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Project Cain Read â PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ó ❰Epub❯ ❧ Project Cain Author Geoffrey Girard – Sixteen year old Jeff Jacobson had never heard of Jeffrey Dahmer the infamous serial killer who brutally murdererd seventeen people than twenty years ago But tHat mimicked the horrific early lives of the serial killers they were created fromWhen the most dangerous of the boys are set free the summer of killing begins Worse they hold a secret weapon even deadly than the terrible evil they carry withinCan Jeff help catch the monsters before becoming one himsel. Geoffrey Girard's Project Cain is not your typical teen fiction novel nor is it a book I'd recommend for certain teens themselves due to topic This is the story of 16 year old Jeff Jacobson whose life is thrown upside down when he discovers that he's really only 8 years old is the product of Project Cain a secret government project that takes DNA from serial killers in his case Jeffrey Dahmer clones them in order to turn them into weapons When Jeff's father leaves him he eventually ends up being partnered with a guy named Castillo who tries to solve a rash of murders that have been happening by these clones also unravel exactly what DSTI the organization his father was associated with was doing why in order to prevent the clones from causing mass murders liked their original incarnationsGirard's book is spellbinding to the point where it draws you in forces you to keep reading as we the reader understand the depths that people would go to keep this secret to understand exactly what it must be like for Jeff to realize who he really is The violence at times in the book may be a bit graphic for some readers but is almost a necessity as he describes the acts these cloned killers have caused as well as the tracking of them down The characters are also so realistic the story is so believable that if this weren't a work of fiction you'd almost think it's based on fact especially with the references to other government secret projectsOverall a spellbinding book that probably belongs in the adult fiction category rather than young adult due to content violence but this is still a book that once you start reading that will be hard to put down after it releases in September 2013

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N And scientists created him entirely from Jeffrey Dahmer's DNAJeff isn't the only teenage serial killer clone Others have been genetically engineered using the DNA of the Son of Sam the Boston Strangler and Ted Bundy Some clones were raised like Jeff in caring family environments others within homes t. If you've known me for a while you're probably well aware of two things First I am a very forgiving and easy to please reader who rarely dislikes a book enough to give it anything less than 3 stars Second I love creepy stories dark and disturbing premises and unsettling plots That being said I have never read a book before with such fantastically blood chilling premise and such poor execution Project Cain had so much potential that was never realized it would've surely broken my heart if I wasn't so damn mad at this book So what's the deal here First of all there is no dialogue in this book Non The narration is scattered which makes the plot extremely hard to follow It's also nonsensical and boring filled with tons of scientific info that while some of it genuinely interesting was for the most part unnecessary and irrelevant And while this alone was uite unpleasant it was something I could still overlook and get past What I really couldn't stand though was the narrator himself We're following the adventures of Jeff Jacobson a teenage kid who one day discovers that he's a clone of a serial killer from 1980's Jeffrey Dahmer What a uniue and intriguing concept I just couldn't wait to get started on this one but boy was I disappointed For a book that follows a clone of one of the most dangerous serial killers in the history of the US there is remarkably little to no exploration of the hero's psyche Nothing about how he feels about his discovery Nothing about any moral struggles repressed urges to kill dark thoughts or their lack thereof Non of these things are addressed The narration is dry and emotionless Like a mid term paper on the day I found out that I am an evil version of Dolly the sheep The character development is minimal All we really learn about Jeff is his origin there's little to no back story and even the parts dedicated to describing his relationship with his father are very short and kept to a minimum I expected a complex conflicted hero instead I got someone who was detached passive and completely indifferent The simple conversational tone assumed by the narrator resembles a diary Jeff asks the reader uestions and overuses the word seriously The book is filled with short simple sentences and repetitive statements On top of that there are numerous instances when we have the narrator describing something in the present time and also making a premonition about how he'll feel about it or what he'll learn in relation to it in the future All that was extremely off putting and annoying The military science genetics of violent behavior and most importantly cloning was all obviously extensively researched by the author It's also explained very comprehensively and makes for an interesting read I do however feel like the author felt the need to include all of his findings in the story making it very heavy on scientific detail and resulting in a great intellectual stimulation for the reader but no real emotional engagement in the story All the information is seemingly accurate can't be sure though don't know all the facts and statistics it feels legit but it doesn't make the story any better Sure it was interesting to learn about all these things but I don't need to read YA fiction for that I can easily look it up on Wikipedia Geoffrey Girard forgot to put the fiction in his science fiction novel To this day I have no idea what was the point of this story What did the author try to achieve by telling this odd tale If it was about deciding whether violence is something inherited through genes or gained from environment then I'm afraid this story failed miserably To sum it all up to call Project Cain a bad book would not be fair to all the bad books out there Bad books we read we dislike and we put down with a dismissive shrug And then we move on with our lives and pretty much forget about them Project Cain on the other hand is a whole new level of bad It's that kind of bad that makes your blood boil It's frustrating to the point you find yourself looking around for someone to punch or something to break or ideally break something on someone else's face Multiple times It's not a book you can shrug off and forget about it's a book that every time you'll think about it you'll just get angry all over again Well at least that's how I feel And I honestly doubt there are readers out there who are even forgiving and understanding than I am

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Project CainSixteen year old Jeff Jacobson had never heard of Jeffrey Dahmer the infamous serial killer who brutally murdererd seventeen people than twenty years ago But then Jeff discovers he was constructed in a laboratory only eight years ago part of a top secret government cloning experiment called Project CAI. I was lucky enough to read an early version of Project Cain and can't get it out of my mind The core story is about a shy bookish teen who must battle the monster he discovers hidden within his own DNA and join forces with a shadowy government operative to stop a group of similarly afflicted teens who've embarked on a killing spree Layered in with this action is a haunting exploration of nature vs nurture and science vs soul told with emotion authenticity and surprisingly touching humor A must read