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Miles shows us God in the guise of a great literary character the hero of the Old Testament In a close careful and inspired reading of that testament book by book verse by verse God is seen from his first appearance as Creator to his last as Ancient of Days The God whom Miles reveals to us is a warrior whose greatest battle is with himself We see God torn by conflicting urges To his own sorrow he is by turns destructive and creative vain and modest subtle and naive ruthless and tender lawful and lawless powerful yet powerless omni This book is amazing It really opened my eyes It's written by a former Jesuit named Jack Miles Who is brilliant This was given to me by a friend late in high school while we were both struggling with our Catholic backgrounds It deals with God as a literary character and what his choices would mean if the Old Testament were analyzed simply from the perspective of literary criticism I think it's fascinating and erudite It is guaranteed to give you a few uestions about religion than you had before starting it Everything is seen in a different lightI would recommend having some basic religious education in the Judeo Christian form otherwise a lot of this is not going to make sense But I would absolutely and completely recommend this to both Christians and Jews alike or anyone who's had some measure of bible study To say it is worth the read is obviously underestimating it

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God A BiographyScient and blind As we watch him change amazingly we are drawn into the epic drama of his search for self knowledge the search that prompted him to create mankind as his mirror In that mirror he seeks to examine his own reflection but he also finds there a rival We then witness God's own perilous passage from power to wisdom For generations our culture's approach to the Bible has been a reverential act than a pursuit of knowledge about the Bible's protagonist; and so through the centuries the complexity of God's being and life has Brilliant piece of literary criticism friendly to the believer and the nonreligious alike

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DOC è READER God A Biography À [Read] ➯ God A Biography Author Jack Miles – Miles shows us God in the guise of a great literary character the hero of the Old Testament In a close careful and inspired reading of that testament book by book verse by verse God is seen from his f Miles shows us God in the guise of a Been diluted in our consciousness In this book we find in precisely chiseled relief the infinitely complex God who made infinitely complex man in his image Here we come closer to the essence of that literary masterpiece that has shaped our culture no less than our religious life In God A Biography Jack Miles addresses his great subject with imagination insight learning daring and dazzling originality giving us at the same time an illumination of the Old Testament as a work of consummate art and a journey to the secret heart of Go This is a book with which I thoroughly disagreed and thoroughly enjoyed On the one hand Miles is a vivid interpreter and helps you to really appreciate the Old Testament or Tanakh as he rather forcefully presents with his in my opinion forced narrative of an active beginning God and a closing God who loses interest as literature compelling and enthralling literature On the other hand he pushes his thesis narrative? of God in tension to the breaking point He finds the tension within Yahweh to be irreducible; he seems to have little favor for the idea that God is one presented in the book as the view of the Dtr For my part certainly there is a tension in the character of the OT God but it is not as irreducible as Miles says it is For example in the closing Miles blithely states that but it may also be taken as a statement about the initial untransparency of God to himself He wants an image because he needs an image 402 I found myself saying Really? The text just doesn't say thatTo sum up perhaps the major difference between myself and Miles is that I am a Christian interpreter The literary drama of the First Testament finds its climax in Jesus Christ not God losing interest Perhaps his biography is closer to the raw tragedy of a hopelessly deluded God but I am one who thinks that the Biblical story and indeed life itself goes Beyond Tragedy From a literary standpoint though tragedy is uite the cathartic experience