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Im Land der weißen Wolke Summary ã 105 ë [PDF / Epub] ☆ Im Land der weißen Wolke By Sarah Lark – Londres 1852 dos chicas emprenden la travesía en barco hacia Nueva Zelanda Para ellas significa el comienzo de una nueva vida como futuras esposas de unos hombres a uienes no conocen Gwyneira de orig LondrA uienes no conocen Gwyneira de origen noble está prometida al hijo de un magnate de la lana mientras ue Helen institutriz de profesión ha respondido a la solicitud de matrimoni. I did not expect to like this book It's a 700 page sweeping epic said with the reuisite eye roll promising small r romance and than you'd ever want to know about sheep farming in late 1800s New Zealand In other words over 700 reasons for me not to read this book But I have a fascination with New Zealand the impact of colonialism on native cultures in particular and I'm a sucker for any kind of Big Adventure Strong female characters Adventure why notThe good the novel starts strong the characters are interesting and for the most part realistic and the plot is compelling While the writing is at times clunky and a bit overblown but this may be the fault of the translator I was than willing to overlook a few linguistic inconsistencies and head scratchers because the meat of the story was strong The bad they're in rural New Zealand in the 1880s on a sheep farm but never a single mention of the bug bites the mud the shit For the sake of small r romance no one wants to get it on in a barn that is swarming with flies and smells like dung not sexy Lark unintentionally traipsed into the land of capital R Romantic literature and this is where she lost me Like bad Romantic literature everything in this novel was too clean The farms the houses the children the story Even the war between Maori and the colonists is a bloodless short lived thing Lark wraps everything up too neatly and it's all a bit too coincidental the deaths the marriages the births all of it All that said I don't know if I'd be thrilled to spend another 700 pages in Lark's New Zealand but I could see myself trying out other of her work should translations become available

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O de un granjero Im Land PDF Ambas deberán seguir su destino en una tierra a la ue se compara con el paraíso Pero ¿hallarán el amor y la felicidad en el extremo opuesto del mun. A romantic saga set in the mid to late 1800s in New Zealand The first in a series it centres on the lives of two very different young women each embarking from Wales on a new life in one of the colonies While they are from vastly different backgrounds Gwyneira a lord’s daughter and Helen a struggling governess they are both destined to marry men they have never met in this new land of sheep farming at the end of the world Lark’s story covers not only the individual struggles of these two women in a foreign land but also the fate of the orphan girls Helen was charged with chaperoning to New Zealand as servants and the conflicts between the Maori natives and the pakeha—the colonists Multi generational in scope the depiction of New Zealand’s landscape and the natural environment is accurate and evocative The concept of the novel is really promising particularly if you like historical fiction however the elementary writing and predictability of the plot made it a disappointing read There are LOTS of clichés and I started to really roll my eyes towards the end and became very impatient to get to the end and on to something else Recommend if you love easy historical romance stories

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Im Land der weißen WolkeLondres dos chicas emprenden la der weißen PDF #8608 travesía en barco hacia Nueva Zelanda Para ellas significa el comienzo de una nueva vida como futuras esposas de unos hombres. I read the English version of this novel It started strong with the story of two women making their way to New Zealand in the mid 1800's to start their new lives as wives of men they had never met Helen had answered an ad to become a wife under fraudulent circumstances Gwyn the daughter of a proper English Lord was betrothed to the son of a man who had in effect won her in a poker game from her father Both were disappointed in their lives as sheep farmers in the NZ outback As soon as the women arrive in NZ the story begins to fall apart and flounder dragging on to a great extent While the story is of the two women it is also told from the point of view of the husbands their children and the Maori natives It very simply gets lost in trying to be the sweeping saga of a new nation And it doesn't workStill the story itself is not a bad one although it is full of unlikely coincidences and convenient meetings and ultimately convenient deaths Perhaps in the hands of a better writer this would have been a better book