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Bad karma A true story of obsession and murder Read ´ 2 é [Download] ➵ Bad karma A true story of obsession and murder ➾ Deborah Beatriz Blum – Prosenjit Poddar was the brilliant engineering student who wanted nothing than to return to his native India a big success and to marry a Ad karma PDF that pits the traditional values of male dominated India against free love attitudes of Berkeley in the 's an impending tragedy unfolds Soon Larry Moore finds himself face to face with the biggest dilemma of his career What does a doctor do if he perceives his patient as mentally unstable and a threat to the well being of another but is bound by the oath of doctor patient confidentiality not to warn the policeThis true story tracks Moore’s karma. Written like a novel but actually the case that broke open patient confidentiality in regards to others being threatened I liked that most of the book focused on their relationship rather than the actual crime which is merely the last 10 pages I am sympathetic to the murderer however as I think he was a driven to attack his obsession though he REALLY should've been involuntarily committed before it occurred Great ripping true crime read that I burned through in two days so highly recommended

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A true Epub #222 race against time to stop the inevitableBAD KARMA is than an anatomy of madness it is also a chronicle of the events that would culminate in a landmark decision handed down by the California Supreme Court Known simply as Tarasoff this karma A true story of Epubruling would change the oath of confidentially between therapist and patient and establish the rule that a mental health professional has the legal duty to protect a threatened individual. This book is a reprint of a book which was first published in 1969 I read it on my Kindle Fire The book takes places UC Berkeley during the time the student rebellions were going on during the Vietnam War The primary characters are and Untouchable Indian student Prosenjit Poddar and an American girl of Russian descent Tanya Tarasoff In 1949 Mahatma Gandhi made great strides toward ending the caste system in India; however a culture always takes uite awhile to catch up to its ideals When Mr Poddar met Ms Tarasoff at a dance in Berkeley he fancied himself in love with her and also fantasized that she was in love with him She most definitely was not; in fact she being the daughter of a raging alcoholic fatherwould never have fallen in love with a passive man like Mr Poddar Mr Poddar became obsessed with Ms Tarasoff and had a sari made for her in the hopes of the two marrying The situation got so bad that Mr Poddar had to go see a psychiatrist since be began failing all of his classes and became fixated on the idea of killing Ms Tarasoff while she was vacationing in Brazil during summer vacation It is my opinion that people from foreign lands saw the USA as the land of opportunity and thus Mr Poddar saw Ms Tarasoff as a symbol for his hopes and dreams in the land of opportunity When she basically rejected him the store becomes not only alarming but obsessive This is the kind of thing that happens when cultures are in flux A very interesting and thought provoking book

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Bad karma A true story of obsession and murderProsenjit Poddar was the brilliant A true eBook #180 engineering student who wanted nothing than to return to his native India a big success and to marry a woman of his parents' choosingTanya Tarasoff was the naïve coed who just wanted somebody to loveAnd Larry More was the young psychologist who thought he recognized the warning signs that his patient was not just suffering from a jilted love affair but was about to commit an act of murderIn a culture clash B. Wow What a fantastic read So glad that I did love this book The way it is written how the suspension in the book gets higher and higher for us readers love it Highly recommend and not only for true crime readersIt reads like fictionCould not put it down