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eBook  Becoming Project Five Fifteen #3 µ Paperback ð johnscyclingdiary Ê [PDF / Epub] ☃ Becoming Project Five Fifteen #3 Author Samantha Summers – Johns-cycling-diary.co.uk You can’t run from darkness Eventually the sun has to setTurning his back on the killer he was traiRing Becoming Project Kindle to take down those responsibleBut vengeance comes at a price and Ronnie can feel the boy she fell in love with slipping away from her as the darkness he’s been running from for so long threatens to consume him With danger looming in every direction the possibility of a happy ever after is lookin The Project Five Fifteen Series is one of those series that will take up permanent residence in your memory and I have to say that it is a bittersweet moment because though I am thrilled with being able to read the final installment I am also sad to see it end Samantha Summers has done an outstanding job in creating a series that will capture your attention and each book in the trilogy just gets better and better Becoming is no exception and Summers has once again outdone herself in providing an exceptional novel that will grip your emotions and attention from cover to cover Project Five Fifteen is a story that centers around a group of badass young assassins and a girl name Ronnie Rose Kalen Ace Denver and several other boys were part of a government run program Project Five Fifteen where the boys were trained to be ruthless professional and perfect assassins from a young age 4 or 5 until age 16 They managed to escape and have been on the run and in hiding for the past 5 or so years and have been constantly pursued by the agency since their escape with uite a few of them having been murdered by the agency For every boy that was killed however they took probably ten times that many corrupt agency soldiers with them Becoming picks up where As You Were leaves off The boys and Ronnie have suffered the loss of two of the team members and the boys are like brothers which has left them devastated Kalen has made the decision with the support of the other boys to stop running and go to the source taking Barker and the agency down once and for all The story picks up with the group now in America planning to do just that and they are in the process of searching for and recruiting other boys who also escaped with them to help Believe me that isn't an easy task and provides for some intense situations Kalen is bearing the weight of the world on his shoulders much of which revolves around his need to keep Ronnie safe and in the process is pulling away emotionally from Ronnie and Ronnie has a life changing secret that she is trying to find away to tell Kalen about but hasn't found the right time yet A unforeseen circumstance arises and she is forced to make the secret known to Kalen after which something happens to change the whole dynamic of everything that is and has gone on and in the process Ronnie has to face the fact that this may be something that drives a wedge between Kalen and her forever As the story progresses and the details of the planned attack come together secrets are revealed old friends and relationships resurface lives are threatened and everyone realizes what they are willing to do and willing to sacrifice for those they love and care about This culminates in a epic battle that tests everything they all believe in resulting in the ultimate sacrifice for some and the promise of freedom for others Becoming is an action packed heart stopping thrill ride that will keep you on the edge of your seat causing you to feel like you are hanging on by your fingertips at times and then turned upside down and hanging on with the tips of your toes at other times If I had to compare this series to something it would be the Jason Borne movies and trust me when I say Jason Borne doesn't have anything on Kalen and his crew I have so enjoyed getting to know Ronnie and Kalen while watching their relationship and love develop over the course of the series The romance aspect of the story adds so much to the overall theme It has been so rewarding to watch all the characters grow and change over the course of the series Ronnie has developed into uite the heroine herself and with the help of the boys can now hold her own very well when necessary Of all the boys Ace is my favorite and I would love to see a spin off series where we get to see of him as well as Denver I truly connected on a deep level with Kalen Ronnie and Ace as well The other secondary characters were also very well written and played integral roles in the story and were also well fleshed out We get to meet several new boys in Becoming also as well as see some of the old arch nemeses that we saw in the previous books reappear again with a vengeance I loved the ending It was just perfect I can't tell you enough what a wonderful series this is The Project Five Fifteen Series including this last installment Becoming is filled with suspense action romance intense battle scenes conspiracy murder and is absolutely thrilling I thoroughly enjoyed it and most definitely recommend it You won't be disappointed I can't wait to see what Samantha Summers has in store for us in the future

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You can’t run from darkness Eventually the Five Fifteen PDF #9734 sun has to setTurning his back on the killer he was trained to be wasn’t as easy as Kalen Smith had hoped They’d tried to run They’d tried to hide People had lost their lives The wrong people Now driven by a thirst for revenge Kalen and his team are prepa I write this post about Samantha Summers' latest book Becoming with mixed emotions My sadness is not because I disliked Becoming FAR from it or that it ended on a bad note No I have this empty feeling because Becoming is the last book in Summers' Project Five Fifteen series A series that I absolutely adore A series that I found myself immersed in A series that I didn't want to end But like all good things I first discovered Ronnie and Kalen a year ago and immediately fell in love with all of the characters and fast moving storyline In fact I posted my review of First Light the first book in the series on November 4th of 2012 Click here to read it After that I couldn't wait to find out what was next for Ronnie and Kalen along with the rest of the Five Fifteen boys I had to wait until August to read the second book As You Were Review found here As You Were was left with a cliffhanger of sorts Would Ronnie and Kalen's relationship survive the secret she now knows about his past How would Kal Ace and Denver beat their nemesis and if they managed to pull it off would there be causalities All of these uestions and were running through my mind as I impatiently waited for Becoming to be published I didn't know how Summers would top First Light and As You Were but somehow she did Becoming just might be the best book in the Project Five Fifteen series and that is saying a lot From the moment I opened the cover I was pulled into Kal and Ronnie's life on the run Becoming is full of twists turns romance heartache laughter adventure and mystery I loved learning about the other Five Fifteen boys and where life took them when they escaped Canter Creek I am secretly holding out hope that Summers may decide to write another book delving into the lives of these other boys I would LOVE to see Ace find love and for Denver to meet his match Wouldn't it be great to see Raf reunite with his 'family' And how about the other 'project' the Agency at Canter Creek had started I would be interested to see Ace and Denver deal with that new complication I can not praise Becoming by Samantha Summers enough I really and truly loved everything about this book and series In fact I would love to see the Project Five Fifteen series turned into a movie franchise Kalen and Ronnie on the big screen Excuse me while I swoon Please take my advice and if you pick up a book to read this winter do yourself a favor and read this fantastic series You won't be sorry

eBook Becoming Project Five Fifteen #3

Becoming Project Five Fifteen #3G bleak but The Agency isn’t Project Five Fifteen PDF #8608 the only obstacle in the way of Ronnie and Kalen’s future Ronnie’s harbouring a tragic secret that isn’t hers to keep and the truth could destroy not only their relationship but what’s left of Kalen’s humanityOne way or another everything is about to change I don't know where to start with my review of 'Becoming' because I loved this book and indeed this series so much that I can't believe it's all over When the final instalment landed through my letterbox I was eually torn between shutting myself away to start reading it immediately because I really couldn't wait to start it and wanting to wait and prolong the enjoyment and anticipation In the end my desire to find out how the story was going to conclude and what was going to happen to my very favourite book couple Ronnie and Kalen won out I read it in one evening and could not put it down Samantha Summers storytelling held me in the palm of it's hand and each chapter delivered so much that I was gripped and absorbed the whole way through It's no secret that I love the romance between Ronnie and Kalen What I love even is the fact that there's no obligatory love triangle thrown into the mix just to shake things up between the two of them They've only ever had eyes for each other and although obstacles have freuently been put in their path when it comes down to who their hearts belong to there's no doubt that they are soul mates Although there wasn't uite as much romance in this instalment as I would have liked 'As You Were' the second book delivered this in spades I did enjoy the final twist that was thrown in and I thought it made the last few moments of the book even special I'm trying desperately not to give away any spoilers but I do want to say that I thought the ending was mind blowingly brilliant and was very true to all the characters and their storiesRonnie has taught Kalen so much about himself since they met I particularly liked some of the flashbacks in the book to when he first set eyes on her and how he couldn't get her out of his head even when he tried desperately to forget about her They've always had an amazing connection and although at times Kalen has doubted whether or not they should be together because of the danger it puts Ronnie in there has never been any doubt in my mind that they are a team and always work better together With Kalen and co plotting to take down The Agency once and for all there are lots of new faces in the book as the other boys of Project Five Fifteen begin to surface I loved seeing them all together and although they're not actually related by blood they are like a family and have each other's backs Ace is yet again utterly adorable and I really warmed to Denver who steps up and takes charge when needed There's definitely potential for a spin off featuring some of the other characters or even a TV show I pictured Colton Haynes in my head when I was reading about Kalen 'Becoming' was a superb read which delivered romance adventure action and excitement in spades I was absolutely engrossed in the story and found it compulsive reading I'm so sad that the series is over because I've become invested in the characters and their lives and I don't want the adventure to end I'm going to be re reading the trilogy over and over again because I have so many favourite moments that I want to go back and relive Samantha Summers I applaud you and I will read anything you turn your hand to next Thank you for giving me Ronnie and Kalen and thank you for writing such a wonderful series of books