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What a Gentleman Desires characters ´ 9 Å [Reading] ➶ What a Gentleman Desires ➬ Kasey Michaels – Johns-cycling-diary.co.uk Wicked intrigue unfolds in USA TODAY bestselling author Kasey Michaels's series about the Redgraves—four siblings celebrated for their legacy of scandal and seduction Plagued by the scandal that oWeaknessand desire Valentine's hunt for revenge is Daisy's key to finding her sister who may be lost in the clutches of a deadly Society But his seductive charm unlocks passion that can undo them both Now the only way to escape death and rescue their families is to trust each other in love and loyaltyeven as they tread deeper into danger. Valentine Redgravewas waiting for his turn with optimism and such a disappointment after the first two in the seriesthe plot skimmed the surface like a flat rock that took only two skipsreminded me of the perils of pauline esp with saving the sisterwas disconnected esp in the seduction and bedroom the attraction from the beginning was definitely not made like a plant that needed wateringsad

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Wicked intrigue unfolds in USA TODAY bestselling author Kasey Michaels's series about the Redgraves four siblings celebrated for their legacy of scandal and seduction Plagued by the scandal that once destroyed his father and now threatens his family Valentine Redgrave dreams of dark justice Brother to the Earl of Saltwood with secret ties. In previous installments of this series we learn that the last two Earls of Saltwood having peculiar appetites in the bedroom and peculiar delusions in politics founded as in the 16th Earl and proliferated as in the 17th a Hellfire club known as the Society Hellfire clubs are groups of gentlemen and ladies who get together every full moon to go through the motions that nobody takes seriously of a Satanist ritual—at a certain point they get naked except their masks and then it's all about the orgy Or at least it was for most of the members For the Earls of Saltwood it was also about getting dirt on the other members so as to gain their cooperation in treason Cuz they figure if they sell out England to the Frenchies the Frenchies will be all grateful and give them the crown Part of the creepiness of this Society as it was called was that the gents liked to pass their wives around like a social disease—or along with as the case may be Not coincidentally the last two Earls of Saltwood ended up dead at the hands of their fed up wivesThe current earl and his siblings were raised by their grandma Trixie who revels in scandal but even she has limits So when they learn that the Society complete with orgies blackmail and treason has been revived they worry that the sordid and treasonous family history will be exposed It seems important to shut the thing down uietlyIn this installment Valentine Redgrave has befriended Lord Charles Mailer who uses the surname Post as in dumb as a in the Society Seeing Val as a possible recruit Mailer has invited him to one of his monthly “house parties” Val reckons he's on the way to infiltrating the Society But when he gets to the house he instantly sees that the family’s mousy governess is not what she pretends to be Daisy Marchant is not the government spy Val believes her to be She’s there looking for her sister Rose who was courted by a gentleman she called Chas in her letters Rose last wrote that Chas had invited her to his family's estate—and thenVanished Unfortunately other members of the Society are not uite as dumb as Post and they have plans for both Daisy and Val—not to mention Trixie I’m loving this series Perfect blend of adventure danger and romance and while the historical details are scant hence a5 star ding the author does draw the entire premise from history There actually were Hellfire clubs once upon a time populated by lords politicians and at least one serial killer I wouldn't be surprised if there wasn't a bit of blackmail and treachery in the mix back then as well45 stars

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What a Gentleman DesiresTo the Crown he won't rest until he infiltrates and annihilates England's most notorious hellfire club To cross its elite members is to court destruction yet he's never craved a challenge Until he encounters enigmatic governess Daisy Marchant who behind What a PDFEPUB or a plain Jane guise harbors a private agenda and appeals to his every. A Could Have BeenAfter the last book from Kasey Michaels about the Redgrave family I had high hopes for How to What a Gentleman Desires Sorry to say this story didn't work for me And I do mean sorry for if ever there was a couple that screamed good book it was Valentine and DaisyValentine and Daisy were a delightful couple they were full of humorous uips and witty dialogue Valentine was an adorable charmer and Daisy was a smart and spunky heroine Even when Daisy traveled into TSTL territory it was tempered with her acknowledging that she knew she was heading into that territory and I had a few chuckles enjoying how the wheels in her brain turnedThe problem for me was that no matter how funny adorable and likeable I found this couple to be they just didn't connect with one another This is hard to explain While there was a chemistry in the words between them there wasn't a romantic chemistry between them Their romance just didn't work It happened way too fast and there were no sparks Too much time was spent developing the back story of the secret society for those of you who can't keep track of all the series out there and you know who you are this is the one with the rose pins worn on the lapels Anyway too much time was spent further developing the secret Satan spy overthrow the government sacrificing young women and having silly code names society Actually that part of the book was sort of interesting but like the romance not fully developed The secondary character of Piffkin the valet was also entertaining His relationship with both Valentine and Daisy was full of clever lines and amusing dialogue I just wish the very talented Ms Michaels had explored all the characters fullySo what we have here is a romance that doesn't work as a romance and a thriller that doesn't work as a thriller This book had the feel of a story that was put together as an intro for the next in the seriesBottom line if you are reading the Redgrave series you will need to pick this one up somewhere so you can follow along For me it was disappointing that a wonderfully fun couple didn't have a better love storyKaysBlog