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FREE PDF Þ BOOK Fidel Castro Biografia a duas vozes ✓ [PDF] ✐ Fidel Castro Biografia a duas vozes Author Fidel Castro – Based on over 100 hours of interviews with Fidel Castro conducted over three years Fidel Castro My Life is as close to a memoir as we will ever get from the Cuban leader O speaks with raw frankness about the events of his extraordinary life and the legacy he hopes to leave behin This is an autobiography of Fidel Castro In this book he talks about his life and how he became the leader of Cuba I used this book as research for my school project It had pretty usefull info

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Castro My Life is as close to a memoir as we will ever get from the Cuban Fidel Castro Epubleader Here Castr I read this book at the reuest of a friend who thought it might be good for a me since in his opinion my perspective was too pro US Whatever but I thought it might be interesting Whatever one thinks about Castro he certainly was present for some interesting things in history And I knew very little about Cuban history so what the heyIn several ways the book is really fascinating I do have a bit sympathy for Castro having read this It seems that for all his wrong ideas he probably was trying to do what he thought was best for Cuba Anyway the bookFirst of all it's long and reads like a long book The bulk of the book is just the transcript of a several day long interview between Ramonet and Castro At several points in the book they pat themselves on the back for having the stamina to keep going and I felt like they should be also patting me on the back for the same reason I can understand why some people were so eager to leave Cuba it was probably to avoid having to listen to Castro drone on about stuffBut seriously there were some riveting parts For example the description of the Cuban missile crisis Castro it turns out was very much in disagreement with Kruschev about how to handle that Who knew Also it was really cool to hear about the defense of the bay of pigs invasion from the Cuban perspective And the whole episode of Jimmy Carter's visit was fascinating Between these interesting parts though there is a ton of Castro showing off how much detail he holds in his head about sugar production how many doctors they educate and a gazillion other minutiae that are uite boring to readThe most valuable thing I took away from this book is a deeper understanding of what's wrong with Castro and his perspective My image of him before was as a self indulgent radical oppressive dictator Now I view him as a self indulgent semi radical oppressive dictator who was misguidedly trying to do the right thing for his peoplePerhaps the crux of his misguided view of the US was revealed when he described Kennedy's creation of the Peace Corps He called this an anti revolutionary group designed to gain sympathy for the US amongst people of the third world I was in the Peace Corps Nobody myself included was motivated at all by their feelings about communist revolution pro or con Castro's otherwise impressive mind seems to live within some constrains where everything is either for or against the movement

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Fidel Castro Biografia a duas vozesBased on over hours of interviews with Biografia a PDFEPUB #234 Fidel Castro conducted over three years Fidel I have the utmost respect for Fidel His memory is fantastic and the way he describes various battles and the strategies the 26th of July utilized in the revolution His memories of Che and Fidel's discussion of ethics both in war and in peace are exemplary This book was completed in 2005 and many things have changed since then but the interviews can stand alone at any age