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Sacred Promises Book #1 Summary ↠ 104 ´ [PDF / Epub] ★ Sacred Promises Book #1 Author Jennifer Hines – Most children grow up in loving homes with parents who tell them bedtime stories Not Abbey She spent her childhood training for a battle that always seemed too far away to ever become real In a world MoWill meet other Elementals Mystics Watchers and Warriors Being surrounded by the people she will someday rule over she must keep her identity as future ueen from being discovered while managing to create friendships and deciding whom she can trust to stand by her side both now and as uee. Check out other reviews at my book blog Girl of 1000 Wonders Abbey has grown up in secrecy with her guardian Nevara who has taught her everything she could possibly need to become the ueen Nevara has prepped and trained Abbey for this moment entering the Maramec Conservatory in the guise of a student where she will study with other Elementals Mystics Watchers and Warriors Nevara has versed Abbey on the school as much as possible but the rest is up to AbbeyWatchers and Warriors are housed together and known as the Knights of Noir protectors of the people and kept separate from Elemental who have a range of abilities with one of the four elements and the very rare Mystics gifted with sight and healingAbbey has to keep her identity a secret and her cards close She must navigate the troubled waters of the Conservatory where so many students of different backgrounds converge – and avoid detection from students of the ruling families Every 50 years a new ueen is born with specific marking on her back and in the last 200 years there hasn’t been a ueen that’s surfaced – meaning only one thing someone is finding the ueensand getting rid of themSeeing and living were two completely different thingsAbbey can’t afford to make enemies but she can’t allow anyone in either As her roommate soon spills all the gossip Abbey finds she is the center of attention uickly she finds herself locked in stalemate with her mentor – fellow student Kaleb Storm who has some unsavory rumors circulating about his past and his heritage Kaleb takes his duties in the highest regard yet there’s also something about Abbeyand someone else noticesSoon Abbey is found in the middle of a love triangle and things get ugly One night could have ruined everything – her her role and the future of her citizens Abbey’s new barrage of defenders are taking her safety seriously she must have someone from her group with her at all times This complicates things as Kaleb and Abbey’s rescuer Garik are also on the hunt Kaleb and Garrik are both Knights of Noir warriors meant to protect the peopleAbbey has to face some hard decisions Does she tell Kaleb the truth Does she tell her friends Then comes a third guy into the picture vying for Abbey’s heart – and he instinctively knows who she is and that they are destined to be together Nathan’s not making it easy on Abbey as she struggles to stay true to Kaleb and out of the grips of the stalking wolf changeling Darrian who always seems to be one step ahead of Abbey’s posse of protectors Meanwhile Abbey learns the true identity of her guardian who is connected to KalebThis novel was so much than I expected and I was amazed at the range of change and growth in the main characters Abbey struggles with many decisions throughout the novel and the problems that develop the harder it is for her Through the narration readers are privy to the change in Abbey that reflect that she will be a kind just but strong ueen Abbey’s character is one who must come to terms with the fact that she’s not normal she’s the ueen in hiding and while reading all I could think when I read narration from Abbey’s thoughts was how graceful she was in her attitude and mentalityThe novel was also uniue in that a few chapters are denoted to be told from Kaleb’s point of view in first person so readers get insight into his thoughts and can understand his emotions There is a chapter where this differentiation from the narration is crucial so I applaud the authors’ use of this techniueIt is a wonderful thrilling read and I could not put it down I fell asleep with my Kindle several nights The novel ends in somewhat of a lurch but in a nice way which I expect is going to open the conflict in the seuel Warrior’s Oath I’m looking forward to great things in Warrior’s Oath I expect Hines and Bigham to deliver and I am betting I won’t be disappointed

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Most children grow up in loving homes with parents who tell them bedtime stories Not Abbey She spent her childhood training for a battle that always seemed too far away to ever become real In a world of Elementals now corrupted and misguided by the ruling families a ueen must rise up and. Review with SpoilersSacred Promises tells the story of Abbey a ueen born in secrecy and kept hidden away until she turns 18 Abbey is the ueen of a race of magical folks elementals mystics warriors and shapeshifters There hasn't been a ueen in 200 years because they have been killed by unknown enemies possibly one or two power hungry ruling families Anyways the first book doesn't dwell much on it and I expect that it will come up in the following bookThe first book deals with Abbey attending a special school where she finally gets to interact with her folks She grew up bouncing around in orphanages and foster care homes because it was the only way to keep her safeThe premises of Sacred Promises is very good but for the first half not much happened Abbey just goes with the motions she makes friends very easily she falls in love with her mentor she acuires a psycho stalker you know the normal stuff lol I think my main problem with the first half was that Abbey was just too perfect She excelled at everything there wasn't an imperfect bone in her body Granted that was the premise of being ueen She would be good at stuff but she missed some sort of flaw to make her layered and easy to relate to Besides none of her classmates developed an ounce of jealousy that Abbey was so good in every subject The only jealous person in the book was Maria and that was guy related In conseuence all of Abbey's closest friend sounded the same I couldn't tell them apart well Lawrence I could because he was the only guyThings start to get interesting when Abbey despite all of her powers fail to keep stalker Darian away from her It was the only time she actually showed any sign that she wasn't completely perfect Granted I think the Darian situation was stretched out way too much One or two confrontations okay But I think there were around 4 confrontations where Abbey and her warriors failed to deal with Darian One starts to think that if they took so long to deal with one lousy shapeshifter how do they plan to keep Abbey safe from her would be killersKaleb was a descent hero but things got way better when Nathan entered the picture A YA book wouldn't be complete without a love triangle I don't think all plots need one to make things move along but Sacred Promises kind of needed it Besides I like Nathan better just because he probably doesn't stand a chance in hell I would like to see a YA author change things up a little bit and not have the heroine end up with the obvious choice But I think I'm the minorityOverall it was an enjoyable read and I'm curious to see what happens next in Warrior's Oath

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Sacred Promises Book #1Make Sacred Promises PDFEPUB or right the wrongs her people have had to suffer through in absence of a true leader After spending her entire life secretly training with her guardian eighteen year old Abbey must now join the Maramec Conservatory as a student entering into a world where she. Uneasy Lies the Head That is Destined to Wear the CrownSacred Promises by Jennifer Hines and Mindy Bingham is the story of Abbey She grew up in foster care knowing she will someday be ueen In the meantime she enters the Academy to learn skills and hone her abilities so she may reach her destinyOne of my favorite parts of the book was a conversation between Abbey and Kaleb her mentor and to whom Abbey feels an inexplicable attraction“You’re a warrior first and foremost I understand that I even respect that But I also know it is a part of you that will never change Your duty is your honor and one of your duties is to be my mentor You would never purposely cross that line and neither would I But it’s not the only reason we can’t I’m bound by higher laws which means I literally cannot I know it probably doesn’t make sense to you but I promise and my promises are unbreakable that you will know my greatest secret one day soon”Some of the themes were adult than I expected in a YA book I enjoyed the fast paced story and the characters were well developed and believable I thought the changes in the characters’ points of view helped make the story even betterI highly recommend the book particularly to rather older than YA readersPlease forgive a smidgeon of literary license ;