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Free download Deirdre and Don Juan 105 Ð [PDF] ✩ Deirdre and Don Juan By Jo Beverley – The Rogue ProposesDon Juan the dashing Earl of Everdon was abandoned by his wife shortly following the wedding and his scandalous behavior is considered an understandable response Now newly widowed th The Rogue ProposesDon JuanIous lord but she is bound by a promise to say yes to any suitable proposal So the earl devises a sham betrothal to satisfy all concerned But their amorous dance of deception is about to take some rather unexpected spin. Mark Juan Carlos Renfrew Earl of Everdon is known as Don Juan both because of his Spanish blood and his conuests with women For the last ten years he has felt safe protected by the fact the he is married but with none of the usual restrictions since his wife ran off with another man But when he receives the news that she has died he knows it is his duty to remarry However he has no desire to face the Marriage Mart so when his mother suggests her young friend Daphne Stowe he immediately begins his courtship only to discover that she considers herself promised to another man one unacceptable to her parents Should he attempt to woo her away from her other suitor or set about finding another bride Like all of Beverley's Regency Romances this one features memorable characters Recommended

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St eager to marry someone anyone who will bear him an heir And uiet well bred Lady Deirdre Stowe fits the bill uite nicelyThe Deirdre and PDFEPUB or Lady DemursEnad of another Deirdre wants nothing to do with the lasciv. I really liked it It was a sweet funny book and Everdon was a great guy without never falling into a cliche of a womanizer What I do despair about these books are the nicknames of all the men Really Dark Angel You think a bunch of kids in an all boys school are going to call another one Dark Angel O even less Bright Angel How come all the romance authors do this thing of the nickname Its not dashing its corny But apart from that i enjoyed the book

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Deirdre and Don JuanThe Rogue ProposesDon Juan the dashing Earl of Everdon was abandoned by his wife shortly following the wedding and his scandalous behavior is considered an understandable response Now newly widowed the errant earl is mo. First 23 is excellent In the last section things get hurried and hasty and you don't get the emotionally satisfying payoff you were waiting for but the prose is very good so as a whole still very enjoyable Premise your hero Don Juan is a handsome half Spanish English aristocrat who made a foolish early marriage was abandoned by his flighty wife and has happily enough spent the intervening decade repairing his family estates and bedding foxy ladies safe in the knowledge that as long as he was technically a married man he was safe from the hassle of matchmaking mamas Alas He receives word of his estranged wife's death and decides that he must hastily get himself engaged before the hordes of marriageable misses swoop in Your heroine is Lady Deirdre in London to make her come out and look for a husband very reluctantly Deirdre has a beau back home a brilliant but misanthropic mathmatician her parents consider beneath her and will only allow her to marry if she doesn't receive any better offers during her season Deirdre is a plain lady who to further her schemes of not receiving any offers allows her shrewd but poor taste having mother to dress her in unflattering styles Deirdre is also an embroidery friend of Don Juan's mom which is how Don Juan concludes that this is just the lady for him plain simple happy to stay at home and have his babies never going to run off and leave him A lot of this book was really fun Deirdre and Don Juan have pretty good verbal sparring and the secondary characters Deirdre's mama the mathmetician are fun Individually I also like the hero and heroine and for a long stretch their increasing interest in each other is fun and believable There were a couple of elements that keep this from being a five star book for me Deirdre is apparently uite plain Not Plain until someone changes her hairstyle actually plain Don Juan is apparently very very handsome The book notes that his tastes have run to voluptuous beauties and he's known for his many amorous escapades I'm prepared to believe that he likes women as people but it feels like a bit of a stretch that this tomcat suddenly has zero interest in what women look like and the book doesn't really fully sell me on him seeing something uniue in Deirdre that creates a powerful physical attraction for him So the climax is a little underwhelming Everdon is set up to be uite the man about town and someone who is uite practical mercenary even in his approach to selecting a new bride When the book decides to tell you that actually he loves women as people and is very loving and compassionate I wasn't sure that I believed that or wanted it to be true He was a little bit fun when he was mercenary IMO Deirdre is sort of set up to be a uniue artist who works with embroidery instead of paint but then that totally fizzles out and never turns into anything I spent the last chunk of the book waiting for it to show up again but no Don Juan is eventually revealed to be view spoilersemi broke his dad had a passionate madness for landscaping the family estate that left them heavily in debt This was a very late breaking element that I didn't understand the inclusion of It felt like it just sort of hung there in the background without really being resolved hide spoiler