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Soul of Fire The Portals #2Ten hours That's when the truce she arranged between our world and the elves' realm ends and the invasion starts While supernatural creatures work to defend humanity Jan and of Fire The PDFEPUB #182 the kelpie Martin have to find the preter ueen and use her to force the portal. Review courtesy of Dark Faerie Talesuick Dirty Two humans and a kelpie are in a race against time to prevent preternaturals think really angry elves from showing up in our world to wreak havoc Add to that the fact that the preternatural ueen – who fled her world and is potentially the only being who can stop the influx of preters – really doesn’t want to leave and things could get bad very uickly The clock is tickingOpening Sentence In the middle of the chaos the constant hum of conversation the noise of chairs and feet Jan could hear the clockThe ReviewLaura Anne Gilman has created a world full of fantastic creatures many of which I had never heard of before That being said while I did enjoy the story I spent a portion of the book feeling confused and I was unsatisfied by the endingAt the end of Heart of Briar the preter short for preternatural consort tells Jan she has 10 weeks 10 days and 10 hours before the preters will begin using portals to enter our world changing life as humans know it forever By the time Soul of Fire starts the deadline is just days away A team of supernaturals along with Jan and a few select humans have been working round the clock to try and figure out how the preters have been opening portals They’re also desperately trying to locate the preter ueen who has escaped to our world She is the only one who could potentially close the portals and convince the preters to stop their invasion of our world The team is having no luck on either front and time is running shortJan is feeling out of place on The Farm the headuarters of this team She’s not considered strong enough to go out in the field to look for the ueen and she doesn’t have the tech expertise to really help with figuring out the portals She can physically feel the clock ticking down to the deadline and her frustration is mounting She enlists the help of Martin the kelpie who went with her to the preter realm in book 1 to rescue her boyfriend Tyler Together they set out to find the ueenI have not read the first book and I think that fact hindered me when it came to this book There are so many different kinds of creatures in this book; I’m not sure if they were described in detail in book 1 but very little description is given here so I had a hard time picturing what different creatures looked like especially those with which I wasn’t familiar A notable exception to this is Gillman’s descriptin of gnomes These are most definitely not the Travelocity gnomes you see on TV commercials These gnomes can change their size and the picture I would get in my head as Jan talked about the gnomes’ limbs elongating and changing was enough to completely freak me out Very well doneThe only other instance where not reading book 1 really hindered me had to do with the character of Tyler Jan’s boyfriend from the first book We’re told that he had been kidnapped and taken to the preter realm after connecting with a preter on an internet hook up site This fact did not endear Tyler to me so when Jan would act as if she wanted to still be his girlfriend I had a really hard time understanding why she would overlook what caused him to be kidnapped in the first place I want to go back and read the first book so I can see if my opinion of him changes at allMy favorite character by far as Martin He seemed to be the most lifelike to me of any of the characters and I really wish we had seen of him While I liked Jan I never really connected to her which is necessary for me personally in order to really enjoy a bookThe story is told from multiple points of view although mostly from Jan’s While I thought the first third of the book moved a little slow the pace eventually picked up and I often had a hard time putting it down My only other complaint would be that the ending left me unsatisfied This being only a two book series I would have liked a little closure with certain characters and their fates and it really threw me off when I didn’t get that That being said I’m definitely going to be checking out book 1 and will be reading of Laura Anne Gilman in the futureNotable Scene“You okay” AJ askedHer mouth twitched in a grin even as she picked up the toast and bit into it She was living in a farmhouse in western Connecticut surrounded by supernatural creatures out of a fairy tale while her boyfriend was being deprogrammed and the rest of them tried to find a way to stave off an invasion from anotherworld Universe Reality An invasion of bloody minded elves according to her friend Glory who – when Jan had finally admitted what was going on and asked for help – had taken the news with terrifying aplomb“Oh good” Glory had said her voice scratchy over transatlantic phone lines “Because when you disappeared for a week without a word I thought you might’ve had a nervous breakdown or something Elves are much better”FTC Advisory Harleuin Luna provided me with a copy of Soul of Fire No goody bags sponsorships “material connections” or bribes were exchanged for my review

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Save the world early and often Three Fire The PDF #180 months ago Jan learned that elves were real our world wasn't safe and it was up to her to save her boyfriend and the world from being englamoured into slavery Now Soul of PDF or Jan has a new deadline ten weeks ten days and. Soul of Fire by Laura Anne Gilman is just as good if not better than Heart of Briar I think you’d be able to enjoy Soul of Fire without reading Heart of Briar but I would highly suggest reading both since it will make it that much enjoyable There are moments in SoF that might be a tad confusing and throw you off for a few and that would be a shame because this is a book to be devoured as uickly as you canJan and her supernatural friends managed to save her lover Tyler from the elves and set up a truce at the end of Heart of Briar but that isn’t where Jan’s involvement ends The elves will be back in 10 weeks 10 days and 10 hours She has agreed to help with finding out how the elves are controlling the portals and coming to their world taking humans whenever they wanted If she can’t then there will be a big battle that they must win or be enslaved and brainwashed by the elves Tyler was held only for a short time and he is just a shell of the man he used to be That will not be the future for all mankind if Jan and her friends can only find a way to stop the elves and their ueen And if you thought there was nothing new Laura Anne Gilman could possibly throw into the mix you’d be wrong Soul of Fire is full of suspense and puzzles to be solved Who will survive Who will win Will the world be saved Tick Tock Tick Tock time is running out and the danger is closing in Will Jan find the answers before the elves come to destroy her and all her new friends Read the book to find out I highly recommend this to all my friends who read fantasy

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FREE DOWNLOAD Å Soul of Fire The Portals #2 × ❰Reading❯ ➶ Soul of Fire The Portals #2 Author Laura Anne Gilman – save the world early and often Three months ago Jan learned that elves were real our world wasn't safe and it was up to her to save her boyfriend and the world from being eS closed But when magic mixes with technology shutting it down isn't as simple as closing a door or pulling a plug Jan's geek girl know how might have gotten her this far but they're going to need technical skills and magic to shut the portals for good And their time's nearly. Heart of Briar wasn't my favorite Laura Anne Gilman novel but despite that I sueed and reuested Soul of Fire when it appeared on NetGalley And after reading it I am glad I reuested it It is was intresting read about Jan's and her friends search for the ueen How they followed every lead and got and desperate But it was also intresting to see how that forced them to think out side the box to disobey But I liked the fact that I could sense a friendship between them even if it in some cases wouldn't last for much longer than it took to find the ueenI appreciated to get a glimpse of how life was at the ueen's nascent court and how her allies slyly manipulated her to their own gain Those glimpse gave tantialising insight into how their species thought and their opinion about humans Nalith the ueen were creepy but then all Preters gives me the creeps I am fervently glad that Preters doesn't exist The book also revealed exactly how far the Preter Court were prepared to get Nalith back The setting shifted between the Farm the ueen's court and the Preter Court I really appreciated all the detail and careful work Ms Gilman has put into creating the settings All of the showed how uniue and different the factions were All of them their motivations felt believable The biggest problem I had with this book was that I didn't feel an sense of urgency as they raced against time to stop the Preter Court But despite the lack of urgency I closed the book with a craving for stories set in this world which is a sign of Ms Gilman's greatness I have spent some time thinking about the issues I had with this duology and the conclusion I have come to is that is a duology that you should read back to back really appreciate it