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The Curl Up Dye review â E-book, or Kindle E-pub ´ ❴PDF / Epub❵ ☉ The Curl Up Dye Author Sharon Sala – A brand new Southern women's fiction from New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Sharon Sala who has 15 million books soldWally Lamb meets Steel Magnolias in this story oHile added weight crept on When a new guy arrives in town LilyAnn embarks on a uest to remake herself from start to finish only to discover that love was always just right next doo. Rating 35I received a free ecopy of this book from the publisher SOURCEBOOKS Casablanca via Netgalley in exchange for an honest reviewMinor spoilersLilyAnn Bronte hasn't cared much for her appearance after her partner Randy Joe died in the military several years ago Since then she hasn't really cared how other people see her and had put on weight But her neighbour Mike Dalton has always been ready for her whenever she decided she would date again and always considered her beautiful no matter what When LilyAnn gets attention from a new man in town it jumpstarts her decision to make an effort with her appearance again However misunderstandings are pretty much tearing them apart while the citizens in their small town of Blessings Georgia are all pushing them together I reuested this book for a previous challenge but never got around to it until now It wasn't fantastic but it kept me entertained It was a story of unreuited love or what started out to be This was a bit of a slow burn since it took so long for LilyAnn to realize Mike was in love with her at all This obviously would've made the book slow if not for some bouts of action put in by the author to add some excitement and obstacles I did enjoy these little pieces of action but some of the obstacles were uite predictable in how they would come to be and how they would turn out I really enjoyed the small town atmosphere where everyone knows everyone I think it made for a good setting for a romance since everything seemed sweet and peaceful to an extent of course There isn't too much to say about the book since it was a simple romance a bit predictable but still enjoyable It had a happily ever after which was a relief LilyAnn had some snark to her and she was an amusing lovable and strong characterOverall this was a good romance novel but it didn't stand out too much to me which is why I didn't rate it higher It's a bit slow has bits of action in the plot a happy ending and strong characters I especially liked the atmosphere of the town she lived in and the dynamic of their friendship I would recommend this to you if you're looking for a sweet romance as long as you don't mind unreuited love romances Unfortunately this isn't available on Netgalley any

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LyAnn Bronte the Peachy Keen ueen which in Blessings Georgia was The Curl Epubthe epitome of success After losing her fiance in the war in Ira her zest for life went into decline w. Mike has been in love with his next door neighbor and best friend Lilyanne since10th grade but she has never shown any interest in him Mike hopes things will change and now it's time to have himself stand out or move on without her Lilyanne lost her fiancé 11 years ago and hasn't moved on yet Lately she realizes she is stuck and is ready to take back control of her life After Mike is in a terrible accident does she finally pay attention to the man she has known her whole life I have read a few of Sala's books and thought they were cute reads but this one I couldn't really get into the town or the characters that filled up the pages One of the issues I had was I thought there were two many characters to keep up with While reading I just couldn't keep up remembering who they actually were and why they were in the story Mike and Lilyanne's story was the main story but this story also had side stories on top of everyone having an opinion and say in their non relationship This story wasn't cute light or funny it was just a story I get wanting to have some suspense and drama in a book but with TJs character I think he was over written There was a enough drama in the whole book but adding his crazy ways just became a little bit of overkill for me There was no romance Mike doesn't confess his love in fact after he's hurt these two hardly interact with one another I guess for a romance book I wanted wooing and Sparks between the main characters This book just wasn't the book I thought it would be

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The Curl Up DyeA brand new Southern women's fiction from New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Sharon Sala who has million books soldWally Lamb meets Steel Magnolias in this story of Li. This ended better than it started I almost gave up as Lily was actually a little annoying but about the half way point or so things started to pick up and it ended enjoyably