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read A Storm of Swords doc ✓ Paperback ´ johnscyclingdiary ´ ❰Reading❯ ➺ A Storm of Swords Author George R.R. Martin – The Seven Kingdoms are divided by revolt and blood feud In the northern wastes a horde of hungry savage people steeped in the dark magicDom of the North where Robb Stark wears his new forged crown And Robb’s defences are ranged against the South the land of the cunning and cruel Lannisters who have his younger siste There is no way I would ever not love any of A Song of Ice and Fire 's book Once I got obsessed with the first book and love the characters with all my heart it will goes the same for all its successor But I have to admit that Part 1 of A Storm of Swords is a bit of slow paced even for a High Fantasy There are a lot of unnecessary chapters in which the POV dragged in pointless story line and encounter all these bunch of insignificant characters Apart from that this book is fantastic those characters we love are going through great development and growth in their lives and the possibilities of twist and turn of this series drive me crazy I hope the second part will be fast paced and I expect it will be blood curling

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Rs in their powerThroughout Westeros the war for the Iron Throne rages fiercely than ever but if the Wall is breached no king will live to claim itAlternate cover for ISBN 97800064799 “Why would the stars want to look down on such as me?” A Storm of Swords is definitely a lot slower than it's predecessors In this book there's a sense everything is just on the verge of falling apart like everyone is moving into position and soon there will be utter chaos So I enjoyed the scheming the political machinations the set ups and the lore that we get throughout this book but I also found parts of it uite slow My favourite part of this book was definitely the backstory and history we get about the characters and the world A lot if about Rhaegar Aerys and Roberts Rebellion I always find worldbuilding and history really interesting and engaging in fantasies so these bits really drew me in While I did know a bit of it from the TV show getting was nice And I really like how much George RR Martin has actually thought out this world and the histories and backstories of the characters He reveals just enough to transform our perceptions of them without defining them like Jaime for example and I think that's fun I also noticed George RR Martins writing a lot in this It was a little poetic than the past two books which I appreciated My least favourite bit is how much TRAVELLING there is Arya and Jaime's chapters are pretty much just them walking around and it was definitely boring I think there was too many POVs in this with not enough for each of them to do because although we hear from each character a few times most of them don't actually have much to do My favourite to least favourite POVs are as followsCatelynDaenerysSansaTyrionBranJonJaime except that ONE BATH CHAPTER WHICH DESERVES EVERYTHINGDavosSamwell “The world grows a little darker every day” Yes unpopular opinion but I love Catelyn's chapters I feel her pain And I think the entire Stark camp is the one that has the most happening Also I know whats about to happen and I want to appreciate them while I can Daenerys is one of my least favourite characters another unpopular opinion but I liked her scenes in this book especially in arth Truly epic and iconic Also I liked the reflection on RhaegarAerys and the Targaryens reign in Westeros Sansa is MY GIRL and I like all the Kings Landing politics Same reason I liked Tyrion's chapters I like Bran I like Jojen and Meera Their travel chapters were just interesting to me than the others and also Bran had Summer with him and I'm just a sucker for those good boy wolves “I'm not a lady Arya wanted to tell her I'm a wolf” Anyway Game of Thrones is like a friendly warm fantasy world to return to Which I know sounds weird since it's brutal but since I know the characters and the world and the majority of the story from the show it's such an easy and fun thing to return to and experience in a new way ANYWAYS I'm not sure when I'll get to A Storm of Swords part II I'll be slowly making my way through this series since I want to catch up and be ready for the new release when it's hopefully actually coming

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A Storm of SwordsThe Seven Kingdoms are divided by revolt and blood feud In the northern wastes a horde of hungry savage people steeped in the dark magic of the wilderness is poised to invade the King Better than the last book not as good as the first Altogether an interesting story but the pace of the series is very slow and if GRRM mentions one bannersigil I'm gonna lose it