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A handsome stranger almost makes up for a lost phone in a comedy of errors across New York CityChristy prides herself on her efficiency as a personal assistant fueled by her ever present iPhone When she loses the phone on the train on the day of her sister’s engagement party Christy is sure the day is ruined – until she borrows a phone to reach Will the cute guy who picked up hers for safe keeping Dealing w. 2 Busy 4 Love is a great book to make you stop and think about how much technology is a huge part of our lives Who checks to make sure they have their phone and iPod before leaving the house I know a few times I have left my phone behind and not only does it feel like I've lost a body part I have had to get contact details from my file in the office as I don't know any ones numbers I use it for blog related things emails social networks and The following uote could probably relate to most people out thereIt’s like life is a series of tick boxes one job done and then straight on to the next They always need to be somewhere else making a buck living the dream but the dream never catches up with themnobody puts the brakes onThe protagonist of 2 Busy 4 Love is Christy she is permanently attached to her phone she relies on it for every single aspect of her life Until the fateful day she leaves her phone behind on the train She now has to rely on Will the person who has her phone to help her out giving directions passing messages and appointments on Will is trying to deal with his own issues he has to travel to his Father and get paperwork signed for the sale of his late grandfathers house He is the unfortunate person to be left holding Christy's phone and now has to deal with her work on top of his own problemsChristy is so busy helping others for her company that she barely sees her Sister and Mum Will has put so much focus on his business organising others and wanting it to be a success his father is left behind in his dust This duo have to learn to sit back and relax to spend time with loved ones Having to try to find he way around without her phone is hard for Christy and she reluctantly enlists the help of Will Together Will and Christy learn to work as a team helping each other out when neededI began reading 2 Busy 4 Love with no idea of what would happen and it initially took me a while to get into the book I think that moment happened when she has to rely on Will for help to ensure she doesn't lose any of her clients 2 Busy 4 Love was a light read that I liked There were a few moments that made me think about what I do with my life and although I'm not running a business a lot of my free time does revolve around reading and reviewing books The last few chapters were a surprise for me it wasn't something I expected and I liked seeing how all the dots connected and fit into place The ending of the book wraps up nicely and leaves you feeling happy and content with what has happened

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2 Busy 4 LoveIth family emergencies of his own he can’t meet her until 2 Busy Epubthe evening but maybe there’s still hope Christy enlists Will as her own personal assistant feeding her addresses and schedules throughout the dayDetermined to meet the high expectations of her clients not to mention the preparations for the engagement party Christy dashes back and forth across New York City saving spoiled dogs from impati. 35 Stars2 Busy 4 Love is a novel in which anything can and will probably happen and all in the space of 24 hours Christy and Will meet under unusual circumstances which ends up with Will in possession of Christy's iPhone and basically all the relevant information she needs for successfully running her business and day to day lifeWhat follows is literally a comedy of mix ups errors and down right bad luck Appointments and people intertwine without realising that they are but as the story progresses things become clear and gradually Will and Christy end up face to face againI liked that both Will and Christy have their own separate stories going on in this book as well as the adventure they take together across New York only connected by phone I did guess some of the little twists and turns before they were actually revealed but for the most part I still enjoyed the story I found Christy a bit annoying in parts but nothing that detracted from the overall book Best part was Toni getting suashed in the Mercedes laughed my socks off reading thatIts the first book I have read by Lucy Hepburn and I would be happy to read from her ARC supplied by Netgalley in exchange for the above honest review

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2 Busy 4 Love Read & Download ✓ 9 Ô [Download] ➻ 2 Busy 4 Love Author Lucy Hepburn – Johns-cycling-diary.co.uk A handsome stranger almost makes up for a lost phone in a comedy of errors across New York CityChristy prides herself on her efficiency as a personal assistant fueled by her ever present iPhone When s A handsome strangerEnt groomers shoving oriental rugs into too small cabs and carefully avoiding Twitter obsessed socialites all with Will’s calming voice in her ear guiding the way Juggling his own misadventures with his cantankerous father and his flighty assistant Will begins counting the hours until he can be properly introduced to the woman who has drawn him in with nothing than a sexy voice and an overly complicated phone. This review also posted on Red Hot BooksI know from the title alone you think this is a cheesy gimmicky book And it kind of is It’s the sort of book that would have made a great Meg Ryan movie back in the day Who’s the new Meg Ryan by the way Emma Stone maybe Let’s picture Emma StoneChristy is in her late twenties and she runs her own personal service business called Doorman dot com It involves a lot of pickups and deliveries of objects and people and she keeps track of it all on her beloved iPhone One fateful day as she takes the train from New York to New Brunswick she accidentally leaves her precious precious phone on the train A cute guy finds it for her and the rest is wacky hijinks and coincidencesWill runs his own human resources business and he’s usually got things to do but he’s in New Brunswick to deal with his dead grandpa’s house which means dealing with his spaced out non communicative poet father He would be having a bad day but he gets to talk to Christy on the phone and help her solve her problems so he feels pretty good about thingsChristy’s jaunt through New York is chaotic but she manages to meet every friendly person in town and build lots of good karma Her schedule is messed up she picks up the wrong Italian guy from the airport and she misses the chance to put a deposit down on the apartment of her dreams It’s kind of a terrible day but she enjoys checking in with Will and they find themselves just chatting when they’ve got time They even manage to complete all of her tasks albeit out of order and behind scheduleNow all of the secondary characters are tangled up in a way that would only happen in a movie You can choose to be aggravated by the tweeness or you can accept it and enjoy the roller coaster ride I for one couldn’t put this book down all damn day and the list of things that I didn’t accomplish because of it made me feel like the anti Christy I have to give credit to a book that keeps me reading like thatMy only real complaint is the ending In the movies it’s fine to show the two characters finally meet up exchange heated glances kiss each other madly and then fade to black In this book the meeting was drawn out a little too long due to uirky interruptions and I wanted of an emotional charge when they were finally able to kiss Then I really really wanted kissing but it just ended Le sighRating B