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Barmy in Wonderland Download · PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free º [Epub] ❧ Barmy in Wonderland By P.G. Wodehouse – Although Cyrill Fotheringay Phipps fondly known as Barmy only consulted a fortune teller to take the weight off his feet it did seem as though the olT to enrich the Broadway theatrical sceneBut while Barmy was rising his hat to Gypsy Sybill fate was aiming a nasty jolt at the solar plexus. This is a uirky Wodehouse that takes place in the world of American theater rather than English castles PG had co written any number of plays with notable lights of the theatrical scribe community He was often the story guy to the song guys and did uite well Over time theater changed while Wodehouse stayed largely the same His play writing career ran for roughly 25 years and mostly ending by the mid 1930s Thankfully for his fans this left time to pen the hundredish books that he left as his primary legacy In the early 1950s Wodehouse started mulling his theatrical successes In the summer of 1952 Wodehouse and Guy Bolton co wrote Carry On Jeeves which was PG's last attempt at writing for the stage In 1953 he wrote Bring on the Girls a biography about his theater years It was probably Barmy in Wonderland aka Angel Cake which was largely finished by the summer of 1951 that inspired these later effortsThis novel is pleasant read that feels significantly dated than most of the Wodehouse books from his prime JW and Blandings novels seem to float on a fairly timeless ether but Barmy is a historical look at a very distinct time and place in New York theater that has long vanished The early part of the book flows nicely in the Wodehouse stream of pleasant prose but when the actual theater world ensnares Barmy the book becomes less of a joy To be fair there are some wonderful bits of wordplay and description including a well drawn lawyer which make even the dull theater bits and the telegraphed ending worth reading

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Although Cyrill Fotheringay Phipps fondly known as Barmy only consulted a fortune teller to take the weight off his feet it did seem as thou. 45Great fun in this Wodehouse novel about NY theater business If only this had been narrated by Jonathan Cecil it might have been a 5 Not that Simon Vance's narration was bad far from it

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Barmy in WonderlandGh the old crystal ball had had an eyeful Had he not met 'Dinty' the fair girl to end all fair girls and was Barmy in ePUB #9734 he not abou. Cyril ‘Barmy’ Fotheringay Phipps has been despatched from his London flat and his patronage of the Drones Gentleman’s Club at the insistence of his Uncle to learn the ropes of the Hotel business where due to some spirits and a chance meeting with actor Mervyn Potter a chalet is unfortunately burned to the groundOn being discharged from his position as desk clerk Potter secures Barmy an opening as a Broadway producer which he accepts as he has fallen in love with the production secretary one Dinty MooreIt true Wodehouse fashion engagement fall like the leaves in August and the play ‘Sacrifice’ changes hands often than a clock maker All in all not the greatest Wodehouse farce but it is uite a legacy to live up to One of Wodehouse’s poor days still greater than the best days of any of the writers whom can only beat him on any literacy list by virtue of their position in the alphabet