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Re violenta a istoriei moderne impletind intr o poveste atemporala spaimele mentalitatii primitive cu delirul birocratiei totalitareIntr un timp incert poate inceputul secolului XX sultanul imensului dar subredului Imperiu Otoman ingradeste libertatea supusilor controlandu le visele prin intermediul celei mai inspaimantatoare si mai misterioase institutii ale puterii Tabir Saray Aici se angajeaza Mark Alem descendentul unei puternice familii cu radacini intr o Albanie reala si mitica totodata cel care primeste sarcina kafkiana de a. The uniue idea at the heart of this story is instantly intriguing Mark Alem scion of the powerful uprili family is given a job at a prestigious institution the Tabir Sarrail or Palace of Dreams Transcriptions of citizens' dreams are collected here in their thousands then pored over analysed and interpreted for indications that they contain some divine prediction a message of glory or doom for the Empire The eventual aim of this mammoth task is to identify the 'Master Dream' the most meaningful and portentous of them all which is delivered to the Sultan on a weekly basis Unsurprisingly the novel has often been compared to the works of Orwell and Kafka Mark Alem's job is bureaucratic yet bizarre and cloaked in so much mystery that at first he doesn't even know what he's supposed to be doing or the way around the vast Palace or what all the oddly named departments do There are recurring scenes in which he wanders the corridors lost and disorientated Parallels are drawn between being swallowed up by this place and the experience of sleep or even death Having become accustomed to its strange ways Mark Alem finds real life comparatively insipid 'the whole world seemed to have lost all its colour as if after a long illness How tedious grasping and confined this world seemed in comparison with the one he now served' Yet when he's at work the dream transcripts often seem incomprehensible to him At times he marks them at random and it's this cavalier approach to the task that ultimately brings about the plot's bloody climax Its meaning as a political allegory is clear but the novel is always eually enjoyable as an imaginative often uite suspenseful storyHad this been a smoother read my rating would be higher as I really liked the story However I thought it had a stilted and awkward feel all the way through and I'm convinced this can only be the result of it having been translated twice this English version is not translated directly from the original Albanian but from the the French edition There were a couple of unusual recurring phrases that really jarred and seemed like inaccurate choices; certain words were repeated with irritating freuency I found all of this really offputting and I'm afraid it also makes me less likely to read Kadare though I'd first need to establish whether all of them have been through the weird Albanian French English treatment

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Nëpunësi i Pallati it të EndrraveTrece prin filtrul interpretarii alegoriile si enigmele onirice ale unei imparatii intregi Cerc dupa cerc ca intr un alt infern dantesc tanarul ajunge pana in varful ierarhiei puterii de unde supravegheaza cu ura si teama mecanismul orb al politiei inconstientului Insa inevitabil fatalismul balcanic il impinge tot mai aproape de prapastia indoielilor oare un stapan absolut chinuit de spaima muta de a nu intra el insusi in hatisul propriei masinarii demonice nu va sfarsi intr o buna zi condamnat de un vis anonim la dizgratie si uitar. In this spare novel Ismail Kadare creates a metaphor for the police state A young distaff scion of a family powerful enough to rival the leaders of Ottoman Empire is given a job in the Palace of Dreams Here a huge machinery gathers the dreams from around the Empire It copies sorts interprets sifts and archives themJust as a thought police thrives on rumor and innuendo so does the Palace The power struggles of the mighty are not discussed or understood even among the intimates of the participants but are palpable throughout the empire and very keenly felt at the Palace of Dreams Kadare demonstrates how the fear of the unknown paralyzes bystanders and how participants keep everyone in the darkWhile this book is over 15 years old I had not heard of it or its author I found it through an reviewer whose interests run parallel to mine This book and perhaps the author I'll have to read Kadare should be on academic reading lists along with the works of George Orwell and Aldous Huxley

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Nëpunësi i Pallati it të Endrrave Read É PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ß [Reading] ➹ Nëpunësi i Pallati it të Endrrave By Ismail Kadare – Johns-cycling-diary.co.uk Palatul Viselor cea mai teribila si mai nemiloasa caricatura a totalitarismului in descompunere dupa cum spunea Andre Clavel a aparut Palatul Viselor cea Pallati it Kindle #211 mai teribila si mai nemiloasa caricatura a totalitarismului in descompunere dupa cum spunea Andre Clavel a aparut intr o prima varianta Slujbasul de la Palatul Viselor la Tirana in Nëpunësi i Kindle si a fost interzis de regimul comunist al lui Enver Hodja Kadare isi publica versiunea finala in la Editura Fayard la scurt timp dupa emigrarea in Franta Romanul probabil cea mai i Pallati it eBook #184 curajoasa carte a lui Ismail Kadare surprinde cosmarul orwellian amplificat intr o izbucni. I wonder why so few people have read this novel because it's uite amazing I can't say that it's completely original because it reminded me of Kafka The Castle and Saramago All the Names but imagining an institution where people's dreams are analyzed That is a brilliant idea masterfully developed by Ismail KadaréMark Alem comes from a powerful Albanian family the uiprili Köprülü and his relatives decide that he should apply for a job at one of the most influential institutions of the Ottoman Empire Tabir Saray the Palace of Dreams Thus he begins his ascent to the top although fearful and confused never fully aware of what he is supposed to do In this huge machinery of control the dreams from all over the empire are gathered sorted and analysed in order to choose one Master Dream that is presented each Friday to the Sultan Dreams are believed to foretell important political events thus being of utmost importance to the EmpireWe follow Mark Alem's journey through the mysterious Palace of Dreams with its nightmarish passages where he usually gets lost with the thousands of dreams stacked away in its huge underground archive with the kafkian beaurocracy and the strange happenings that make people paranoid Without realising Mark Alem becomes an active part in the events that will unfold in the story bringing misfortune to his familyAbsorbed in the world of dreams Mark Alem comes to believe that this is the real world powerful and vivid while the reality outside gradually becomes gray dull and less and less attractive He gets and isolated his relatives remaining his only connection to the earthly world He seems oblivious to any romantic relationship and the only mention of a possible wife comes from his uncles but we don't ever get to know the girl The lack of a sexual dimension makes the character a bit too flat but contributes to his total immersion in the fantastic world of dreams a sort of hell that Ismail Kadaré wanted to create in his novel