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PDF ´ BOOK For the Sake of Their Son FREE » [Download] ➵ For the Sake of Their Son By Catherine Mann – Johns-cycling-diary.co.uk In this Alpha Brotherhood novel from USA TODAY bestselling author Catherine Mann friendship turns to passionwith conseuences No one knows Elliot Starc better than Lucy Ann Joyner Yet after one reckleIn this Alpha Brotherhood Sake of PDF #8608 novel from USA TODAY bestselling author Catherine Mann friendship turns to passionwith conseuences No one knows Elliot Starc better than Lucy Ann Joyner Yet after one reckless n 'For the Sake of Their Son' is Book 5 in The Alpha Brotherhood Series by Catherine Mann I enjoy Ms Mann's writing but I did have a couple of issues with this book that didn't allow me to award anything better than two stars I will explain belowOur hero and heroine in Book 5 are Elliot Starc and Lucy Ann Joyner lifelong friends of three decades They met in kindergarten and have been best friends ever since They both come from abusive homes Elliot suffering mental physical and verbal abuse while Lucy's was mental and verbal that included abandonment issues Lucy's mother went from man to man and these men four stepfathers attempted sexual abuse but were not successful Elliot and Lucy were each others safe place playing and dreaming escaping their abuse and abusive parents Elliot was sent to a form of military school for wayward teens instead of prison and while there was groomed to become an agent for Interpol He also loved racing and became a world famous race car driver touring the world and also working for the Brotherhood to right wrongs He hired Lucy to be his assistant for his racing business and she also traveled the world with him He was your typical as we read about way too often these days playboy man whore view spoilerAfter a big win he and Lucy celebrated and one thing led to another He told her he was finished with his girlfriend Giannaexcept he forgot to tell Giannaand she walked in on them the next morning She was devastated and left in tears No this did not sit well with Lucy He had not officially broken it off with Gianna like he claimed and both women were heart broken I think in his heart and head he had ended the relationship but failed to convey that to Gianna Lucy is so broken that she tells him she doesn't want to see him again and resigns from his employout of anger of course Within a very short time he runs back to reunite with Gianna and they got officially engaged within three months of him being intimate with Lucy This act destroyed Lucy and Elliot had left her with a uickly growing gift Eleven months pass and he never once contacts Lucy his best friend for thirty years and they always stayed in touch Infuriated me His friends from the Brotherhood kidnap him because they found out that there is a baby boy Eli that Elliot knows nothing about He is taken blindfolded and cuffed to Lucy's aunt's home where Lucy and the baby are living This is basically where the book begins I will add that Gianna broke off the engagement with Elliot several months before the kidnapping takes place Yet he never once made contact with Lucy to check on herhis supposed best friend while most likely he was back to his man whoring ways This is something the author was not clear about so based on his history we are left to assume he was back to his bed hopping waysI will be upfront and tell you that I do not like playboys and man whores It seems I find them in almost every book I read and I am so past tired of them and their bed hopping antics I abhor cheating and although Elliot didn't technically cheat on Lucy in my head and heart he absolutely did In fact he actually cheated on each one with the other He ran back to Gianna so speedily after his brief time with his best friend and that definitely demonstrated for Lucy that he cared nothing for her all along He did however cheat on Gianna with Lucy and broke both their hearts He flagrantly abandoned his best friend of thirty years by not staying in touch with her or at least checking on her to see if she was okay after their night together She had tried to contact him about the pregnancy a few times but she always got his voicemail or either his assistant didn't know where he wasright She gave upI would have as well It makes me wonder how many other women he was intimate with after Gianna broke it off OH YES I might add that most of this mess ended up being Lucy's fault because he didn't know she was pregnant having his child and she sickeningly apologized over and over until I wanted to regurgitate I do wish the author would have elaborated a bit on Elliot's sexual involvement those eleven months he was away from Lucy I could have handled it if he had not slept with Gianna or any other women but we are left to assume that he most certainly did hide spoiler

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A second chance The chance to become the father he never had The chance for best friends to become something But can Lucy Ann forgive the mistakes he's made and trust that he wants than a marriage for the sake of their so Yeah i got a little bored during the reading of this It was OK but not very engaging

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For the Sake of Their SonIght of passion their friendship is in tatters And though women line up for the race car driver's attention none of them help him forget For the PDFEPUB or Lucy Ann Except now he and Lucy Ann have a baby and Elliot wants Advanced Copy from the AuthorI was so excited to read this book since I fell in love with other Alpha Brotherhood Books When I first started reading this book I was reminded of The Hangover movie but that was uickly pushed aside when Elliot was forced to confront his friend of 30 years after not seeing or talking to her Lucy Ann for 11 months Lucy didn't seem happy but knew it was a better time than ever to do what she had been putting off Elliot tries his hardest to win her over He relates what he does to win her over to fairy tales I started reading this book shortly after I woke up while enjoying a cup of coffee Several hours later and another cup of coffee I have finished the book and wanted to read it again Catherine Mann wrote a very captivating book I just couldn't stop reading it I wanted to see what he would do and what her reaction to it was as well as what she would say and what he would do in turn Things that Elliot had spoken of about his past had really tugged at my heart I received this book for Free from the Author in advance but that doesn't sway what I think of the book