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Adventure Time reader ↠ Paperback read × johnscyclingdiary ñ ❰Read❯ ➯ Adventure Time Author Yuko Ota – An all new stand alone ADVENTURE TIME story featuring Peppermint Butler and Cinnamon BunFINN AND JAKE ARE MISSING? Don't worry Candy Kingdom Peppermint BuAn all new stand alone ADVENTURE TIME story featuring Peppermint Butler and Cinnamon BunFINN AND JAKE ARE MISSING? Don't worry Candy Kin I've never watched the TV show so it might be that I was missing some background knowledge but the stories tended to skip silly and head straight into ridiculousHowever there were a couple of things that did make me laugh out loud and the art is interestingIt was a middle of the pack read for me yet I think that a fan of the show might really get some enjoyment out of the situations the characters find themselves in

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Gdom Peppermint Butler and Cinnamon Bun will protect you? This is a mini series you definitely don't want to miss with talent of Yuko Ot After TV episodes the likes of BMO Noire and Candy Streets I was super excited at the prospect of a whole Adventure Time comic mini series spoofing crime fiction or noir And as far as hardboiled gumshoes go the demonic Peppermint Butler seems the right man for the job But the artists don't take advantage of the opportunity to parody the genre visually Apart from some beguiling covers the comic is drawn in the same bright cheery style as the main Adventure Time series And the stories are awkward or convoluted Pep But with sidekick Cinnamon Bun tries to find the missing Finn and Jake and in the meantime drafts bizarre pairs of characters to carry out hero missions in their absence It doesn't uite gel Think I'll stick to the main series for now

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Adventure TimeA and Ananth Panagariya of JOHNNY WANDER writing our candied heroes and Ian McGinty of UGLY DOLL on art there is nothing that can go wro I'd give it 25 stars but it's fairer to round up as it's not bad enough to be a 2 star However I have to say I was pretty disappointed with this oneI've read a fair few of the Adventure Time graphic novels now and this one is by far my least favourite Usually I like the uirky style and uniue subplots but this one didn't really flow as well There's a very loose overarching plot but each chapter is completely different and follows different charactersOn the face of it I uite like that idea however I found that with a lot of the chapters there wasn't much in the way of actual content and I wasn't satisfied with how the characters interacted with each other Some chapters like the one with Marcie and Tree Trunks were brilliant but others were very mediocre and so it was a very up and down reading experienceThe worst part for me was Cinnamon Bun I'm not a huge fan of that character and he was waaay too prominent for my liking mainly because his inclusion didn't really add much Also he was in the scenes with Peppermint Butler who's one of my favourite characters and it really brought the enjoyment down for me Also too many panels had crude drawings of Cinnamon Bun's butt Nobody wants to see thatI got this for 99p in a sale so all in all I'm still glad I bought it as it was decent enough for that price but I would have felt very ripped off if I'd paid the RRP If you're debating whether to get this one I'd recommend one of the other graphic novels instead