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review This Dark Road to Mercy ¶ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ç ➹ This Dark Road to Mercy Download ➾ Author Wiley Cash – The critically acclaimed author of the New York Times bestseller A Land More Kind Than Home—hailed as a powerfully moving debut that reads as if Cormac McCarthy decThe critically Road to PDFEPUB #190 acclaimed author of the New York Times bestseller A Land More Kind Than Home hailed as a powerfully moving debut that reads as if Cormac McCarthy decided to rewrite Harper Lee's To Kill a Mockingbird Richmond Times Dispatch returns with a resonant novel of love and atonement blood and vengeance set in western North Carolina involving two young sisters a wayward father This Dark PDF or and an enemy determined. There is a lot of used to be in Wiley Cash’s sopho novel This Dark Road to Mercy Wade Chesterfield used to be a baseball player used to be a husband and used to be a father But he went oh for three and now as a guy who used to hang drywall and is on the run he is mostly a crook Bobby Pruitt had been a ballplayer too but his damaged youth led him in a dark direction and now he is an enforcer for a local thug He would like to apply his professional skills to Wade not only in service of his current employer but as personal payback for something Wade had done to him on the ballfield He presents a clear and present danger not only to Wade but to his family The author Brady Weller used to be a police detective but after he was involved in an event that left a boy dead he became an installer of home security systems working for his brother in law There is going on with Brady though He is also a court appointed guardian to children in need of such protection in Gastonia North Carolina This includes two young girlsEaster uillby hasn’t been around long enough yet to have much in her rear view But than most pre teens Wade had surrendered custody of her and her little sister Ruby a few years back and mom died recently of a drug overdose Have a nice childhood She and Ruby live in a state run orphanage Writing in the voice of a child has its risks and rewards Children often lack the power of reflection that adults possess so their narratives can charge forward without the breaks of reflection or evaluation Adults are cautious especially about what they divulge If a child is an unreliable narrator it’s probably because he or she doesn’t fully understand what he or she is talking about If an adult is an unreliable narrator then it means that he or she is hiding something But child narrators also offer a challenge in terms of their emotional make up Their reactions to tragedies great and small are often displayed in similar ways A young child’s reaction to the death of a pet can be similar to the reaction to the death of a family member With that in mind you have to be very careful about how you portray a child’s emotional scale You want the reader to be able to intuit its depth even if the child’s reaction doesn’t reflect it Cash in an interview with Crime Fiction LoversEaster Brady and Pruitt are the three alternating narrators through whose eyes we see the events in Cash’s tale We see Wade mostly through Easter’s eyes The action of the novel consists of Wade re entering the girls’ lives after years of absence snatching his daughters to join him as he flees dark elements in Gastonia Pruitt pursuing Wade do him harm and Brady trying to protect the girls There are white knuckle moments in this chase One of the true strengths of Wiley Cash’s debut novel A Land More Kind Than Home was his portrayal of children That gift is manifest in full power here Easter certainly reminds one of Scout from To Kill a Mockingbird and the usual Stephen King pre ad heroes and heroines And with a name like Easter you’ve gotta figure she is gonna be reborn someway somehow Name a girl Ruby and I expect most of us might think of slippers and “There’s no place like home” That would make sense here for a girl who is hoping to have a family again But it is Easter who will hold your attention and your affection When there is danger afoot you will really really want for Easter to be ok She is not only a tough and decent kid she is a very well drawn one and the best thing about this bookThere are several threads maybe red stitching running through The Dark Road Baseball figures large Page 1 introduces Easter on a ballfield Wade was a professional player as was Pruitt And when baseball is in play one need not look too far to bring in the element of steroids Wade and Pruitt have a history with them and one of them still imbibes And speaking of steroids the time is 1998 and McGwire and Sosa are engaged in the most famous ‘roid fueled home run derby of our age The contest is large in the consciousness of these characters and a subject of widespread daily conversation in the environments they inhabit The heavy hitters’ contest is even used in a very Hitchcockian way to provide a dramatic backdrop for the climax The Race is OnAnother seam here is parenting Wade is not a complete screw up He may not have made the best choices and he may not be exactly the best person but he does love his kids and wants to be a father to them But abandoning them for several years and snatching them on his way out of town was probably not what a good parent might do Pruitt’s upbringing comes in for some inspection as well And Brady copes with having a surly teenager he only gets to see some of the time Finally atonement comes in for a look Wade may be a criminal but he does want to make up for having left his children He really wants to make a better life for them Brady wants to atone for his part in the fatal accident and does so by acting to protect vulnerable children Pruitt is interested in payback than atonementAnother item you might keep an eye out for is the notion of what’s in a name Mom always said that she’d named us what she’d named us because those were her favorite things Easter was her favorite holiday and rubies were her favorite jewels Me and ruby used to ask Mom all the time what her other favorite things were and we’d pretend those things were our names insteadIt seems crazy to say we played make believe like that now but we used those names so much they almost became real Easter has to contend with a real world decision concerning her name and there is at least one adult in the story with a temporary alias and another who has adopted a new name permanently Finally this is a road trip it is even in the title and that usually means a journey of self discovery The girls’ fondness for the computer game Oregon Trail foreshadows their later journey with Wade What will these characters discover how will they change grow or wilt on this trip A Catcher in the Rye mention does let us know there is some of coming of age going on The girls are looking for a family Pruitt is looking for revenge and Brady is looking for redemption Wade is looking for some sort of gateway to a Promised Land ”Oklahoma Texas California” His eyes got bigger as he listed the names “We could keep going clear on to the Pacific Ocean if we wanted to”“Then what” I asked “We can’t live in this car forever”“I don’t know” Wade said again “I guess that’s why they call it an adventure” This is an engaging and fast paced story A pretty fair read I do have some gripes of course While the attempt for a North by Northwest moment was ambitious it was not fully realized Of course by then you have already enjoyed 95 percent of the book so it is not a huge issue I still read Stephen King and I usually do not much care for his endings either I did feel that some decisions made by characters here were stage managed a bit too much Why such and like has to take place here and then might fit into the author’s desire for the most dramatic possible setting but did not make all that much sense to me as something the characters would actually do There are also some convenient events that are inserted into the story to prepare one for the finale It seemed to me that these were artificial and a bit jarring Fine whatever It’s still a pretty good read and those elements might not make your Spidey senses tingle the way they did mine This Dark Road to Mercy is indeed dark but illuminated There is plenty of road to contrast with a desire for home and sufficient dollops of mercy to soothe sundry pains This road is one worth takingReview posted January 28 2014EXTRA STUFFLinks to the author’s personal Twitter and FB pagesInterview in Crime Fiction Lovers this is the source of the writer’s comments on writing kids uoted in the review

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To see him pay for his sinsAfter their mother's unexpected death twelve year old Easter and her six year old sister Ruby are adjusting to life in foster care when their errant father Wade suddenly appears Since Wade signed away his legal rights the only way he can get his daughters back is to steal them away in the Dark Road to PDF #206 nightBrady Weller the girls' court appointed guardian begins looking for Wade and he uickly turns up unsett. There is so much going on inside this novel that the synopsis doesn't mention I'm not talking about plot points either I'm talking about the nuances between our perceptions of certain kinds of people versus how they feel about themselves especially after they're forced to deal with the conseuences of their actionsEaster and Ruby 13 and 8 respectively are stuck in the foster care system after their mother dies from an overdose Their father has long since disappeared having signed away his parental rights years before Don't worry this info is in the synopsis so it's not a spoiler I promiseThe way that Wiley Cash writes these girls shaping their characters and personalities is nothing short of fascinating How a grown man understands so much about the inner workings of a young teen and a little girl enough to write them as well as he did is truly mind boggling He should have won an award for this bookOh and his depiction of their father Wade stirred some complicated emotions in me that a book hasn't done in a long time Cash managed to write him in a way that shows how much the girls are mature than their father some of which is the result of his mistakes but yet you still care about the guy Some things in life are hard to face and even our options leave us feeling alone or conflicted no matter what we choose Wiley Cash proves to be a master at spinning a story based on this harsh reality

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This Dark Road to MercyLing information linking Wade to a recent ard car heist one with a whopping million missing But Brady Weller isn't the only one hunting the desperate father Robert Pruitt a shady and mercurial man nursing a years old vendetta is also determined to find Wade and claim his dueNarrated by a trio of alternating voices This Dark Road to Mercy is a story about the indelible power of family and the primal desire to outrun a past that refuses to let g. Twelve year old Easter uilby and six year old Ruby uilby have lived in a foster home in Gastonia North Carolina since their mother died from a drug overdose Their father Wade Chesterfield an unsuccessful former minor league baseball player had unwillingly given up parental rights and longs to get his daughters back So when Wade gets the chance he robs a gangster of money from an ard truck heistWade then sneaks his daughters out of the foster home and runs off with them The story is told from three points of view Easter uilby a mature wry young lady who sees things as they are; Bobby Pruitt a vengeful bouncerhit man hired to get the money back; and Brady Weller former cop and guardian ad litem for the girls who's determined to bring them home In the background of the story is the 1998 rivalry between major league baseball players Mark McGuire and Sammy Sosa who are both trying to break the home run record Mark McGuireSammy SosaOn the road Wade hustles to evade Pruitt as he takes the girls around the country Unfortunately Pruitt is hot on their heels and will stop at nothing not even murder to accomplish his mission And Brady struggling with his own demons is chasing them all Though suspenseful and dark the story is also warm and touching Good bookYou can follow my reviews at