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Download Falling for Her Fake Boyfriend 2 Falling for Her Fake Boyfriend #2 Mobi ¼ Ù [PDF / Epub] ✪ Falling for Her Fake Boyfriend 2 Falling for Her Fake Boyfriend #2 ☆ Ann King – PLEASE NOTE THERE IS AN UPDATED VERSION SECOND EDITION OF THIS STORY BOYond He has agreed to be her fake boyfriend for the weekend but she’s getting mixed Falling for PDF signals from himDoes Ethan want to make their relationship real or is he playing his part for the charade Maybe Holly read too much into the night of passionate mind blowing sex Love sucks when you’re left not knowing where you really stand And what’s with Ethan’s hot and cold emotions She real Ehit was just ok

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Ly thought there was something between for Her Fake Boyfriend 2 PDFEPUBthemAs they head to Brooklyn Heights for her cousin’s weddingshe discovers that Ethan has a darksecret that he’s kept for the past ten years A burden too great for one to for Her Fake MOBI #237 bear alone His dark past will either tear them apart or draw them closer togetherThe sizzling seuel to Falling for her Fake Boyfriend 25 Stars I'll go ahead and give it 25 because it really wasn't terrible It had potential though I was really disappointed that the story was broken up into parts I don't understand why you wouldn't just publish the whole thing together Aside from that like I said it wasn't terribleHolly's aunt is a royal bitch who likes to make Holly feel miserable probably because of some insecurity that we haven't been let in on yet Instead of letting the abuse continue Holly invents a fake boyfriend Going so far as to make a fake email address and use a fake text app to make this boyfriend seem legit Do they seriously have apps like thatEthan is the gorgeous guy next door who is this all around perfect guy Gorgeous sexy sweet a humanitarian It seemed extremely rushed this relationship of theirs but since the book is only 18 pages long I suppose it couldn't be helped I would have liked to have seen of their getting to know each other See why she fell for this guy All we know about him so far is that he's good in bed sexy as sin and that he's got trophies from NASA and the Globe Annual Humanitarian Award Oh and that he can cook I want to know what his favorites are I want to know what he's going to school for I want to know why he chose that field of study Why he's willing to pretend to be the boyfriend of a girl that he barely knows I think it was a nice plot though and it would have made a better full length novel

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Falling for Her Fake Boyfriend 2 Falling for Her Fake Boyfriend #2PLEASE NOTE THERE Her Fake PDF #8608 IS AN UPDATED VERSION SECOND EDITION OF THIS STORY BOOKSPUBLISHED DECEMBER JANUARY One passionate night One hot kiss with her sexy neighbor Her life would never be the same againHolly Jackson not only fell for her hot neighbor Ethan but she fell hard in love No man has ever stirred so many desirable emotions within her or brought her to the brink of ecstasy and be 15 starsOh where do I beginFirst THIS STORY NEEDS TO BE EDITED It needs it Badly A uick proof read would help but it wouldn’t fix everything It would need a round of rewrites There are passages that could benefit from some added description like the scene where she first walks into Ethan’s apartment and then abruptly sees his trophies and starts verbally fawning over his amazeballs awards BTW I smell Barney Stinson allllll over this bogus display case Run It’s fake so he can score with dumb girlsThis needs to be uoted because this scene needs to be reworked Adding a little bit of description I’m not even a big description person but it needs it here and why would she say all of this aloud to him Particularly when you are really just meeting this person I don’t understand why you would Personally I don’t buy it This scene pulled me right out of the story ”Oh my God You were like honored from NASA and what’s this The Globe Annual Humanitarian Award for your dedication over the years in helping street kids” her mouth was open She could not believe this Who would ever think He seemed so rich So well off So like a stud or jock or something and yet”“It’s not heroic or anything” III can’t This review will not be exhaustive because my keyboard is basically deadtyping legible sentences on it takes forever now so it would reuire immense effort and also the review for this 18 page story would probably be about 9 pages long I'm going to be niceInstead of a long review I'm going to do this Because reasons Unrealistic too good to be true hero he better steal her credit cards or go on a cocaine bender in the next book All telling no showing Obnoxiously virginal heroine virgins do not usually annoy me The way this one was handled absolutely did Conversation with best friend only there to give readers back story to obvious uestions she would already know the answers to Typical obnoxious one dimensional best friend So many typoserrors for such a short story Could be easily fixed Bigger errors that would take a little effort to fix Flimsy contrived reason for needing a fake boyfriend Supposedly smart characters not very smart The fastest case of INSTA love I have ever seen I don't think that word means what you think it meansThere's probably but you get the idea There's a lot wrong and a lot of it is just lazy editing For detailed flawscommentswhatnot see my status updates There are probably of them than pages in the bookIt was entertaining just not in the way it was supposed to be