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Free Shorter Prose Ponzil the Pistolero and His Comedy of Combustion A Different World from Olive Listed’s Max Lane kindle è eBook 9780977037773 ✓ M. Sarki Ï [EPUB] ✻ Shorter Prose Ponzil the PistolerII A Different World from Olive Listed’s III Max Lane The book is a pocket size 5 x 8 inches and is available in both hardcover and softcover versions as well as Kindle Sarki’s poetry which is all I’ve read by him up until now looks sparse on the pageBut it’s denseI might liken the poetry to a field where Sarki has spread a thick layer of manureand then just walked awayI’m left to plow through the manure and rescue the few words that haven’t been smotheredThe few words that have taken root and survivedThey almost seem mutant these few words that poke up out of the shitGrinning their shit eating grinThere’s not an obvious reason why any of these words should find themselves together herein Sarki’s poemsI have come across themand re collected themThat is allSarki’s prose is differentWith the prose it feels to me like Sarki is plowing the field himselfHe comes in the nightand he spreads the manureand now in the morning he calls me upsays come overI want to show you somethingand he plows on ahead of meat an alarming ratewith no pattern at all to the manner in which he tackles the fieldleaving me to zigzag along in the grooves behind himAnd in spite of how dense the prose appears on the pagewith Sarki ahead of me on this projectit feels less like plowing through something thickand like skirting across the surface of somethinglike water skiing on a lake with sea monsters in itOr like being pulled along in a rickshawby a mad driverwho is looking for an address that he can’t really rememberbut damned if he is going to stop and ask for directionsbecause he’s tried that beforeand these dimwads who surround himand pretend to have clues as to his whereaboutshaven’t got the first notion of where it is that Sarki is travellingor where his is boundany than Sarki knows where he is boundAny than any of us knows where we are bound

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From the introduction M Sarki the poet has expanded to prose and produced Shorter Prose a collection of three stories short shorter and very short but being the work of a In Shorter Prose poet M Sarki yeah that one; many of you know him draws on small town life in Tawas City and East Tawas Michigan and memories of mid twentieth century small town life amid characters who seem to know everyone in the sense that ‘everyone’ means ‘each other’ Having myself grown up in a village near a small town where we were all bussed off to school the stories provoke a similar lovehate nostalgia for that simpler life and that simpler period That is not to say that the stories in Shorter Prose are historical fiction—they’re not—it is to say that memories reside with us no matter how we might try to shake them or how far from our origins we might travelIn Ponzil the Pistolero and His Comedy of Combustion Ponzil the narrator euates being ‘stupid’ which he hears he is from townspeople and his father with being ‘thin skinned’ which was presumably avowed by the doctor who delivered him Told at what feels a breakneck pace Ponzil confuses facts from his past cites important philosophers and following an incident in a bar reference to two notorious murderers and the apposition in the title this reader began to suspect something sinister ominous—but I wouldn’t want to provide a spoiler and I definitely wouldn’t want to affirm the conseuentWith A Different World than Olive Listed a boy’s memories of being bullied and sense of isolation lead to other relationships as memorable and in Max Lane memories of a small town immigrant a memory not uncommon to those of us of a certain age and rural origin ignite our own memories of those odd characters from our youth—that old man and woman with their accents and still alien traits their otherworldliness their othernessEach of these pieces I hesitate using ‘stories’ deal with memories the ways memories endure I’m reluctant to call them stories in that they seem than that—they are stories but they’re successful stories because of the Voice with which they’re told They work at the level of narration It’s exactly that Voice which prevents they’re being told another way In the best writing Milton’s right words in the right order are part and parcel of that sense of voice we readers expectthat sense of right words in the right order often best accomplished by a poet 45 stars rounded up not only for the writing but in anticipation of the 5 I’ll be able to give to More Shorter Prose when it appears

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Shorter Prose Ponzil the Pistolero and His Comedy of Combustion A Different World from Olive Listed’s Max LanePoet each story continues to expandShorter Prose is classified under fiction memoir and includes three short stories I Ponzil the Pistolero and his Comedy of Combustion M Sarki’s short book Shorter Prose describes itself as “Fiction Memoir” which is a fine non oxymoron A memoir sensu stricto is something written by or on behalf of someone who has accomplished something other than writing But Sarki aside from reading and reviewing on goodreads writing the occasional book of poetry is not the world historical type figure who might earn a memoir Good But instead he writes; fiction “Fiction Memoir” is no new genre if we might recollect that all writing is autobiographical in a boring sense and that all memoirs even memoirs of those world historical figures who have earned them are already fictive in the interesting narrative sense But the confessedly fictive memoir erases the relevance of any claim to the ‘how things really were’ suggested by “memoir” Hawkes’s Adventures in the Alaskan Skin Trade Barth’s Once Upon a Time Eggar’s Heartbreaking Work Etc and now Shorter Prose They earn their status not as memoir but as fiction Sorry but who cares to read your life if you’ve not written your life well? And Sarki has written his life well This is how well I would like him to write my memoir my memories my recollected experiences I’d sooner forget but can’t Reading the first piece the longest piece the most reflective piece “Ponzil the Pistolero and his Comedy of Combustion” left my mind wandering to my own unwritten memoir but it would not have been an AP or Kroger’s but a Piggley Wiggley in Americus Georgia where I cashed my Pig Check every week 25 per and then 40 per for doing the Lord’s work and so I could buy my groceries and the manager once cashed a check from my supportive parents because ‘It’s good to help out these folks who are doing the Lord’s work’ The final piece Max Lane left my mind wandering to my own unwritten memories of dirt farming grandparents and mourning that none in my family ever had talent enough with the pen as Sarki does to properly commemorate and memorialize that dusty twentieth century experience of working an unwelcoming and fallow land The second piece “A Different World from Olive Listed’s” I must confess I didn’t read because my mind wandered to my own playground and school and my own confrontation with a bully I was already guilty of having provoked about my own ineptness in dealing with strange kids my age whose lives I was too young to imagine myself into The deceptive simplicity of Sarki’s writing leading one to think “I could write like this I should write like this; I feel like were I to write a ‘Fiction Memoir’ it would sound like this because this is what my memory feels like” cannot be to underestimate the ease through which one falls through the words and the sentences into memory real and invented It is neither audacious nor stupid a big word and a small word to find a voice written upon a page which might well be one’s own if one had only found it first But Sarki did and I’ve no doubt that should he not be capable of writing a memoir on my behalf he has yet many such pieces remaining in the nib of his prose pen and whether he’s a poet or not is irrelevant since his prose is prose which one might only hope will find themselves following these three short memoir fragmentsplease consider necessary disclosures made; a pdf was provided me by its author with no string attached