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reader ✓ doc Denying Yourself Pisgah Mountain Wolves #1 ↠ 9781623805722 ✓ Silvia Violet ✓ [PDF / Epub] ☀ Denying Yourself Pisgah Mountain Wolves #1 Author Silvia Violet – Matt and Shane both have secrets Matt never believedEn Matt breaks down and kisses Shane the pent up passion proves too much for Shane’s self control and his wolf gets free Horrified Shane flees into deeper trouble Before they can hope to accept each other Shane and Matt must accept themselv Oh I LOVED this I have such a long TBR list and I am so pleased this made it to the top Hot sex scenes that actually meant something two characters if i had one thing I would say it was that i WISH we could have seen inside Matt as well I loved him but then I love the first person writing of Shane There is a story there is build up of relationship there is a just a really damn good story here I loved

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F fearing Matt’s reaction Suffocated by his uptight parents and conservative hometown Shane begs Matt to run away with himBut starting over doesn’t help Matt still denies his desires and Shane abuses alcohol to dampen his wolfish urges Wh 25 stars because I've read some pretty good 3 stars and I just feel the need to distinguish a little I liked the general premise although this made me realize why people complain so much about 1st person narrative I don't usually mind it but something about the telling of a story that's already happened to them just keeps me at a distance So unfortunately while I enjoyed the story itself I never really felt a connection with either of the MC's For that matter despite all the claims of everlasting love I never felt much of a connection between the characters either I almost feel like this would have been better if told from the time they met spanning their friendship then running away then the same emotional turmoil but condensed over a shorter time Because as it was they both just seemed miserable right off the bat and I felt like Shane was not only self destructive but they were both pretty destructive to each other which often happens in young relationships as I can personally attest and that's why you need to cut the cord So while I was happy with the reunion and HEA I kinda felt like they would have been just as well off to just go on with their lives separatelyThat was my general impression now for some of the things that I feel kept this from being a higher rating1 I'll admit I did cry once and that was part of what made me round up to 3 stars view spoilerwhen Shane is devastated after going to Asheville to see Matt again and is rejected after giving him a hope inspiring blow job and he's sobbing on Carl's shoulder Poor kid hide spoiler

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Denying Yourself Pisgah Mountain Wolves #1Matt and Shane both have secrets Matt never believed he was anything but straight yet he’s increasingly attracted to his best friend Shane is comfortable with being gay but when he discovers he’s part werewolf he hides that part of himsel The two biggest reasons I was excited to read this book? It was penned by Silvia Violet the goddess who gave us the marvelous Fitting In which made my fuck yeah 5stars shelf and the fucking awesome cover photo And it was a good book I enjoyed it But sadly it was no Fitting In There was so much angst and just plain misery than there was romance that it bordered on depressing BUT it did make the HEA payoff that much powerful so I'll give Ms Violet that We follow these two MCs from late high school to their late 20s so a lot happens in those years most of it pretty shittyIf you can put up with the misery and I did enough to give this 4 stars and like werewolves and friends to lovers I can certainly recommend this book to you For once a hot cover didn't let me down