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T of hobbies to keep her busy She’s perfectly happy right RightSo why can’t she stop spying on the new neighbor next doorWhen she finds out he specializes in boudoir photography she employs his services to help spice up her love life with husband John However things heat up beyond Claire’s imagination when the neighbor and his exotic wife turn up at their place and the two couples end up involved in much than a photo shootThe relationship that develops between the neighbors is like nothing Clair. I devoured this book I loved the dynamic between Claire Martin and the changing dynamic between her and her husband And then there’s Martin’s wifeeach character affects the story so strongly that to take one outit might not work Now when you have a choice of things for Claire to do that’s when it gets interesting The dynamics shift even furtherNow if you’re like me you’ll go back and choose your second pick option after you’ve read through the first just to see what’s different I did that with the Choose Your Own Adventure books when I was a kid too I can't wait for of these books

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Wicked Way Interactive 1E has ever experienced forcing her to realize she’s been living a lie biding her time in the burbs waiting for something to happen Well now something has happened and she’s faced with an impossible decisionClaire needs help Your help Will you help herIn this exciting new erotic format you get to make the decision for Claire You get to decide whether Claire will find her happily ever after Orsomething else altogether Welcome to Claire’s life Welcome to WICKED WAY INTERACTIVE books by Daire St Denis. This is one super hot book In comparison that 50 Shades book seem a little modest But what really makes this book stand out besides the excellent writing is the interactive ending St Denis leads the reader to a major turning point in the main character's life then lets us decide what she should do When I reached the end of course I couldn't resist going back to the major turning point and seeing what would happen if the character made the other choiceWhat I found brilliant about this book was that each ending led us to a completely different place with endings that were both totally satisfying

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characters ó Wicked Way Interactive 1 ¶ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ò ➿ [Download] ➽ Wicked Way Interactive 1 By Daire St. Denis ➵ – Have you ever wished you could change the ending of a book Have you ever wanted to give the heroine of a story a little shake andHave you ever wished you could change the ending of a book Have you Wicked Way PDFEPUB or ever wanted to give the heroine of a story a little shake and tell her to smarten up Well now’s your chanceWICKED WAY INTERACTIVES is an exciting new erotic series by Daire St Denis where you the reader actively participate in the story’s outcome Get started now with the first in the Wicked Way Interactive seriesSEX SPIES AND PHOTOGRAPHSClaire Marshall has a hot husband a nice home in the burbs and an assortmen. First thing that comes to my mind when reading this book is freakin’ hot The second thing that came to my mind was where is my hot French photographer neighbor I want one Ha haAt first I thought Claire and John had this hot life except for the fact he is at work a lot dealing with a hard client Dan and Claire is at home bored even though she has tried some hobbies nothing seemed to capture her interestwell except for one spying on that drop dead gorgeous neighbor of hersFrom their first encounter I could feel the sexual tension coming off of my kindle There was something about Martin and dare I say when John referred to him as Mar ten made my knees weak Swoon that was so mysteriously sexy Could it just be his accent just imagining that sexy French accentwoahWhen Claire invites him to dinner as a nice gesture to welcome him to the neighborhood she knew she was in too far with Martin even if only in her fantasies where Mr Happy was “helping” herI kind of didn’t like John from the beginning and now that I am done the book I still don’t I don’t know why in the beginning I didn’t like him maybe it was because he was at work all the time or the fact he left his hot very horny wife on the kitchen table to go “take care” of his clientI mean whose husband does that I know mine wouldn’tI literally laughed out loud with Claire’s reaction to the type of photos Martin takes Priceless If it had not been clear before that it was clear nowshe wanted him So what does she do goes to ask Martin the next day about a photo shoot for a birthday present for John; why not right It is just harmless photos; or so she thinks When Martin tells her today or he couldn’t do them she agrees and with some alcohol in her system really opens up cough cough to the photo shoot When he started describing her fantasy I wanted to jump through my kindle and take Claire’s place It was seriously hotI found John’s reaction funny to the photo album even so towards the end of the book Let’s just say he has NO ROOM to talk I mean he was acting like a big baby even after they both confirmed nothing happened he still went and hurt my poor Martin yep I said it my poor Martin Although I am sure my husband’s response would have been the same as Johns even if nothing happened knowing deep down that his wife was attracted to the extremely hot neighborThen you add Sylvie Martin’s wife to the mix and it took this book up about 100 notches She is a pistol let me tell you I am not sure how I would have reacted if she came onto me like she did Claire but I gotta admit the whole next scene between the 4 of them was erotically hot and I may have just done exactly what Claire did And I just wanted Martin to touch Claire hell I was willing him to touch her through my Kindle But while I found Sylvie hot I found her extremely pushy and maybe a too open for Claire to handle but then again throw caution to the wind and live in the moment rightI didn’t like the whole baby pushing that John was doing to Claire Could he clearly not see and hear she wasn’t ready I mean damn That is not a decision you can just push someone into badger them and bring your family in to sway her decision Like I said before I didn’t like him at allI read both endings to this book and I can say hands down I would choose Martin’s ending over Johns any day To me John’s ending had me wanting to reach in this book and smack Claire for taking John back after the whole Dan Danielle Cam affair I don’t condone cheating but I so wanted this ending And the scene that played out in Martin’s ending was just as hot as I had hoped it would be And at least with Martin’s ending Claire is free to live her life for her and not be tied down to John and a family that she honestly in her heart does not wantYou have officially have done it Daire St Denis I’m hooked I cannot wait to read and I am hoping there is of Martin and Claire hell just Martin would be great but the two of them are hot together I recommend this to everyone and anyoneView of our reviews at welovekinkcom