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Riding On Air Read Æ 4 ó [PDF / Epub] ☉ Riding On Air By Maggie Gilbert – Johns-cycling-diary.co.uk For readers of Jenny Downham John Greene and Maureen McCarthy a poignant young adult romance about following your dreams and realising what really mattersWhat can you do when your own hands are the en For readers of Jenny Downham John Greene and MNd Jinx is shortlisted for selection in an elite training program it seems Melissa’s dreams have come true But when her secrets are exposed all those dreams come crashing down around her Can William ever forgive her And can she learn about letting go in time to truly ride on air when it matters mo. This story fell way short for me I have to say it was okay nothing special about it it was just a story Boring and drawn out This would have been a great idea for a short story but it was unevenly paced and just so downright simple No complexity The only things I really did enjoy were how factual it was about horses something I very much enjoy and the setting of being around horses I picked this up with the expectations of getting to live in the horse world and I got that but it fell so flat too flat for me to even say I liked it I can only describe it as ehhokayI guess I would not recommend it unless you were just dying to read it There is no complexity to the story Yes our main character Melissa has JRA which would be devastating for someone who just wanted to ride and couldn't hold the reigns I felt this book could have been promising I could have had interesting and compelling plot twists Instead it ended exactly the same boring way it started I was hoping this would be the kind of story that would have to it than meets the eye so if you do decide to read this don't make the same mistake I did She has JRA and she always will it isn't going to miraculously get better or find a way for her to be able to use her hands Another piece of the disappointment was the insta love uality So Melissa has been in love with William for forever She has admired her older brothers best friend from afar Now all of a sudden he is showing interest in her and telling her he has had feelings for her for forever even though bombshell looking babes throw themselves at him all the time Apparently he couldn't go after her till she was 16 because he would have looked like a perv to her brothers because he is 18 This part seemed ludicrous to me since they have always been two years apart but I don't want to nitpick One other thing I enjoyed was her step mother Jenny She was a nice and positive step mother something that isn't always portrayed as so Which was unexpected I just wish there could be of those unexpected characters twists Minus all the self consciousness and just grow a pair get out there and make shit happen Instead of all these random I am not good enough for him moments I want a story I read to be than that And I don't think that is unfair or unrealistic of me

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For readers of Jenny Downham John Greene and Maureen McCarthy a poignant young adult romance about following your dreams and realising what really mattersWhat can you do when your own hands are the enemy Hold on tight for as long as it takes Melissa has secrets Sure it’s pretty obvious she has Juv. See of my reviews at Me You and My ShelfWow this book was an amazing breath of fresh air for me So why did I only give it 355 stars Even though I enjoyed it a lot and it stands out well from the rest of the pack there was a lot that could've been done better Ok I love horses A lot Even than reading Yet last year I gave up on horse books Why Because 90% of horse books follow one of these stock plots Plot AGirl can't have a horseGirl finds abandonedwildtroubled horseGirl bonds with horseThey win a competitioneverything is perfect Plot BSpoilt rich brats ride horsesOMG TEEN DRAMARide horses for around 2 pagesMundane teen rich girl bitchy drama that makes me want to claw my eyes out Plot CHardworking girl has trouble with her horseShe becomes betterThey win a competition This is ridiculous Horse books have become so boring for me And besides that most horse books are middle grade I've only read one other young adult horse book and it was awful If you feel the same way about horse books Riding on Air is for you There's no mundane rich girl drama No tacky storylines No unrealistic storylines Just real girls working hard to make it in the horse world Our main character is Melissa and she has Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis Her arthritis is very bad and getting worse She starts to struggle with her horse She starts dating William her childhood friend Soon everything comes crashing down on her Our characters were good but most of them could have been better developed Melissa was interesting and I loved seeing her deal with her arthritis Will was okay I liked Tash and Eleni They had great personalities but they were developed enough The romance was alright It was a little bit boring Melissa was so insecure when the relationship first started that it drove me crazy Seriously a really hot guy asked you out Stop stressing I loved the horse riding aspect of the novel Some novels gloss over this but Riding on Air left out no detail We see Melissa struggle with collect and lateral work Unfortunately there is some dressage jargon used in this book so it may not be suitable for those who do not posess much knowledge on the subject One of the major themes in this book is Juvenille Rhuematoid Arthritis The author has obviously done a lot of research and this was a very nice element that you do not usually seein young adult The pacing is alright The start and parts of the middle dragged on The book picked up some pace during the middle and the end This really could have been better done and some of the mundane details could have been cut out to make a interesting read The ending was by far the best part of the book It was unexpected and I felt that Melissa grew a lot as a character at the end The end is very well executed Overall this is an entertaining realistic story about making it in the horse world I recommend it to anyone who likes horses355 stars An ARC was provided by the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review

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Riding On AirEnile Riding On PDFEPUBRheumatoid Arthritis but no one knows how bad it is or how many pills she takes for the pain She’s determined to make her horse Jinx into a champion and she dreams that her childhood friend William will one day see her rather than her condition So when William asks her out a. I can sympathize greatly with the main character I don't have arthritis in my hands but I've got really bad tendonitis from working with horses currently and it's starting to interfere with my riding so I can definitely relate Loved the simple writing and the character development