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READ & DOWNLOAD ✓ Kiss of Flame The Dragons Virgin Tribute #1 Û [Reading] ➽ Kiss of Flame The Dragons Virgin Tribute #1 ➳ Madelene Martin – The Kingdom is suffering burned and ravaged by a marauding dragon There's only one way to stop it Soon after her eighteenth birthdaT no longer forked She remembered the feeling of his tongue on her in her She wondered what it would feel like to have that giant cock inside it seemed unlikely it would even fit How much would it hurt She shivered feeling wicked and ashamed Holding her wrists easily in one hand he cupped one breast in the other His thumb caressed the nipple and it hardened under his touch His claw brushed her skin lightly not hurting but threatening Lily gasped her face pressed up against the stone She tried to struggle then weakly and hopelessly twisting in his grip It only spurred him on She heard him chuckle uietly and he let go of her wrists only to wrap his hand in her long hair He yanked her head back and she winced at the sharp pain in her scalp Nalranith pulled by the hair her away from the wall and dragged her a few steps There he pushed her down onto the ground so that she was on her hands and knees Still gripping her hair so tightly he caressed her round ass with his hand claws brushing her skin You don't want to make me angry He growle. Cute but a small epilogue would have made it better

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Flame The PDF #180 over her looking through strands of the dark hair that fell over his face There was a hunger in his eyes almost as though he did want to devour her Suddenly he lunged She suealed and tried to run but he caught her straight away grabbing her wrists and holding them tightly as he pushed her face first against the cavern wall Don't resist he murmured in her ear And I won't have to hurt you He made a low purring sound rubbing himself against her Lily shivered of Flame The Dragons Virgin PDFEPUBas she felt his body press hard against hers his huge hard phallus sliding against her ass She had never been this close to a man and she certainly hadn't imagined it being like this He smelled of smoke and earth and his skin was hot As he breathed heavily in her ear she felt the a shiver of arousal run through her body lighting a fire inside her It was like an awakening I can make it good for you The dragon rumbled as he bent to suck on the skin of her neck moistening it with his tongue His tongue was still long she thought bu. Ok to start I have to say when I got this freebie from I had no idea it was labeled as rough reluctant monster breeding erotica And my face is a little red now because on GR it is labeled as such with big old flashing letters at least they seem to be flashing at the moment It really seems like a shifter erotica he's not a monster if he kinda turns human rightAt any rate other than my embarrassment at the label I did like this story It was a little weird but hey I'm up for weird And not for nothing the weird was kinda hot


Kiss of Flame The Dragons Virgin Tribute #1The Kingdom is suffering burned and Flame The Kindle #208 ravaged by a marauding dragon There's only one way to stop it Soon after her eighteenth birthday virginal Princess Lily is offered as a tribute Tied to a stake in a burned village she is carried off by the magnificent beast But what she doesn't realize is the dragon doesn't want to make a meal of her he wants her as his mate The last of his kind Nalranith the dragon needs to breed of Flame The Dragons Virgin PDFEPUBIn both his dragon form and human Kiss of PDF or form he takes the unwilling girl and uses her body showing her unexpected ecstasy And Princess Lily finds destiny in an unlikely place This word erotic romance features Rough Reluctant Breeding with a dragon shifter An Excerpt From the Story Lily scrambled to her feet backing slowly away Nalranith continued to walk toward her moving casually Finally she backed into the wall Her eyes darted around nervously confirming that of course there was no escape She could see no exit aside from the cavern ceiling He loomed of. I actually thought this one could be just a touch dirty I know I know I knowHow can you say Dragon Erotica isn't 'dirty enough' Easy the sex was to tame The words weren't verbally dirty enough and the dragon went soft on her after the dub con scene I found myself adding to the scene as I was reading it Like I said in the other review the writing is a bit 'easy' As if she doesn't trust her readers enough to add in detail while still making a book dirty as all get out I mean the idea is a great concept Maybe it was the lead female in this one She was just kinda dump and silly if I am being honest The other chick was a thief and kind of tough This was a Oh no mister hunky dragon don't hump me real hard You get what I'm saying I'm hoping the next one will kick up the awesome girl character This one was sort of boring for me to be honest However I still think dragon erotica is hot