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From New York Times bestselling author Catherine Ryan Hyde comes a story of two young sisters who embark on a journey across the American Southwest to uncover what it really means to be a familySince their mother’s sudden death sixteen year old Carly and her eleven year old sister Jen have been walking and hitchhiking across the Southw. 45 starsI loved this bookA real coming of age story with two very special sisters who warmed my heart It's extremely well written and handles difficult subject matter tactfullyCatherine Ryan Hyde will remain a favorite of mine Highly recommend this book

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Walk Me HomeEst trying to find Teddy the closest thing they have to a family Carly desperately hopes Teddy will take them in and save them from Walk Me MOBI #233 going into foster care and forgive them for the lies told by their motherBut when the starving girls get caught stealing food on a Native American reservation their journey gets put on hold. This moving story had me intrigued and asking uestions straight away; who are Carly and Jen why are they walking such a long way just the two of them so young What has happened Who is Teddy and why is Carly so determined that he is the one to help themSisters Carly 16 and Jen 12 have set off from New Mexico and are trying to get to Teddy in California They soon become hungry and tired and it becomes increasingly difficult for them to continue and to stay safe and not risk it being discovered that they are on the run alone together; the threat of being taken in by the authorities and potentially separated keeps them walking and reluctant to reveal the reality of their situation to anyone Then the novel takes a step back further in time a few months earlier and we meet Teddy their mother's ex boyfriend and we meet the girls' mother and their recent past slowly reveals itself The sisters have had a difficult unsettled childhood and experienced much disappointment; and now their world has been turned upside down They travel so many miles struggling along together desperate and starving at times and as I read I feared for them but I was also heartened by the kindnesses that they encountered from people too It is primarily Carly whose thoughts we follow and it's a very emotional as well as physical endurance test that she goes through on her journey It is very clear that she has lost her trust in others and lost her belief in her self and her self worth; she has convinced herself that she doesn't matter and that 'everyone likes Jen better' As I read I willed things to change for the better for Carly because she had been so strong I didn't blame her for having lost trust in people because of her past treatment but she needed to take the risk of trusting again; the story illustrates how sometimes we have a new unexpected chance for happiness in life and it is the ability to let go of fear and accept this chance to take the risk of trusting again that we need This was such an important theme running through this story; who can the girls trust and believe in who has their real interests and welfare at heart who isn't all that they seem to be and who cares than they realise I've really enjoyed novels by Catherine Ryan Hyde in the past and I found in this new book the same warm hearted and honest portrayal of people who find themselves facing the challenge of coping with huge difficulties and setbacks in their lives that I have admired before She creates rounded characters and the relationships they share feel very real; I cared about the sisters The author has sensitively and thoughtfully incorporated a little of Native American culture into this story and created two special characters in particular that I would love to meet The sense of place was well conveyed and this setting was important too the intense heat of the desert landscape adding to the struggle as the girls were walking I liked the author’s note at the end of the book that clarified an aspect of the story that I had wondered about whilst reading I think this novel would be really enjoyed by young adult and adult readers I felt this was an engrossing well paced story about being honest with yourself and having to admit to the truth and learning to accept kindness from unexpected places It is about loss loyalty truth courage and the hard decisions people have to make the strength we have to find sometimes even when we are only a young age 45 stars

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Walk Me Home Summary ☆ 8 Ñ ➱ [Read] ➬ Walk Me Home By Catherine Ryan Hyde ➼ – Johns-cycling-diary.co.uk From New York Times bestselling author Catherine Ryan Hyde comes a story of two young sisters who embark on a journey across the American Southwest to uncover what it really means to be a familySince From New York Times bestWhile the girls work off their debt Carly becomes determined to travel onward until Jen confesses a terrible secret that leaves both sisters wondering if they can ever trust againSet against the backdrop of the American Southwest Walk Me Home and its resilient heroines will inspire readers and renew their faith in recovery and redemptio. Catherine's books are always a pleasure to read and this one is no exception She puts so much soul into her characters so much reality This book was a fast but intelligent read including one of my favorite subjects Native Americans Carly and Jen sisters have a difficult home life and decide to run away from New Mexico heading for California and a man they believe will be their salvation a man Carly has loved as a father This story of their journey both physical and emotional is full of the growth of two teen girls in surprising ways Discoveries about their relationship to each other their values their family and their assumptions about people and life are challenged I particularly enjoyed the Native American characters in this story I can't think of any author who writes such life into her characters as Catherine does I feel as though I know them by the end of the book and could walk next door and have a chat with them I wanted to drive to Wakapi land to meet Dolores and Alvin Catherine's note at the end of the book reflects who I imagine her to be so well I highly recommend this book