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The Middle Mind kindle ´ Hardcover ✓ ❁ [EPUB] ✹ The Middle Mind By Curtis White ➚ – What do George W Bush the Ivory Tower Steven Spielberg and Terry Gross have in commonDoes a political scandal make for good news copyDoes network programming allow us to unwind from a day's workDoes t What dArt technology and religionThe Middle Mind is pragmatic plainspoken populist contemptuous of the right's narrowness and incredulous before the left's convolutions It wants to protect the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and has bought an SUV with the intent of visiting it It even understands in some indistinct way how that very SUV spells the Arctic's doomThe Middle Mind is not about left or right highbrow or lowbrow academia or pop culture in fact it pervades society without discrimination The danger is not in a specific point of view but rather in how the Middle Mind thrives in the common ground of unuestioned mediocrity All we seem to ask abou I read this a long time ago it was a nineties version critiue of middlebrow culture back when people at least a dwindling few made such distinctions between highbrow Lowbrow and the middlebrow Phenomena of iSnobs intellectual snob which I sometimes fall into when I let my ego go or my head swell Enjoyed the book at the time and felt smarter than the unwashed philistines while reading it And then I let my head unswell I suppose everyone likes an ego boost now and again

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T the culture we experience is whether it's entertainingWhite argues that we have forgotten how to read to watch to think for ourselves Because it is neutral widespread and easily digestible the Middle Mind has lulled the American imagination to sleep As we sit comfortably amused and distracted just outside the door there is an immediate crisis of a nation blindly following the path of least resistance Irreverent provocative and far reaching White presents a clear vision of this dangerous mindset that threatens America's intellectual and cultural freedoms concluding with an imperative to reawaken and unleash the once powerful American imaginatio It's hard to know how to rate this book On the one hand I think the author's basic ideas are extremely important we need to think change and not just be content to passively consume media in order to feed our human need for creativity But I would have found his arguments much convincing had he given examples Instead each point is based on a single rant against some moviecriticshowetc that the author doesn't like I wasn't familiar with many of these so I could only take his word for it It's like the book was based on just a handful of rants upon which a theory was constructed it seemed weak Also his disdain for Nick Hornby's music reviews bothered me He looks down at Hornby because Hornby wants music to get this SOUND GOOD scoff I did like his movie interpretations but on the whole he comes across as a pretentious snob Much of this book was very abstract and theoretical without sufficient examples and I had a hard time focussing His definition of The Middle Mind was a bit vague as well I feel like the author had a bunch of good ideas but they would be much better as tightly edited and theoretically expanded articles the book was based on articles in the first place I guess

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The Middle MindWhat do George W Bush the Ivory Tower Steven Spielberg and Terry Gross have in commonDoes a political scandal make for good news copyDoes network programming allow us to unwind from a day's workDoes the art at the local museum make for pleasant cocktail conversationAn unflinching and wry look at the dumbing down of the American imaginationIn this groundbreaking and The Middle PDF incisive exploration acclaimed social critic Curtis White describes an all encompassing and little noticed force taking over our culture and our lives White calls this force the Middle Mind the current failure of the American imagination in the media politics education Curtis White does not clearly define the Middle Mind or clearly explain Why Americans Don't Think for Themselves For example he does not define an Upper Mind or a Lower Mind and he does not explain how Americans think for someone other than themselves Much is unclear in this rambling jumble which includes little sociological or scientific data to support whatever claims it makes Basically it seems that the Middle Mind is represented by a liberal who doesn't challenge the status uo To rise above the Middle Mind you should be a progressive who rejects the status uo Forget conservatives whom White might put in the No Mind camp Popular culture is bad because it supports the Estabishment Counter culture is good because it subverts the Establishment Is it a coincidence that White was in San Francisco in the 1960sWhite does makes it very clear what he likes and doesn't like If you don't like what he likes you mired in the Middle Mind White likes Wallace Stevens Jacues Derrida Theodor Adorno Noam Chomsky Howard Zinn Michael Moore Theodore Roszak and progressive alternative artists White also likes Molly Ivins Andrei Codrescu and David Foster Wallace all of whom provided cover blurbsWhite does not like popular culture television capitalists corporations conservatives the military politicians anything related to the George W Bush administration Ronald Reagan Harold Bloom William Bennett and Dinesh D'Souza White spends much space in the book staking his claim for the American military industrial technocratic empire as a disaster machine White comments on the media blacklisting of Chomsky and Zinn as if Chomsky didn't have books in every Borders and Barnes Noble and as if Zinn didn't have the bestselling history book and a profitable capitalist industry in progressive People's History books While the book sometimes focuses on the cultural Middle Mind it often slips into the political Middle MindWhite's solution to the poorly defined problem of the Middle Mind is thought imagination and the sublime Examples of the sublime are Marshall McLuhan's The Mechanical Bride which yearns for what it can't adeuately express and David Lynch's work Lynch is sublime in part because he is inarticulate He really has no idea what he's trying to say White does not seem to believe that people in the US are already allowed to be creative imaginative and thoughtful It frustrates White that people embrace popular culture rather than reject it If the people rejected the popular culture then what would the popular culture be It also frustrates White that so many people prefer to think for themselves rather than think just like White would prefer eg progressively In summary if people don't think like White they must not be thinkingWhite makes a good point that academic Cultural Studies flattens distinctions between great art and mediocre art between Milton and Madonna White applies this criticism to shows like Terry Gross's Fresh Air and Charlie Rose's show which often interview great talents and mediocre talents with eual admiration That could make an interesting essay and I say this as a big fan of Fresh Air However rather than elaborate on this White goes on to really criticize such shows for being a threat to no one nowhere that is they represent the Middle Mind because they don't fulfill White's preferred function of criticizing the popular culture and status uo White criticizes Cultural Studies and popular shows for being institutionalized and supporting the capitalist popular cultureAfter discussing Cultural Studies White reviews Spielberg's Saving Private Ryan which he disliked because it was crypto fascist and the Radiohead record Kid A which he liked because it was not made to meet commercial expectationsIt is amusing when White writes this about Saving Private Ryan I have been surprised that my friends intelligent sophisticated people on the whole eg progressives had no idea what I was talking about when I elaborated my understanding of the film's 'lesson'In short my ominous conclusion was that they didn't know how to 'read' the film That is to say they didn't know how to abstract the integument of structure from a piece of narrative art in order to begin to talk about how the thing means ie creates an ethical world Imagine White's friends anxiously brushing up on Derrida before seeing any movie with himWhite said in an interview Basically I don't watch tv for the same reason that I don't drive nails into my frontal lobe In a time when much of the nation's art is presented through television one would think that someone writing about art would be sure to be familiar with it One could imagine a cultural critic of fifty years ago saying I don't listen to modern music for the same reason that I don't drive nails into my frontal lobe A conservative view that is at odds with White's theme Does White watch Internet content or read Internet blogs Where does White think the youth of today express their viewsIf you are a progressive Thinker who believes your friends and fellow citizens are inferior culturally and politically then you may enjoy this book Rated one star for the critiue of Cultural Studies and one star for the funny look at Saving Private Ryan