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Firefox author Craig ThomLibrarian note an alternate cover for this edition can be found hereTHE MACHINE The Soviet Mig codenamed Firefox A thought controlled terri. I was a kid when I read this book and am giving it 4 stars because being a young naïve child of the Cold War it was exciting and certainly showed us putting on over on the bad guys Those to young to remember need to recall this was in the bad old USSR days before Gorby and Glasnost the time of the show The Americans I suppose if I reread it now it would sink into ignominy like the other books I read as a young reactionary WASP growing up in the slowing latinified Miami of the TV show Miami Vice and all all that Tom Clancy Republican propagandistic crap etc Admittedly I also LOVED the movie with Clint Eastwood Well let me keep my childhood memories of this and feel snobbishly comfortable knowing I grew up since then and my reading taste improved infinitely and the world changed since then well unfortunately not all that much

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Aubrey of Great Britain His plan infiltrate the shadowy worldwide KGB network and make his way into the Soviet Union His job steal Firefox. It must have been the cover that sold me on this book because it wasn't my usual cup of tea I was still an Agatha Christie mystery reader for the most part back thenBut I loved this book Back when the US was still in the Cold War with the USSR the idea that Russia had an aircraft so far superior to anything we had or could possibly conceive of and could blast any plane we had out of the sky was a scary and realistic thought The idea to sneak a pilot into the Russia base and steal the aircraft by flying it back to the US was written very suspensfully That the one and only pilot the USould find who had the capability to fly this jet fighter was also on the verge of a mental breakdown only added to the thillerI didn't think the movie did the book justice

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Firefox author Craig Thomas free read ↠ 6 ´ [PDF] ❤ Firefox By Craig Thomas – Librarian note an alternate cover for this edition can be found hereTHE MACHINE The Soviet Mig 31 codenamed Firefox A thought controlled terrifyingly lethal warplane capable of ruling the Western skie Librarian note an aFyingly lethal warplane capable of ruling the Western skiesTHE MAN His name is Gant an obsessed renegade American pilot His Control Kenneth. This is a half decent Cold War Techno Thriller A US pilot is sent to Russia on a mission to steal a new state of the art high tech fighter jet The Firefox described like a Star Wars X Wing fighter It has telepathic controls in touch with the pilot through his helmet He just has to think what he wants the plane to do and it does but he has to think in Russian Most of the book is about Gant even getting near the plane and only the last uarter or so deals with its audacious theft Spoiler alerts as the book is left open to a seuel when a near miss with a heat seeking missile makes Gant swear in American English causing the plane to switch off and crash into the Arctic ice This led to Firefox Down about a race against the Russians to salvage the plane and rescue Gant Firefox was filmed with Clint Eastwood as Gant The thought of Eastwood failing in his mission was unthinkable to the movie producers so he successfully takes the Firefox into US airspace and any hope of a movie seuel was dashed Arthur Chappell