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characters Hunger author Melvin Burgess

characters Hunger author Melvin Burgess 107 ó [Download] ➽ Hunger By Melvin Burgess – When Beth wakes up one morning covered in dirt she puts it down to an extreme case of sleep walking But when reports of a desecrated grave start to circulate her night time wanderings take on a sinist When Beth wakes up oneKnows that something is changing within her Something that's filling her with an urgent desperate hunger that demands to be satisfied at any cos. DNF I worked up to just over half way page 150 to be exact and gave upEnsuing rant aheadI tried with this one but I could tell within a chapter and a half that I was not going to enjoy it and a few times I wondered if I'd make it through the next chapterIt wasn't until halfway through chapter nine that I gave upThere was undeniably potential in this story but it was uickly lost by the characters and the pacingDid this story want to be a possession story A monster story An end of the world storyWhy not all As that's apparently where it was going and boy was it getting there uickly jarringly uicklyI know one of the uotes on the back says; A grizzly fast paced novella but there's 'fast paced' and there's 'this storyline could have been woven throughout the book but we'll get it done in half a chapter' such as the plot about Beth's dad knowing and helping her with her issues when she was younger Sure it's mentioned a few times from what I continued reading but I think it would have been cool to reveal these things gradually throughout the storyAs a horror writer though nowhere near as big as this guy is I understand wanting to get to the grit of the story but sometimes you need to take your time or if you do want to make it 'fast paced' at least make it cohesively fast pacedThere were about two moments from what I recall where I had to stop and reread half a page because a thing suddenly happened that I could not follow looking at you scene in the house involving Loius and Coll and all too often something would happen and there'd be a nice set up flowing when Suddenly Beth got possessed again or Suddenly a thing happened and I was often than not thinking 'ugh I just don't care'It got a little tiresomeNot to mention that it was so hard to care about any of the charactersBeth was bland and honestly too self involved for me to care about whining about not wanting to be 'another girl' to Ivan then going to sleep with him again after getting drunkColl was just the best friend slash anything the writer needed her to be in that momentLouis was okay just the protective brother and the ChristianIvan was probably my favourite though that isn't saying much but I couldn't understand why he pined for Beth so badlyI guess it's just all those crazy young adult hormones going on thereSo for me personally it's a DNF straight to the charity shop pile for the next sucker

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To circulate her night time wanderings take on a sinister airSoon the city is being plagued by strange sightings and sudden disappearancesBeth. Standard demonic fayre set in my home city Feels like it should have been aimed at a YA audience

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Hunger author Melvin BurgeWhen Beth wakes up one morning covered in dirt she puts it down to an extreme case of sleep walking But when reports of a desecrated grave start. Review by Beth 3Melvin Burgess is one of my all time favourite authors from reading Junk when I was 10 or 11 I have been hooked on his fantastic style and ability to get through to readers of all ages However Hunger offers something different Hunger moves away from Burgess’ cutting edge real life novels and moves into supernatural horror and gore territory I loved itHunger is the first release from Hammer the cult horror film brand who have now moved into literature Burgess offers his trademark fast paced novel with a gritty horror edge as our protagonist Beth wakes to find herself covered in bruises dirt and with a mysterious brick under her bed This marks the beginning of entry to a brand new supernatural world packed out with terrifying demons ghouls and vampires The worst bit These creatures are all seemingly invincibleBeth is joined by her elder brother and two friends as she attempts to stave off these dark creatures but nothing is as it seems and there are and stomach turning moments as the novel continues Every time it seems they’ve got one up on the terrifying spectres something else seems to go wrong I particularly enjoyed the backstory built up for the supernatural creatures and how they become less superficial demons and strong believable characters – making them even scaryBurgess’ novel is extremely clever – it reminds me in parts of a literary version of Buffy the Vampire Slayer although it isn’t too vampire centric thankfully as I’m not really into vampire stories What’s Burgess also manages to write in a style which fits perfectly with the Hammer image with some of the dialogue coming across as a little than cheesyI’d be lying if I said Hunger was Burgess’ best work but it’s a uick read with a thrilling plot and all the gore and blood you’d expect from Hammer His blunt gritty style fits perfectly into the horror genre and there’s believability to the novel which makes it stick in your mind long after finishing it