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Rubbish AUTHOR Richard Girling Read & Download ½ 4 ï [EPUB] ✻ Rubbish Author Richard Girling – Rubbish is an examination of the problem of waste—domestic and industrial—in the UK and elsewhere Challenging and controversial this is a rigorous examination of the problem of waste worldwide aC and private initiatives designed to forestall a crisis fast ballooning into catastrophe This is an investigation of the looming problem of waste in the st century our fridge mountain our crumbling sewers trading waste pa. Much of the book was a sorry catalogue of directives set but not ready to be met opportunities lost through procrastination and the usual catastrophic predictions seeming a little less fantastic than they often do because they were backed up by figures I was impressed that Girling did actually go to various locations associated with his investigations The most interesting of these was his description of a multi material recycling plant that made some sense of the apparently meaningless distinctions imposed by councils and recycling companies I promise never again to put foil in with aluminium cansA book that made me alternately aghast and thoughtful but overall determined to cut down on some of the larger waste streams issuing from my home

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Ckaging waste the enormity of our industrial waste spam emails and new forms of waste and the horrors of incineration It is an attempt to find a blueprint for our survival and to examine the way our lives may have to chang. Girling on occasion goes off point ranting about monopolistic supermarkets and the pointlessness of space exploration but when he concentrates on waste the Rubbish of the books title the content is satisfying The most intensity of the passion is reserved for the ineptitude incompetence and procrastination of the New Labour government This is not surprising anyone who has ever considered hugging a tree shares this frustration – from transport to energy policy HM Gov seems incapable of grasping the very basic fundamentals and Girling’s evidence seems to indicate this is also true of waste If you can ignore the digressions there is a lot of information in here

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Rubbish AUTHOR Richard GirliRubbish is an examination of the problem of waste domestic and industrial in the UK and elsewhere Challenging and controversial this is a rigorous examination of the problem of waste worldwide and the efficacy of the publi. This 2005 book is a tirade against the British Government of the day by extension of the British Government of today insofar as it is essentially the same crew still hanging on to power by its teethThe environment is seen through the eyes of a senior specialist journalist whose text ostensibly majors on 'rubbish' but who also covers the degradation of land and water resources the collusion between government and business at the expense of everything from food security to clean air and waste itself especially hazardous waste Above all there is anger at the incompetence of policy makers at every level but largely at the topOne chapter is a genuine eye opener about the scale of the traffic in Western waste into the developed world A picture emerges of a pre credit crunch global economy that trafficks sex slaves and skivvies in one direction and the detritus of growth in the other It is a shame that the baby of imperialist exploitation has been thrown out with the bath water of Marxist criticismOf course this was in 2005 The book has now to be seen through the eyes of the last year of credit crunch In theory deflation reduces waste but of course this is seen by most policymakers as merely a hiatus Governments hope that there will be an eventual resumption of a system in which they have invested their careers From this perspective waste will be good news Less waste is now a luxuryThe essential problem for the UK and the world has not been resolved and cannot be resolved while public policy is based largely on exhortation guilt trips and the use of ill considered environmental diktats to deal with symptoms and of market mechanisms designed to ameliorate only what other and bigger market mechanisms have createdGovernments are still obsessed with growth and countering deflation are still putting our cash into the old economy auto industry and still pondering bigger and airports At the same time they are deflecting our eager beaver 'Uncle Tom' environmentalists into projects that will increase cost pressures on industrial capital acumulation rather than deal with the real cause of environmental degradation unsustainable population pressure on territory and the desires and needs of 'ordinary' people to travel when and where they want to to eat aesthetically pleasing and excessively sanitised food and to have as many different types of disposable clothes and cosmetics as the system can produce The idea is that because the rich can consume conspicuously so may we allGovernments want their cake and eat it because the system depends on democratic mandates from huge accumulations of atomised individuals with little time for analysis with confused values and under a very clear pressure to consume This is just an observation not a value judgement It may be that we as the 'rats of the universe' just have to accept that the vast majority of us can live uite happily accumulating things in a dung heap whose smell we can mask with appropriate technologies Perhaps instead of the cant if we just accepted this we might relax a little and work to ameliorate our decline consciously and with determination Environmentalists of any intelligence are not progressives They know that the reversion to clean water and land and indeed to sustainability in general reuires either that we pauperise ourselves for the sake of the world the dour Left or that we pauperise the world for the sake of ourselves the ruthless Right What has emerged instead is a fraudulent middle ground in which environmentalist exhortation and the need to consume are suared through policy 'bodges' The aim is apparently to have everyone moderate their behaviour but only as much as will not disturb political euilibrium Perhaps we just need to feel good about the fact that we do