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SUMMARY Ì JOHNS-CYCLING-DIARY.CO.UK ☆ Ksenia Anske E garden surrounding her grandfather's Berlin mansion is well completely and utterly carnivorous Armed with Panther her talking pet whippet and the help of the m. I loved LOVED reading this bookreview on blog

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DOWNLOAD ë Rosehead ´ ❴PDF / Epub❵ ☁ Rosehead Author Ksenia Anske – Misunderstood and overmedicated twelve year old Lilith Bloom finds the prospect of a grand family reunion decidedly dull That is until she discovers that the rose garden surrounding her grandfather's Misunderstood and overmedicated twelve yea Ute boy next door Lilith must unravel the secrets behind the mysterious estate all while her family remains gloriously unaware that they are about to be devoured. Narrative ROSEHEAD is told from the third person POV of young Lilith Bloom a girl with a rather amusing personal challenge of using as many complicatedlargeadvanced words in a single sentence as possible This makes for a rather amusing narrative that contains a balanced simplicity that I felt reflected Lilith’s nicely the juxtaposition being a great buffer translation Lilith Bloom is adorable It also makes for a uniue voice that’s somewhat choppy unfortunately it felt almost too simple at times and the biggest downside was that the dialogue occasionally felt roughover the top at times but overall easy to get sucked into★★★★☆Plot Lilith Bloom arrives with her parents at the mansion of her grandfather Alfred Bloom for a family reunion The problem The rose garden stinks her mother constantly insists she take her medication half of the family is kind of awful and her talking pet whippet Panther keeps reminding her that she owes him a steakOh yeah and she’s determined to prove that the rose garden – haunted by the spirit of her nth great grandmother Rosehead – is carnivorous and that her grandfather’s planning on feeding the entire family to itTo try to make this short ROSEHEAD is refreshing a fun adventure that’s somewhat creepy at times the mansion itself moves and there are literal rose heads that pop out of the wall at night and befriend Lilith The obstacles in Lilith’s way coughs her parents are maddening her methods of snooping around creative and amusing and uite simply I found myself sleeping with the lights on after I finished this; that and I don’t think I’ll ever look at roses the same way She’s got great sidekicks – Panther and a new silent friend named Ed – and she has one week to keep her entire family from dying at the hands cough teeth of the gardenDon’t look at my adjectives of “fun” and “amusing” and think this is a lighthearted book though; there’s a surprising amount of gruesome violence associated with the house and a long history of mysterious deaths; I even admit that you’ll probably begin doubting Lilith Bloom’s sanity at times I sure did It’ll make you shiver just as soon as smile making ROSEHEAD great for anyone who loves a little mystery and uncertaintly and doesn’t mind the stench of the Bloom Co rose garden★★★★★Characters This book is filled with a number of uniue and strange characters from the talking whippet Panther to a set of rather annoying twin cousins Lilith the young protagonist is an outspoken girl who’s a lot perceptive than her family chooses to believe and enjoys attempting to intimidate the adults in her life with her large vocabulary and her overly sweetenedpolite way of talking to them which comes off as hilariously sarcastic Panther is her smart mouthed side kick often resorting to calling her madam who’s sometimes the level minded of the two of them and whose sense of loyalty and friendship to Lilith is exuisitely dog like despite his human speak Their banter alone tends to be amusing revealing a close friendship that doesn’t need an explicit explanationEd is the other sidekick approximately 12 years older than Lilith and silent He hasn’t spoken a word since his father committed suicide but he’s also the only one who believes Lilith – mostly because his father knew the truth about the garden and it drove him to his death He’s uiet but he’s also very smart and willing to do almost anything to save the family and defy Alfred Bloom whom he hates with an extraordinary passion and for good reasonFinally is Alfred Bloom himself wrapping up the biggest players It’s no spoiler to say that he’s the creep tastic antagonist in this book excluding the rose garden of course but while originally he seemed to obviously evil falling into an evil for no reason trope I was pleasantly surprised to learn the truth about him and why he does what he does Alfred’s one of those characters who appears to be transparent one of those people you’re sure you have figured out by the tenth page but in reality his involvement with the evil on the Bloom family property is a lot complicated which made him kind of a wonderful antagonist to get to knowIn conclusion the characters were all off the wall ridiculous at times and wonderful to read about and follow★★★★★Final Answer 466 5

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RoseheadMisunderstood and overmedicated twelve year old Lilith Bloom finds the prospect of a grand family reunion decidedly dull That is until she discovers that the ros. 55 starsSherlock Holmes said that the most stimulating case is when all the chances are against youWHAT WAS THATDO YOU UNDERSTAND HOW MANY DAYS I HAD WITHOUT JOINING A NEW FANDOMI read many books ones I liked or even loved but a lot of time passed since Lady Midnight I think since I actually became obsessed with a book Ksenia Ankse's imagination runs wild creating a magnificent world where nothing is as it seems a plot that was as wild and beautiful as roses This book blew my mind in the most amazing way I laughed cried smiled and wiped my damp eyes I screamed until my throat hurt and my heart fell on the floor like seeds that after all the heartbreak became flowers created by the happy endingLilith Bloom is not your ordinary twelve year old girl She's much She's a dreamer and a believer she's clever than her parents and all adults in this story and she loves She loves everyone despite what she thinks she feels about them She has seen some pretty strange things in her life The thing isnobody believes her thinking she's suffering from mental illnessMuch not I'm a grown woman stuck in a little girl's body which is rather unfortunateThat's who she is Mature but not a pessimist with hope filling her heart And when the time comes she proves her maturity by sacrificing herself for everyone else proving that not only she isn't loony but she also is much than what everyone thought she is There's a uote in this book that only by itself makes it a masterpieceLilith had little time to understand the meaning of these three words Life love death She did know that there was no life without death but also no life without love Did that mean that there was no love without death though That you had to die to realize how much you loved someoneAfter all this ranting all this smiling and all this fangirling about Lilith's relationship with her pet dog that has the ability to talk or her kisses with the mute boy Ed who taught her than anyone else could there's only one thing left in my mind Tim Burton HAS to discover this and make a movie immediately totally recommendedMary