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EBOOK Þ EPUB Chase the Storm ä 9781623804954 Ï ➜ [Epub] ❧ Chase the Storm By V.M. Waitt ➦ – Johns-cycling-diary.co.uk Up until he buys an old truck Elijah Morgan lives life according to his family’s plan never feeling like he belongs Desperate to find his own path he heads out on the open road onTakes a job with tough independent farmer Chase McKenzie Despite their age gap the attraction between Chase and Elijah soon becomes undeniable They give in to their desire but that night changes everything and threatens the secret Chase guards so carefully As 4 StarsI’m late to this party considering this is probably one of those staple MM romances that many lovers of the genre read years and years ago — but I’m here now and it is definitely a case of better late than never I was immediately drawn in by young Elijah’s sweet and hopeful personality and his wish to experience and be than his parents wantedexpected him to be He was an easily relatable and likeable character; one I began to admire as he grew into the man he was meant to become during his intense summer on Chase’s farmChase was a different kettle of fish He was one moody and reticent bastard at times and sure he had experienced great loss in his life and was dealing with that the only way he knew how but it was still hard to watch him constantly push Elijah away and generally just treat him like shit especially when it was clear that together they could be something wonderful I felt for Chase I did but I still couldn’t help but feel like his rejecting behaviour was too much at times Elijah and Chase’s relationship was one that was hard fought with lots of push and pull between the two mostly on Chase’s part but with a shared connection and attraction that was undeniable I definitely found their story deeply romantic at times even with the intensity and frustration experienced throughout but I guess that just made what they had between them all the profoundHowever I’ll admit I lost a lot of my adoration during the events of the final chapter view spoiler with the years Chase forced them to be separated for Elijah’s good apparently hide spoiler

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Up until he buys an old truck Elijah Morgan lives life according to his family’s plan never feeling like he belongs Desperate to find his own path he heads out on the open road only to end up stranded in Nebraska Not wanting to ask for his parents’ help he 4 starsReview completed June 2 2013Elijah Morgan comes from a rich and prestigious family His parents are all about being successful but Elijah never cared about pedigree and being number one He was a rather simple young man who loved to read a good book He enjoyed playing piano instead of traveling around the world or chatting with rich people He felt like an outsider in the world of the rich and beautiful Instead of studying music he was expected to attend an established and large college and graduate with a business degree After all his parents wanted him to follow in his father's footsteps as a vice president of a Fortune 500 company To top everything off Elijah was gay One day however Elijah saw an old Ford pickup truck with a For Sale sign He didn't think twice and bought the car Instead of going home for his summer break he took a trip to no man's land to find his own path in life Though when he arrived in Nebraska his car broke down At the garage he found an ad where Chase McKenzie was looking for a hard working and cheap farmhand Even though Elijah is absolutely clueless about farming he wants to give it a try because he is in dire need of some money That's how Elijah makes the acuaintance of Chase McKenzie Chase cultures wheat and hay but he also trains and sells horses Their first meeting is not very promising because Chase acts judgmental Ever work a farm kid he asked condescendinglyChewing on my lower lip I shook my head No sir but I learn uicklyHe snorted his gaze falling to my expensive watch and designer clothes I don't think so Wouldn't want you to break a nail Note to Chase Don't be an assNote to Elijah Show him what you've gotEven so Elijah insists to stay on the farm Elijah isn't afraid of Chase's condescending behavior and wants to show him that he can do the job His tongue ran greedily along the seam of my lips and I parted them unable to control the sounds I made when it entered my mouth and touched mine His wet warmth was incredible than I'd ever imagined Our tongues met retreated and met again as I willingly let him explore the recesses of my mouth and he coaxed me to do the same to his I wanted everything right then I wanted to feel him in me above me around me but his pace was languid unhurried in his experience Teeth tugged on lips lips sucked on tongues and nails burrowed into muscle Where are the rest of the animals I blurted trying to make conversation His brows met in confusion Like cows and pigsThis isn't a nursery rhyme farm and I'm not old McDonald He chuckledI mean I expected a farm to have other animals andstuffBending over I scrubbed the back of the saddle singing with the music I could hear from downstairs a song about saving a horse and riding a cowboyI know a cowboy I'd like to ride I snickered cleverly to myselfHungryI jumped upright almost falling over and spun around to find Chase in the doorway with Admiral's saddle draped over one arm and the bridle hanging on his shoulder Taking a chance I spoke up Can you teach me how to rideHe coughed uickly covering his mouth with the back of his hand before dragging it across Excuse me he chokedI want to learn how to rideRideYeah I nodded Something I've always wanted to learn since I was a kid but there aren't many horses in the cityHorsesright he murmured softlySo will you teach me Note to Chase Mind out of the gutter pleaseNote to Elijah Yeah Chase could teach you other stuff too for sure LossNebraskaChase the Storm is told in first person past tense from Elijah's POV There is a lot to love about this emotional story From the perfect title which provided so many good and thoughtful connotations to the plot and great and vivid writing the lovely setting and interesting characters and finally the love scenes It is very unfortunate though that the author took a serious turn into Sapsville for the final 15 % of the story There was just too much sap and waterworks for my taste That's the reason I had to deduct a half star As far as I can judge the author did a fine job at portraying the atmosphere of the horse barn; the horses and their grooming and feeding was beautifully written and I could almost smell the animals and the hay Again I love horses and Chase the Storm brought back so many good memories Further I think the wonderful and remote setting enhanced Chase's character in a major way That taciturn brooding and sexy as sin man really breathes and lives his land and his personality merged perfectly with the environment Plus he is a terrific horse whisperer Add in the fact that I really fell for the endless vastness of the land the loneliness and stillness and Baba was a goner Isn't it funny that we crave what we can't have Coming from a very small country with plenty of mountains I sometimes miss the vastness where I can lose myself and yet there are possibilities of retreat in many different places ie the most simple option being absorbed in a book What I especially adored was the intimacy of Chase and Elijah's erotic encounters It was than just sex and their hunger for each other was so intense and palpable And while there were plenty of lovesex scenes neither was it overladen nor did the sex overshadow the plot So those readers who love lots of steamy and well written sex will definitely get their money's worth What can I say Men lovin' is HOTMinor uibblesAside from the sappy ending I've had some minor issues with both of the main protagonists Chase acted for too long like an ass I understand that he view spoilerhurt terribly after losing his husband hide spoiler

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Chase the StormThe summer heats Chase the Kindle up so does their relationship When autumn arrives Elijah is due back at college and he’ll have to choose whether to continue his education and follow in his family’s footsteps or to stay in Nebraska with the man he love Still a gorgeous read Original Review April 2015 In spite of the reactions my friends here said they had to this book that it wrecked them in the best of ways that it really stayed with them etc Chase the Storm took me by surprise I cannot believe I have never run across this book on my own and I am very very happy my friend Eleftheria recommended it to me Once I started reading it I was hard pressed to stop until I hit the last page Indeed it consumed me and once I came to the end I wanted nothing than to start all over again Chase the Storm is told from Elijah's POV Elijah is nineteen and just finished his freshman year of college and he is miserable He comes from a wealthy family who have certain expectations that are just not a good fit with Elijah at all He doesn't care about the wealth his family has or the business degree he is supposed to be getting He has no desire to own the trendiest anything nor to follow in his father's footsteps He just feels trapped by everyone else's expectations On his last day of classes a 'for sale' sign on an old beat up pickup truck catches his eye and on that day Elijah buys himself a little piece of freedom That summer instead of going home to intern at his father's company Elijah takes another pathChase is a man in mourning Still grieving the loss of his husband Chase cannot imagine ever letting anyone else in He stays isolated and is doing his best to make a living on his farm Chase is in his early thirty's but he stopped living the day that Owen died Maybe it was fate that brought Elijah to his farm in search of a summer job Maybe it was just chance But there's no doubt that the day Elijah showed up is the day that Chase discovered that not all hope was lost Chase fights his attraction to Elijah with everything he has He feels all kinds of guilt over it feeling like he is betraying Owen but he cannot deny there is something there Their love story grabbed a hold of my heart and sueezed tight It was beautiful and heart breaking and I cried through the last two chapters and the epilogue I don't actually recall another book where I was moved so much that I cried through the happy ending There were so many feels they had no where else to go except to make me a weepy mess And I'd do it all again and very likely will soonI would definitely recommend this book to anyone that enjoys mm stories that really make you feel It is angsty but in the best of ways