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An Excellent conceited Tragedy of Romeo and JulietIn Romeo and Juliet Shakespeare creates conceited Tragedy eBook #10003 a violent world in which two young people fall in love It is not simply that their families disapprove the Montagues and. THIS This is what happens when you jump into a Rebound RelationshipSo when the story opens Romeo is desperately in love with Rosaline But since she won't give up the booty has sworn to remain chaste he's all depressed and heartbroken Annoying emo style His friends tired of his constant whining give him a Beyoncé mixtape He takes her words to heart and her lyrics begin to mend his broken soul His boys drag his sad ass to a party and across a crowded room Romeo spies his next victimer his really really for real this time True LoveMeet 13 year old Juliet Who is 13And how old is Romeo Well he's old enough to kill Juliet's cousin in a sword fight soyeah Probably not 13 But since he's such a punk little pussy what with the whining sobbing and spouting off crap poetry I'm going to assume he's not much older than she is and say 15 or 16 If I'm wrong don't correct me It'll help me sleep tonight Tragically Juliet is a Hatfield and Romeo is a McCoy Their families have been feuding over a McCoy pig that was killed during a Hatfield moonshine run decades ago Totally true I swearNeedless to say tensions are still running high So Shhhhh They gotta keep their love on the down lowAnd it is love dammit I mean they've stared at each other a whole bunch and had like two conversations This time around Romeo isn't going to make the same mistake as before and let the new girl of his dreams slip through his fingersFuck yeah Time to get married Because marriage will solve all your problems No reallyPinkie promiseAnd we all know what happened next rightWellIshYou know I can't help but wonder what that first encounter would've been like if they'd met when they were olderRomeo Hey baby Heaven must be missing an angel Mind if I crawl up to your balcony tonightJuliet The fuck taser cracklesRomeo screamsAnyhoo this isn't a romance it's a cautionary tale And a pretty funny one at that I originally gave it 3 stars but I had to bump it up for making me giggle so much Between Romeo Juliet both crying moping and twirling around like a tweenage girls and the rest of the cast flailing around to accommodate these idiots this was waaaaaay better than I remembered itI listened to this on Playaway so I got to have the audio version with a full cast of characters sound effects and music Loved it Totally recommend going this way if you're planning on trying out Shakespeare

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summary An Excellent conceited Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet ´ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ë [PDF] ✅ An Excellent conceited Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet By William Shakespeare – In Romeo and Juliet Shakespeare creates a violent world in which two young people falN an extraordinary world has become the uintessential story of young love In part because An Excellent PDF or of its exuisite language it is easy to respond as if it were about all young lover. Every emo fourteen year old's dream In bullet point form• fall in love with hot boygirl delete as appropriate that parents can't stand; • tender words and some sex gotta find out what that's like; • major tragic incident that really wasn't your fault you were provoked; • everyone's mad at you; • die beautiful death in loved one's arms; • parents finally understand how much they cared about you and are sorry they didn't treat you better when you were aliveSo how did Shakespeare manage to turn this heap of crap which even Zac Efron would think twice about into one of the most moving stories of all time If you still need proof that he was a genius look no further

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The Capulets are engaged in a blood feudIn this death filled setting the movement from love at first sight to the lovers’ final union in death seems almost inevitable And yet this play set i. Two things struck me during this re reading 1 From the first scene of the play the sexual puns are drenched in metaphorical violence drawing your weapon laying knife aboard forcing women to the wall etc creating a stark contrast with the purity of Romeo and Juliet's love and language and 2 Mercutio the Nurse and Old Capulet are something totally new both in Shakespeare and also in English drama that is characters who are not only realistic but whose language completely reflects their thought processes to the point where they take on a life of their own Shakespeare would create many other such characters but these three are the first