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Unnatural Justice Read & Download × 4 Å [Read] ➪ Unnatural Justice By Su Ridley – Johns-cycling-diary.co.uk A series of horrific date rapes in the university city of Cambridgethe suspicious death of a seaman aboard a car transporter in the Bay of Biscaythe murder of an American student half a century agoBut A series of horrific daE they linkedThat is the macabre and chilling challenge facing Detective Inspector Jane Blackburn who runs the best bunch of crime busters in Britain They're unconventional imaginative energetic h a wicked s. I was a lucky one when I won this book Unnatural Justice covers something that occured fifty years ago but neatly connects all the dots From a killing on ship a rape from 50 years agao current rape crimes all are skillfully brought together to a great conclusion The FBI and Scotland Yard worked well together and a touch of romance completed a great story I have to have the next book in this series and hope Su writes many

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A series of horrific date rapes in the university city of Cambridgethe suspicious death of a seaman aboard a car transporter in the Bay of Biscaythe murder of an American student half a century agoBut how ar. Su Ridley gives us an outstanding 5 star novel filled with wonderful characters and an intricate storyline that keeps you fully involved and unable to put the book down Hayley Bannerman a student at Cambridge University was out with friends enjoying a pleasant day punting on the river When the group of friends stops at a pub at the end of the day for a drink Hayley decides to have a uick drink and then return to her room and do some studying Charles West an American enrolled at Cambridge has been hanging out with the group for a few weeks and he gives Hayley the creeps Hayley accepts a drink from him after her friend says she will walk back with Hayley in 10 minutes Suddenly feeling ill Hayley is helped back to her room by her friend and Charles When Hayley awakens sometime later she realizes that something is wrong very wrongThe Star Supreme travels from port to port moving cars for a Japanese motor company Its a huge vessel with a large crew Will Davies a young merchant seaman on board the Star Supreme is helping to move around the cars due to a union problem that had left the dock short handed As he is driving one of the older second hand cars up to level 4 he scraped the passenger side along the ship's wall Thankfully another few scratches aren't going to make a difference to this old beat up car When Will parks the car he checks the passenger side and notices a grey powder that seemed to be coming from a gash in the door panel As he is walking away Will notices one of the other crew men crouched down looking at the gash in the passenger door He heads off to his small shared room where he starts to tell his cabin mate about what had happened but decides to keep uiet Is Hayley's attack an isolated incident or is she the victim of a suspected serial rapist who is also suspected of causing the death of another young woman When Will Davies is found dead on board ship it is claimed he died of a self inflicted drug overdose Why would a health nut who's never been known to do drugs before suddenly start doing heroinDetective Inspector Jane Blackburn of the Cambridge police force has a lot on her hands On her way home from a much needed weekend break she is stopped by traffic officers on the M11 motorway Thinking she should have been paying attention to her speed she was surprised when she was informed her office was trying to get in touch with her Jane knows her team of hard working dedicated officers wouldn't interrupt her weekend off without good cause but nothing could have prepared her for whats about to happenI really enjoyed how Su Ridley pulled the different stories together into one cohesive tale The stories were well plotted with interesting twists and surprises and moved flawlessly from England to the United States They were woven together in a very believable way The international cast of characters both good guys and bad were described so well that I felt I knew them The touches of humor and the beautiful classic cars added to the realism of the story A solid 5 star novel

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Unnatural JusticeEnse of humour and they get resultsBut when a diplomat's son is accused of rape the trail leads DI Blackburn to Washington DC and into a world of power and evil where there is so such thing as natural justic. This book caught my full attention from the first page It was fast paced and ful of action DI Blackburn is a woman who knows her mind and is used to getting her way A strong female character to believe in Hoping for many seuals to get to know her better