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CHARACTERS ã The Nanny Trap Û ❮PDF / Epub❯ ✅ The Nanny Trap ❤ Author Cat Schield – In her Billionaires and Babies novel Cat Schield tells the story of a surrogate mother turned nanny turnedstand in wife Billionaire Blake Ford has one summer to get what he wants He trusted country b In her BillTs He trusted country bred beauty Bella McAndrews as his surrogate Now she's agreed to be his infant son's temporary nanny It is only a matter of time before he convinces her to capitulate to his tru. This was a decent book No doormats or asshole heroes here thank you very much Just a somewhat naive and maternal woman from the midwest who has felt trapped by her family and the siblings she practically raised so much so that she's sworn off being a mother But she did become a surrogate for Blake and Victoria and was very confused and heartbroken when it comes time to give up the boy So she's a bit further disconcerted when Blake the dad shows up and asks her to be his nanny for the summer Blake is a good guy and dedicated to family if not a teensy bit chauvinistic at times There were several things that didn't always make sense For starters I couldn't understand why Blake went to Bella in the first place He claimed to be angry with her for walking out on his son and not keeping in contact with him even though she had no claim to himI can't see why he'd consider that abandonmentand he does Given that why did he want her to be the nanny Then he starts telling himself she'd be the perfect mother and talking like he was going to marry her or something Yet he knows very well she doesn't want to have kids so how does that make her a perfect mother I would think it would make her a mother likely to abandon her children Then there's the whole money grubber thing she supposedly did the surrogacy thing so she could help her family but Blake doesn't know that He thinks she's after money and its confirmed when she asks for her nanny salary in advance This she wants to help her sister but really she wants it so she can give her sister money now and still have enough to go on her winter vacation Not a noble cause There was also a bit of a creep factor going on view spoiler Turns out that Bella isn't just the surrogate but is the son's biological mother Vicky the ex wife actually payed for artificial insemination So all this time Bella's kind of lusting after Blake while he's married to Vicky and Bella's carrying hers and Blake's baby Little weird hide spoiler

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E desire becoming his wife  Blake believes his son deserves a mother's love And Blake is determined to win this woman's love for himself toountil a deep secret emerges turning every truth upside dow. great readWonderful story it was a great easy read full of everything that makes a great book Blake needs a mother for his son and who better than the woman who gave birth to him even though she left after she promised she would be part of their lives All secrets are exposed and Blake realizes that Bella's actions were triggered by his ex wives deception and after everything they still get their HEA


The Nanny TrapIn her Billionaires and Babies novel Cat Schield tells the story of a The Nanny PDFEPUB or surrogate mother turned nanny turnedstand in wife Billionaire Blake Ford has one summer to get what he wan. Actually 15 star maxI hate when the OW plays a role in bringing MCs together no matter how unintentional it may beI also hate plot holes Hero’s half sister tells him at the end of chapter 11 heroine told her she loves him and this was his reaction “Blake shifted his attention back to Jeanne “What else did she say”“That she loves you”“Damn” He hadn’t expected her to feel that way about him It was a precious burden he would carry the rest of his life” Yet at chapter 12 his ex wife comes over and tells him heroine was in love with him from the beginning and he suddenly hears it for the first time and goes like damn I wish I knew she loved me does she still feel the same way I’d totally have declared ILY if I knew Me like WTF 🤷🏽‍♀️ “The news that Bella had once been in love with him dominated his attention Blake heard Vicky continuing the conversation but her words were indistinct Was that the way Bella still felt And he’d just let her go Would she ever forgive him” The news that Bella had once been in love with him Was that the way Bella still felt You’re kidding me right You had conversations with her AFTER Jeanne his half sister told you she loved you and you in no uncertain terms spelled it out for her that fidelity thankfulness and gratefulness and respect are the ONLY thing you’re willing and able to give her“And he’d just let her go” Yeah buddy you let her go KNOWING she’s in love with you and you called it a “PRECIOUS BURDEN” and you wanted her to marry you without anything in return from you You let her go because you DIDN’T love her and couldn’t offer her that and you were confident in your beliefs that she WILL return and agree to your MOC because she would want to stay with her son at any cost And you welcomed that and that’s exactly what she did she settledSo why is he suddenly so shocked and surprised to hear heroine loved him Does he have selective amnesiaHer bff was of the gold digging bovine category and absolutely peer pressured heroine into deciding that MOC without love is better because as BFF puts it hero is smoking hot with endless money The fact he doesn’t love heroine is just some minor detailsI want to click one star Oh hey I actually did In my defence if this was a safe book I’d have clicked 2 but the whole premise is iffy with heroine being the surrogate meaning hero was still married before after and during their first bonding during pregnancy and during separation Hero didn’t cheat on his ex but they were still married with no thought of divorce in near horizon