ALWAYS very carefully and intentionally develops protagonist chemistry so these shorthands not only stuck out awkwardly they did her character development a disservice now i'm making a big point about these awkward segments but there were really only a very few of these passages it's just that usually mckenna's editing and flow are so good that these few lapses became all the noticeablestill a very fun read as is all of her stuff and she avoided committing the cardinal sin of romance series she didn't overinvolve her former heroes and heroines in this new story rather she wrote them into this new tale just enough to keep the world she'd drawn three dimensional and interestingly populated but she didn't bore us with huge postscript like sections about how the former protagonists' lives and love were still Teh Amazing Fireworks Head Exploding On Fire excellent admirable restraint but that's what you get with kick mckenna uality and a well and lovingly prepared novelshe's good stuff