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The Impalers Revenge The Impaler Legacy #1 Summary ´ 104 Î [PDF / Epub] ☂ The Impalers Revenge The Impaler Legacy #1 By Ioana Visan – In a world crawling with vampires Romania is the safest place left on earth Thanks to the Little Council there hasn't been a vampire on Romanian ground inIn a Revenge The Epub #226 world crawling with vampires Romania is the safest place left on earth Thanks to the Little Council there hasn't been a vampire on Romanian The Impalers MOBI #233 ground in over five centuries But one day Liana Cantacuzino also a member of the Little Council and a descendant of one of the old noble families. Interesting premises but for now I think the characters are rather bland the dialogues sometimes seem forced and there's a whole lot of eye rollingLE I thought it would be interesting to mention in case anyone not from Romania reads this that the mentioned Little Council families Basarab Cantacuzino Ghica Sturdza are real names from Romania's history renouned noble families of rulers princes politicians ministers diplomats etc

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Legacy PDF or help from her trustful friends Rodica Ghica and Ştefan Sturdza and that of an innocent bystander Dr Jesse Carver Liana has to find out what is going on and what the President is hiding from her When all is revealed Hess's secret changes everythingThe first novella in The Impaler Legacy series a vampire saga like no oth. I was given these books in exchange for an honest review Lop or Lovers of Paranormal I liked the idea of a new breed of vampires and the council concept which made for an intriguing read I felt both concepts were original kudos to the writer for giving ‘vamps’ a new spin Even though it was a well written book the first book in the series the “Impaler legacy” was hard for me to read I was initially very excited to find the main character was female and with the name of the book and the background scenarios I think I pumped myself up for a female warrior type story line So I kept waiting for her to kick ass and not just speak ass Instead she was a bit of a basket case at times and she was surrounded by men whose only duty was to save her literallyIn addition I kept thinking if so many citizens went to the academy why were there so few women not just in the Pandurs but anywhere in the ranks Even if she had a female kick ass bodyguard I would be happy Didn’t any woman in the entire country think “Hey I can take this training and I can fight vamps and save my country too” At some point it felt like Liana was the only women in the world standing on top of it surrounded by an army of men This is a strong series and I enjoyed the experience of reading the entire series I like it when I get involved in a story whatever emotion comes out is welcome

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The Impalers Revenge The Impaler Legacy #1Impalers Revenge The MOBI #241 is ordered to bring one in covertly Enter Maximilien Hess a thousand years old vampire determined to ruin the existing order of thingsSuddenly Liana finds herself forced Impalers Revenge The Impaler Legacy PDF or to protect Hess instead of having the pandurs kill him With the Impalers Revenge The Impaler. I was given a free copy of this book by the author who reuested I post an honest review“The Impaler’s Revenge” by Ioana Visan is the first episode in the series “The Impaler Legacy” This novella is packed with action intrigue subterfuge treason and even vampires; lots of vampires if things don’t work out as planned This story opens in the Vienna Airport where our protagonist Ms Liana Cantacuzino has gone to pick up a special visitor to her country because he could not legally fly directly into Bucharest Vampires had been ejected from Romania under penalty of death for 5 centuries However this particular vampire Maximilien Hess was an invited guest of the President for some top secret business venture the details of which had not been explained to Ms Cantacuzino Not being privy to that information somewhat hampered her ability to perform her assignment “baby sit” Mr Hess to make sure nobody kills him and he doesn’t feed on anybody while in Romania In spite of his near total cooperation her task was not destined to be an easy oneThis story is yet another example of the talented Ioana Visan’s mastery of multiple fiction genres much to the benefit of her readers The tale is absolutely not a typical vampire blood fest nor is it a thinly veiled exercise in erotica like so many contemporary vampire publications tend to be To the contrary this story has a uniue plot a very entertaining storyline and is simply an excellent example of good story telling I am still amazed to realize English is not the author’s first language yet her diction is virtually flawless This is her third book that I have reviewed and I feel confident in saying Ioana Visan has talent coming out her ears I can’t emphasize enough how entertaining all her writing has been thus far If “The Impaler’s Revenge” is any indication “The Impaler Legacy” will be a superb series If you are ready for an entirely original take on vampires you will not find a better opportunity than within the pages of “The Impaler’s Revenge” by Ioana Visan